Lower import balances EU's commodity trade with rest of world

A marked drop in the import of goods and a slowing down of exports in September 2016 contributed to an almost balanced trade in goods between the EU and the rest of the world, show figures released by the EU's statistical office Eurostat.

Eurostat: Exports sharply down, imports up in July

The international trade in goods surplus of the EU28 in July 2016 was a mere EUR 100 million due to a steep drop in exports and a significant increase in imports, show data from the EU's statistical office Eurostat.

Croatia's Q1 exports rise 2.9%, imports up 1.8%

Croatia's exports of goods rose in the first quarter of 2016 by 2.95% compared to the corresponding period of 2015, and imports increased by 1.8%, according to first estimates provided by the office for national statistics (DZS).

China's exports to Europe rise, sales to US drop

China's exports to the European Union, its largest trade partner, rose 1.3 per cent year-on-year during the first four months of 2016, customs data showed Sunday. 

EC, Bosnia halfway to agreement on duty-free Croatian exports

"There are things which the European Commission can't accept. There are also things we insist on. To reach an agreement, we must find a compromise, which we are working on," Tinjak said,

Croatia's exports increase by 2.7%, imports by 3.3%

Croatia's exports rose by 2.7% in the first two months of 2016 compared with the same period in 2015, while imports went up by 3.3%, according to preliminary figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Friday.

Exports in Jan up 3.4 pct, imports soar 10 pct

Croatia's commodities exports, expressed in kunas, in January increased by 3.4 % on the year, while imports rose by 10%, according to revised preliminary figures provided by the national statistical office (DZS) on Thursday.

EU trade deficit mildly narrows in Janaury

A deficit in trade in goods which the European Union had with the rest of the world decreased in January mildly, according to preliminary estimates provided by the EU statistical office on Thursday.

Exports in 2015 soar 11 pct, imports up 7.7 pct

Croatia's commodities exports in 2015 reached 87.8 billion kuna or 11% more than in 2014, according to figures provided by the national statistical office (DZS) on Wednesday.

FinMin: Government's main responsibility is revenues side of budget

"You are right to have great expectations of the government, but I too have certain expectations of you and of the entire economy, together to make certain progress and to join efforts to help set Croatia and its economy on the path of recovery and then growth,"

Exports in 2015 rise 10.7, imports 7 pct

Croatia's exports of goods in 2015 increased 10.7 percent from 2014 when expressed in the national currency, while imports increased 7%, the national statistical office said on Tuesday.

Croatia exported EUR 197m in weapons, military equipment in 2015

Croatia exported HRK 1.5 billion (EUR 197.4m) worth of weapons and military equipment in 2015, the same as in 2014, according to an unofficial source at the RH Alan state agency, which exports and imports weapons and military equipment.

Russia's rouble plumbs new record low against dollar as oil tumbles

Russia's rouble currency on Thursday plummeted past a record low it set the previous day against the US dollar as prices for Russia's main export, oil, continue to tumble.

Croatia's exports surge almost 12 pct in Jan-Nov period

Thus, Croatia's exports totalled 80.55 billion kuna in the January-November period, and imports came to HRK 128.95 billion.

Croatian agricultural and food exports up 19%

"Despite the increase in imports, the positive thing is that the increase in the negative balance has finally been slowed down. We expect data for 2015 to show positive trends in relation to 2014, including a decrease in the negative balance,"

World Bank projects Croatia's growth in 2015 at 1.5%

In order to ensure macroeconomic stability and growth, it is essential to continue dealing with fiscal weaknesses and the high rates of inactivity and unemployment and to resolutely implement long-term structural reforms

Croatia one of 3 EU states with highest jump in export of goods

Croatia's imports of goods in January-October 2015 increased 6% year on year, the same as in the first nine months of the year. Ireland recorded the highest import of goods over ten months in 2015 (16%). 

Croatia's exports in first ten months up 10.8 pct

Foreign trade deficit at the end of October amounted to HRK 44.75 billion, which is 1.6% less on the year.

Croatia's exports increase faster than imports

Initial data, released in early November, indicated that exports in the first nine months of the year had gone up by 10.5 per cent and imports by 5.5 per cent.

HDZ: GDP growth not based on healthy economic foundation

"We want GDP growth to be based on job creation, on an increasingly strong production, stronger competitiveness and own production-based exports,"

President's economic council to give recommendations by year's end

Earlier this year, the council held five meetings to discuss monetary and fiscal policies, administrative obstacles for doing business as well as vocational training in Croatia