Parliament strips SDP MP Tomislav Saucha of immunity

Social Democrat MP Tomislav Saucha, who had previously served as former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic's chief of staff and who is charged with defrauding the state budget of more than EUR 73,000 by approving fictitious travel orders and claiming money for non-existing travel expenses, was stripped of immunity from criminal prosecution by a majority vote in parliament on Friday.

Ex-Tax Authority head goes on trial for preventing tax debt collection

The trial of former Tax Authority director and Social Democrat member of Parliament Nada Cavlovic Smiljanec started at the Zagreb County Court on Wednesday with the reading of an indictment that charges her of defrauding the state budget of HRK 9.5 million by preventing the collection of businessman Zeljko Bilos's tax debt.

Iranian multibillionaire sentenced to death for fraud

Iranian multibillionaire Babak Zanjani and two colleagues have been sentenced to death for fraud, Iranian Attorney General Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i said Sunday.

Corruption indictment upheld against ex-tax authority chief

The Zagreb County Court on Monday upheld an indictment against former Tax Administration chief Nada Cavlovic Smiljanec, former Osijek tax authority chief Ruzica Kovacevic, and entrepreneur Zeljko Bilos for defrauding the state of HRK 9.5 million.

Italy tax police uncover 4.7-million-euro public healthcare fraud

A public hospital in an impoverished southern Italian region failed to collect 150,000 patient bills over three years, an oversight that cost 4.7 million euros (5.25 million dollars), tax police Guardia di Finanza said Monday.

Karamarko welcomes DIP's quick reaction to suspected election fraud

"I am glad that DIP reacted quickly after I expressed concern about information about a possible election fraud in the last elections. The very fact that DIP did not dismiss the suspicion about that possibility says a lot," Karamarko said.

Karamarko: HDZ may have been deprived of 5-6 seats due to fraud

"In that election night, there are indications that we were defrauded of five or six seats, and we will investigate that," said Karamarko in the southern town of Imotski during a celebration of the 26th anniversary of the establishment of the local HDZ branch.