Boy, 16, likely sole survivor of shipwreck off Libya; 146 missing

A 16-year-old boy appeared to be the sole survivor of a migrant shipwreck off the coast of Libya in which 146 are feared dead, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Wednesday.

With democracy restored, Gambian migrants begin to return home

A group of 140 migrants voluntarily returned to Gambia this week, the first of many who want to return home now that democracy has been restored in the West African nation.

Gambian authorities discover hidden body of opposition leader

Gambian authorities discovered the body of opposition leader Solo Sandeng, who died in custody during former autocrat Yahya Jammeh's regime, the police said Thursday.

Elephant tusks worth nearly half a million dollars seized in Thailand

Thai customs on Tuesday seized 422 elephant tusks worth 17 million baht (484,000 dollars) smuggled from Malawi, the authorities said at a press briefing.

Gambia's new President Barrow fires army chief

Gambia's new President Adama Barrow has sacked army chief Ousman Badjie, replacing him with a presidential military aide.

Gambia charges former spy chief with murder of opposition leader

The former head of the Gambian national intelligence agency has been charged with the murder of an opposition youth leader who died in detention last year.

Gambia arrests notorious former intelligence chief and deputy

Police have arrested Gambia’s former head of the national intelligence agency and his deputy, part of President Adama Barrow’s attempts to re-establish democracy in the small West African nation, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

Tens of thousands flock to Barrow's inauguration in Gambia

Tens of thousands of Gambians on Saturday flocked to the inauguration of the country’s third president, Adama Barrow, following months of uncertainty after his predecessor Yahya Jammeh refused to give up power.

Britain pledges support for new Gambian government, Commonwealth bid

Britain on Tuesday affirmed its support for Gambia's fledgling government and its bid to rejoin the Commonwealth, weeks after a post-election crisis forced the newly elected president to be sworn into office in another country.

Gambia's Barrow vows to ensure financial transparency, press freedom

Gambia's newly sworn-in President Adama Barrow said Saturday that he will require complete financial transparency from the ministers he chooses for his government.

President Barrow arrives in Gambia amidst cheering crowds

Thousands of cheering Gambians Thursday welcomed President Adama Barrow home after a post-election crisis forced him to flee to neighbouring Senegal.

Former Gambia leader Jammeh not granted immunity

Former Gambian autocrat Yahya Jammeh has not been granted immunity from prosecution, a member of President Adama Barrow’s coalition said Monday.

Jammeh looted state coffers before leaving Gambia, say officials

Former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh emptied the country’s state coffers before relinquishing power, a member of the new president’s coalition said Sunday.

Jammeh goes into exile in Equatorial Guinea, angering some Gambians

Former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh flew into exile in Equatorial Guinea on Sunday, making way for democracy in his home country after his repressive 22-year rule there.

Ex-leader Jammeh leaves Gambia paving way for president's return

Gambians celebrated in the streets Saturday as ruler Yahya Jammeh left the country after 22 years in power, following weeks of tensions as he tried to overturn the results of the December polls in which voters turned against his iron-fisted rule.

Gambia's new president to establish commission to investigate Jammeh

Gambia's new President Adama Barrow said Saturday he plans to establish a commission to investigate potential wrongdoing by former president Yahya Jammeh during his 22-year rule.

Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh requests amnesty as he prepares to leave

Longtime Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is expected to leave the country Saturday after ceding power in a televised address, a move that only comes after he spent weeks trying to overturn the results of an election in which voters turned against him.

Gambia ex-president ready to 'cede power,' mediation efforts ongoing

Gambia's longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh is apparently willing to cede power and step aside, security sources in the capital Banjul said late Friday.

UN: About 45,000 flee Gambia due to political crisis

About 45,000 people have fled from Gambia to neighbouring Senegal amid a threat of military intervention as autocrat Yahya Jammeh refuses to give up power, the United Nations says.

West African leaders give Gambia's Jammeh last chance to step down

  West African leaders Friday said they will travel once again to Gambia in a last-minute effort to convince election loser Yahya Jammeh to cede power.

West African troops cross into Gambia in search for Jammeh

Military forces of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) crossed from Senegal into Gambia, hours after President Adama Barrow was sworn into office, the African Press Agency reported Thursday.

UN backs Gambia's new president Adama Barrow

The UN Security Council voted unanimously on Thursday to back Gambia's new president, Adama Barrow, and called for a peaceful transition of power.

Gambia's new president, inaugurated in Senegal, promises unity

Adama Barrow was sworn in as Gambian president in neighbouring Senegal on Thursday after weeks of political impasse caused by long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh's refusal to give up power.

Barrow to be sworn in at Senegal embassy instead of Gambia

Adama Barrow will be sworn in as Gambian president Thursday at his country’s embassy in the Senegalese capital Dakar, the president-elect announced.

Source: Gambia army and police chiefs no longer loyal to Jammeh

Gambia’s army chief of staff and police inspector general are no longer loyal to longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh, who is refusing to yield power to his elected successor, a top intelligence official said Thursday.

Troops amass near Gambia border to pressure president to step down

Senegalese troops amassed at the border with Gambia as the clock ticked down on Gambian President Yahya Jammeh's time in office and with the inauguration of his successor due Thursday.

Gambian president refuses to step down, declares state of emergency

Gambia declared a 90-day state of emergency on Tuesday, two days before President Yahya Jammeh was to step down after losing the December elections.

Support for Gambia's Jammeh crumbling as sixth minister resigns

Gambia's tourism and culture minister said on Tuesday he will step down, in what was a sign of dwindling support for Gambia's outgoing president Yahya Jammeh, who refuses to recognize his loss in a recent election.

Report: Senegal to host Gambia's president-elect until swearing-in

Senegal will host Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow until his swearing-in ceremony, the state-owned Senegalese news agency APS reported Sunday.

West African leaders set four-day deadline to resolve Gambia crisis

Leaders meeting at a Franco-African summit in the Malian capital Bamako on Saturday set January 19 as a deadline to solve the Gambian political crisis, Radio France Internationale quoted Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe as saying.

West African representatives fail to arrange power transfer in Gambia

Representatives of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have failed to convince Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to give up power following his defeat in the December 1 election, president-elect Adama Barrow said.

AU to stop recognizing Jammeh as Gambia's president after Thursday

The African Union (AU) Friday said it will cease to recognize Yahya Jammeh as Gambia’s president after January 19, the date president-elect Adama Barrow is scheduled to take office.

West African leaders arrive in Gambia to convince Jammeh to step down

The presidents of Nigeria and Liberia arrived in Gambia Friday in an attempt to convince outgoing president Yahya Jammeh to step down.

Gambia ruling party files motion to prevent Barrow's inauguration

Gambia’s ruling party has filed a motion with the Supreme Court to prevent president-elect Adama Barrow from being sworn into office on January 19.

Nigeria parliament authorizes asylum offer to Gambia’s Jammeh

Nigeria’s parliament Thursday authorized President Muhammadu Buhari to offer political asylum to Gambia’s outgoing president Yahya Jammeh if he agrees to step down.

Gambia's Jammeh 'will not step down' when mandate ends

Gambia's outgoing President Yayah Jammeh will not step down when his mandate ends on January 18, despite his electoral defeat, the Information Ministry said Thursday.

Outgoing Gambia president appoints mediator amid political deadlock

Gambia's outgoing President Yayah Jammeh on Wednesday appointed a mediator to facilitate meetings between himself and president-elect Adama Barrow.

Gambia court postpones hearing for president's election challenge

Gambia’s Supreme Court Tuesday postponed hearing a court petition filed by outgoing president Yayah Jammeh to challenge the results of the December 1 election he lost to Adama Barrow.

West African leaders turn up pressure on Gambian president

Several West African heads of state have resolved to intervene in Gambia's political crisis after meeting in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Monday.

Gambia closes fourth radio station as political crisis escalates

Gambian authorities have closed Paradise FM, the fourth radio station to be shut since last week, one of its presenters said Monday.

Gambia army chief pledges loyalty to election loser Jammeh

Gambia's army chief has pledged loyalty to President Yahya Jammeh, following a threat by the West African country's neighbours to send troops to oust him if he refuses to give up power after his election defeat.

Gambia electoral commission head flees the country, nephew says

The chairman of the Gambian electoral commission has fled the country following threats to his life, his nephew said.

Barrow vows to take power in Gambia despite Jammeh's court challenge

Gambia’s president-elect Adama Barrow vowed Monday to take office on January 19 despite the refusal of outgoing President Yahya Jammeh to give up power.

Gambian authorities shut down broadcaster, union says

Gambian authorities have shut down Taranga FM, a privately owned commercial radio station, the Gambia Press Union said early Monday.

Gambian president sends defiant message in New Year's address

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh on Saturday said an ECOWAS decision to send troops to ensure a peaceful transition of power following his election loss was "a declaration of war," and reiterated his call for fresh polls.

Gambia's neighbours send troops to secure new president

The Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) has decided to send troops to ensure a peaceful transition of power in Gambia following the incumbent president's refusal to accept that he lost December's election.

Gambia in fear after Jammeh officially challenges election result

The streets of Gambia's capital Banjul lay deserted on Wednesday due to a boycott stemming out of fear of outgoing President Yahya Jammeh's decision to challenge the presidential election result.

Gambia security forces step up defence of Jammeh

Security forces were Tuesday blocking the entrance to the electoral commission in Gambia’s capital, Banjul, as outgoing President Yayah Jammeh refuses to accept he lost presidential polls.

Gambia opposition demand outgoing president to bow out "immediately"

A coalition of opposition parties in Gambia Monday demanded outgoing President Yahya Jammeh to "immediately step down and hand over power" to make way for president-elect Adama Barrow.

Gambia's ruling party to challenge poll result

Gambia's ruling party will challenge the results of the December 1 election that saw long-time ruler President Yahya Jammeh lose power to opposition leader Adama Barrow.

Gambia's new president says outgoing president cannot reject polls

Gambia's newly elected president Adama Barrow said on Saturday outgoing president Yahya Jammeh has no right to reject the result of the December 1 election that ended Jammeh's decades-long hold on power.

Security deployed as Gambia's president rejects election result

Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh announced Friday that he rejects the results of the December 1 elections that swept opposition candidate Adama Barrow to power.

Gambian president-elect says he will reverse decision to leave ICC

Gambia will reverse its decision to leave the International Criminal Court, president-elect Adama Barrow announced Thursday.

Gambia opposition activists released on bail

A prominent opposition politician and 18 other activists were released on bail in Gambia on Monday, three days after long-term ruler Yahya Jammeh lost the country's presidential elections.

Gambia's president-elect promises national unity and economic growth

Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow vowed to work for national unity and economic growth after power was peacefully transferred in the small West African nation for the first time in its history.

Gambia’s Jammeh loses election after 22-year rule

Gambian opposition candidate Adama Barrow has won presidential polls with 263,515 votes, followed by President Yahya Jammeh with 212,009 votes, the electoral commission says.

Opposition candidate leads vote count in Gambia

Opposition candidate Adama Barrow was in the lead after almost 75 per cent of votes had been counted in Gambian presidential voting, threatening President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year-rule, the electoral commission said Friday.

Gambians fear election fraud amid internet, telephone blackout

Gambians started lining up at polling stations Thursday to elect a president, in polls that for the first time pose a serious challenge to President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year-rule.

Gambia national goalkeeper dies crossing the Mediterranean to Italy

The goalkeeper of the women's national soccer team in Gambia is believed to have died while trying to migrate to Italy, a member of her family said Thursday.

Gambia becomes third African nation to withdraw from ICC

Gambia has become the third African nation to formally declare that it wants to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), after South Africa and Burundi.

UN rights chief urges probe into death of prominent Gambian activist

The death of Gambian opposition leader Solo Sandeng and the reported violent crackdown on peaceful anti-government protests in the western African nation are deeply worrying and must be investigated, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said Sunday.

Gambia orders female public sector workers to cover hair at work

Female employees in Gambia's public sector have been ordered to cover their hair during working hours, according to a presidential directive circulated to staff this week.