Report: Eight arrested over anti-refugee violence in German town

German prosecutors have arrested eight suspected founders of a right-wing terrorist organization in Freital, a town in eastern Germany that has become known for a series of far-right attacks against asylum seekers, media reported on Monday.

Extreme right poses threat to Germany's east, top official warns

Eastern Germany is facing a growing threat from the extreme right-wing, according to the official charged with overseeing post-reunification integration in the once-divided nation.

Three arrested, seven released after Belgian anti-terrorism raids

Belgian authorities arrested three terrorist suspects Tuesday, after carrying out raids across Brussels amid an investigation into a recruitment network linked to the Islamic State extremist group, prosecutors said.

European ambassadors warn against hate speech, rise of antisemitism

European ambassadors stressed the importance of confronting antisemitism, hate speech, terrorism and extremism in a panel discussion Wednesday at the US Holocaust Museum marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.