Serbia sends new protest note over flag-burning in Knin

The Serbian Foreign Ministry forwarded a protest note to Croatia on Friday over the burning of the Serbian flag in Knin earlier today during the marking of the 21st anniversary of Operation Storm.

Two arrested for setting Serbian flag alight

Police on Friday arrested two men for setting fire to the Serbian flag in Knin during the 21st Operation Storm anniversary, Sibenik-Knin County police spokeswoman Marica Kosor told Hina, adding that the police had also "established five offences against public order committed by wearing inappropriate clothing".

Serbia protests to Bosnia over flag burning

Serbia has formally protested to Bosnia and Herzegovina over video footage showing two armed masked persons burning two Serbian national flags somewhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zagreb Pride condemns attempt to set Pride flag on fire

The association Zagreb Pride on Sunday most strongly condemned an attempt to set on fire the Zagreb Pride flag hoisted in the city's Ban Josip Jelacic Square this past Thursday, calling on the police to do their best to find the perpetrators.

Bosnian Serb hosts fail to display Croatian flag during Reiner's visit

RS Parliament Deputy Speaker Zeljka Stojicic regretted the incident, saying it was a protocol oversight. The protocol service said its practice was not to display the flag of a visiting official's country.

New Zealanders stand by current flag in referendum

New Zealanders on Thursday voted to retain their national flag, rejecting an alternative design featuring the native silver fern in place of the British Union Jack.

New Zealand begins final vote on new flag

New Zealand Thursday began the final vote on whether to change its current flag to a new design featuring a silver fern.