Franjo Tudjman

Top officials committed to developing Croatia as prosperous country

Prime Minister Plenkovic underscored in his speech the statesmanlike policy pursued by President Tudjman, immeasurable contribution made by Croatians who defended their country and masterly performance of Croatian diplomats that brought out Croatia's international recognition 25 years ago.

Karamarko: Croatia's recognition result of HDZ policy

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko said on Friday, on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of international recognition of Croatia, that it was the result of the policy of the then state leadership headed by the HDZ and Franjo Tudjman.

Croatians commemorate 16th anniversary of Tudjman's death

Franjo Tudjman died from stomach cancer and a series of surgical complications at the end of his second term as head of state. He was 77.