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Turkey: 1,656 people arrested over social media posts

Turkish authorities have opened investigations into 3,710 people over social media posts, while 1,656 suspects are under arrest, according to data from the Interior Ministry pertaining to the past six months.

Turkey imposes new measures to restrict information over the internet

Turkey has been introducing new measures to restrict access to information and impose its censorship rules by blocking virtual private networks (VPNs) and the Tor network, a system designed to help users with anonymity and reach banned websites.

Turkey seeks life in prison for writer Asli Erdogan

A state prosecutor in Turkey is demanding life imprisonment for writer Asli Erdogan who was arrested this year on terrorism charges for her work with a Kurdish newspaper, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported Thursday.

Arrests in Iran over "immoral" use of internet

Hundreds of people in Iran have been arrested or questioned for their "immoral use" of the internet, a news report said Tuesday.

Man ordered to pay fine after insulting German politician via email

The Cologne district court on Wednesday ordered a man to pay 2,250 euros (2,470 dollars) for insulting a German politician in their email correspondence.

German prosecutors to interview comedian who insulted Erdogan

German prosecutors said Tuesday that they plan to interview a comedian under investigation for insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to determine whether to file charges.

Dutch journalist released after arrest over Erdogan tweets

A journalist from the Netherlands said she was released from Turkish custody on Sunday after she was arrested over tweets about the country's president.

Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey after tweeting about Erdogan

Turkish police have arrested a journalist from the Netherlands, the Dutch Foreign Ministry in The Hague said Sunday.

Young photographer whose tears moved Egypt released from jail

Pictures of al-Taweel being assisted from a prison van by officers and weeping at her first court hearing in November caused a wave of anger on Egyptian social media.
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