European Council

Serb refugees start taking inventory of their property

SSR chairman Miodrag Linta said that the existing list of property, compiled nearly 20 years ago, was outdated and incorrect, estimating the total value of the property at 30 billion US dollars.

Pahor says Zagreb summit will strengthen stability

According to Pahor, Biden's arrival in Zagreb is a message that the United States is attaching the necessary attention to the region and that it is "actively returning" to the region ...

Serbian authorities and ethnic Croats disagree on level of protection of minority rights

The chairman of the Croatian National Council, Slaven Bacic, said that what Miscevic said was only partly true and that the legislative framework was relatively satisfactory.

Council of Europe bank to grant EUR 2.3M to Serbia for refugee crisis

Since the start of this year, over 316,000 migrants have passed through Serbia.