Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion marks its tenth anniversary

A ceremony was held in the northern Adriatic city of Pula on Saturday to mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion.

Balkans should be transformed from a powder keg to a secure region, says EC commissioner

"The European Union and other countries affected by the refugee issue have to be wary of possible new migrant routes and their movements and it is necessary to intensify the fight against people smuggling," Reiner stressed.

FM: Cooperation needed now more than ever

"The Peljesac Bridge is a national project but it also fits in the project of connecting the countries members of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative," Kovac said.

FM: Croatia wants to be link between EU members and non-EU countries

EUSAIR includes eight countries: four EU Member States -- Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia -- and four non-EU countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.  

New era of cooperation begins, Adriatic-Ionian Initiative conference hears

The ministers of the eight participating states will discuss migrations as well as cooperation within the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative, he said, adding that after today's meeting in Split, a new era of cooperation was born.