Indian restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok named Asia's best for third year

Bangkok's Indian eatery Gaggan on Tuesday was named the best restaurant in Asia for the third consecutive year by Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

Famine declared in parts of South Sudan - 100,000 facing starvation

More than 100,000 people are facing starvation in parts of violence-plagued South Sudan, three UN agencies said Monday as they declared famine in parts of the country.

Britons fear rise in cost of fish and chips due to Iceland strike

Britain's national dish could be about to take a hit, all because of little Iceland.

Red Cross: Over 11 million face hunger in drought-hit East Africa

 A worsening drought hitting Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya has left more than 11 million people facing severe hunger, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said Friday.

Round table for stepping up food import control

Croatians mostly eat quality food, notably if it is domestic, but it is necessary to step up the control of cheap imports whereby foreigners frequently get rid of surplus goods, a round table on the food eaten and imported in Croatia, organised by the Agrarian Journalists Corps, heard on Monday.

Thailand denies fake rice export to US following viral Facebook post

The Thai government on Wednesday denied rice exported from Thailand contains plastic, following a Facebook post from the United States that went viral online claiming rice from Thailand is mixed with plastic.

Veggie schnitzel, tofu kebab could soon be off the menu in Germany

Restaurants in Germany hoping to attract the burgeoning numbers of vegans and vegetarians with temptations such as vegetarian schnitzel, tofu kebab and vegan sausage could soon be in for a shock.

Croatian cheeses win awards at int'l contest in Spain

Three dairies from the Croatian island of Pag have won several medals at the recent 20th International cheese festival held in Spain.

Podravka food company attends FHC China trade show

One of the participants in this year's international food and hospitality trade show FHC China was the Croatian food company Podravka whose most popular products are already available in shops in Beijing and Shanghai.

Dubrovnik prepares "food-groaning table" to mark tourist season's end

A 120-metre-long table full with various dishes was set up along Dubrovnik's landmark street Stradun on Sunday to mark the end of the high tourist season in this southern Croatian city.

17 Croatian producers to exhibit at SIAL food industry fair in Paris

Seventeen Croatian exhibitors will take part at SIAL 2016, the biggest European food industry fair in Paris on October 16-20, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which organised the presentation, announced on Monday.

Sweet deal: Mars buys out Warren Buffett's shares in Wrigley

Mars Chocolate, maker of Snickers, M&Ms and several other well-known chocolate bars, announced Thursday it would take full control of Wrigley, known for chewing gum and chewy fruit candies.

Korcula olive oil and Pag lamb meat awarded EU Protected Designation of Origin status

Olive oil from Korcula island and lamb meat from Pag island are another two Croatian food products that have been entered in the European Union register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications.

Still no rise in food donation despite VAT exemption

Even though retailers in Croatia have been exempt from paying VAT on food donations since 2015, food donation has still not become a regular practice and large amounts of food continue to be discarded, participants in a round table discussion on food donation and poverty in Croatia said this past week.

First food outlet opens in Zagreb

Zamboki hopes that other entrepreneurs will catch on to the idea in other Croatian cities and he plans to open a larger store than the current one in downtown Zagreb as well as introduce mobiles stores.

Zagreb to host 2nd Food Film Festival on Sept 8-17

The second Food Film Festival Zagreb, which brings together food, wine and film, will take place in the capital's Zrinjevac Park on September 8-17, featuring over 20 exhibitors, mainly restaurants, bakeries and wineries, as well as 20 films which visitors can watch while eating the dishes featured in them.

Cities seek solutions to tackle food waste

As urban populations grow, so does the problem of food waste. In tackling the effects of massive food waste, governments, organizations and individuals are meeting to seek solutions.

US nutrition label revisions to require "added sugars" info

Revisions to long-standing nutrition labels on food will including listing "added sugars," in changes that US authorities said are intended to reflect up-to-date knowledge of both nutrition and behaviour.

Istrian wines exhibition set for 13-15 May in Porec

The 23rd edition of the annual wine exhibition "Vinistra 2016" will start in the Istrian coastal city of Porec on Friday, and over 120 exhibitors of wines and wine-making equipment will take part in this three-day event.

UN: North Korea's food crisis getting worse as crop output falls

North Korea, one of the world's poorest countries, is facing a worsening food crisis after crop production fell for the first time since 2010, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Wednesday.

Zagreb Design Week 2016 to take place May 2-8

This year's Zagreb Design Week will take place on May 3-8 and will be dedicated to food design, programme manager Ema Gerovac told reporters earlier in the week.

Japanese island faces dwindling supplies after two major quakes

Japan was struggling to send food and water to the southern island of Kyushu on Monday after two powerful earthquakes there killed at least 43 people and forced about 100,000 to leave their homes, local media reported.

"Poljicki Soparnik" pie wins EC protection

"Poljicki Soparnik", a savoury pie made in Poljica, in the Split hinterland, has been entered into the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications, the European Commission stated on Tuesday.

EU court bans glucose company from making positive health claims

An EU court ruled Wednesday that a German company selling glucose sugar products cannot advertise with positive health claims because this clashes with official European health messages that consumers should reduce their sugar intake.

Powder-mix food has all the needed nutrients, but where's the fun?

Compleat is a powder containing a blend of key nutrients: Just add water for a drinkable dinner, says nu3, the company which developed the new, space-age substitute for solid food.

Central African Republic faces "dire" food crisis, UN agencies say

The Central African Republic is in the throes of a "dire" food crisis after three years of sectarian conflict that have ravaged agriculture, two United Nations agencies said in a joint report issued Tuesday.

CroMilk association: High imports detrimental for Croatian dairies

The CroMilk association of Croatian dairies and wholesale buyers of milk has warned that chains of shops and large retailers import high quantities of milk and cheese, posing a threat to the Croatian dairy industry.

German consumer groups push for ban on supermarket food waste

German consumer groups would like to see a ban on supermarkets throwing away unsold food, the head of the national association representing consumer advice centres told dpa Sunday.

Food and beverages fair opens in Pula

The food and beverages fair "Histria" began in the coastal city of Pula bringing together 114 exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia.

Agencies seek billions of dollars in food aid for African countries

Aid organizations and officials have launched appeals for billions of dollars in funding to bring food aid to millions of people in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and South Sudan.

South Sudan facing "unprecedented" hunger levels, UN warns

War-torn South Sudan is facing unprecedented levels of food insecurity, with 2.8 million people – nearly a quarter of the population – in urgent need of food aid, UN agencies said Monday.

HGK: Import of agricultural products still too high

Compared with the same period in 2014, exports increased by 19% and imports grew by 9% and the deficit was reduced by 2%. The HGK said that it was pleased that the negative balance had been reduced, however, imports were still far too high.     

Over 100 arrested in fishing industry crackdown in Thailand

An anti-trafficking task force focussed on the fishing industry in Thailand has arrested 102 human traffickers since it was established in May 2014, an official said Tuesday. 

Italian consumer groups file EU antitrust complaint against McDonalds

Three Italian consumer organizations filed a complaint with the European Commission against US fast food giant McDonald's on Tuesday, arguing that the company exploits its dominant market position, harming franchise partners and customers.

Croatian agricultural and food exports up 19%

"Despite the increase in imports, the positive thing is that the increase in the negative balance has finally been slowed down. We expect data for 2015 to show positive trends in relation to 2014, including a decrease in the negative balance,"

Average Croat household's expenses EUR 10,665, most goes on food

Broken down by the type of costs, outlays for food and non-alcoholic drinks were the highest, HRK 23,934, with food expenses reaching HRK 22,155.

Food donations free of VAT as of 8 December

Apart from the donation of food for human consumption, the ministry also prepared rules regulating the donation of animal food.