Croatian government adopts decision on amount of funding for election campaigning

The Croatian government on Thursday adopted a decision on the amount of funding for election campaigning for the early parliamentary election on September 11, the government said in a statement....

Pupovac: By withholding funding for Serb minority gov't has violated parliamentary decision

"Attempts to make funding conditional on political relations constitute the undermining of the ZVO and SNV's autonomy," Pupovac said.

HRK 40.2 million spent in election campaign

A total of HRK 12 million was donated to the election participants, of which HRK 7.3 million was donated to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led Patriotic Coalition.

Croatian projects granted HRK 4 mln from Europe for Citizens programme

Fifty-three organisations, towns and municipalities from Croatia are participating in the Europe for Citizens programme as partners in projects worth HRK 24.8 million.