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Philippine police assure EU of safety of detained Duterte critic

The Philippine police chief on Monday assured the European Parliament of the safety of a top critic of President Rodrigo Duterte who was arrested on illegal drug charges.

EU commissioner takes aim at US with criticism of aid cuts

The European commissioner for international cooperation and development on Friday indirectly criticized cuts in US foreign aid, saying that any cuts on development assistance went against global development goals.

European Commission allocating money for Croatian LNG project

The European Commission said on Wednesday it was allocating funds for the trans-European energy infrastructure, including EUR 101.4 million for an off-shore LNG terminal on the Croatian island of Krk, EUR 747,999 for that project's studies, and EUR 40.5 million for a smart grid project (SINCROGRID).

EU conducts anti-trust probe against paper companies

The European Union is investigating packaging paper manufacturers Mondi and BillerudKorsnas as part of an anti-trust probe, both companies confirmed Wednesday.

EC clarifies its position on Croatia-Slovenia border arbitration

The European Commission on Tuesday clarified its position on the border arbitration process between Croatia and Slovenia, saying that it generally supported arbitration processes in the interest of legal certainty.

Five scenarios for the future of the European Union

The European Commission presented a paper Wednesday on the future of the European Union after Brexit, calling on EU leaders and the European Parliament to decide how the bloc should evolve by 2025.

EC adopts delegated act on Teran, despite Slovenia's opposition

The European Commission has, despite Slovenia's opposition, adopted a delegated act whereby Croatian winemakers in Istria would be enabled to continue selling their wine made from the Teran grape variety under the name "Croatian Istria - Teran", and the act could be published early next week, the Slovenian news agency STA reported on Friday.

EC says Croatia still has excessive macroeconomic imbalances

Croatia continues to be among EU countries that have excessive macroeconomic imbalances due to high levels of public, private and external debt, denominated largely in foreign currency, in a context of low potential growth, the European Commission said on Wednesday.

EC forecasts Croatia's economy to rise 3.1 pct in 2017

The European Commission has considerably revised upward the projections for Croatia's economy in 2016 from the previously projected growth of 2.6%  in its autumn forecast to 2.8% and from 2.5% to the latest projection of 3.1% in 2017, according to the Commission's Winter Forecast, published on Monday.

Croatia marks 25th anniversary of international recognition

Croatia celebrates the 25th anniversary of international recognition on Sunday, remembering January 15, 1992 when the member-states of the then European Community (EC) jointly recognised it as an independent state and when Germany, which played a key role in that process together with the Holy See, established diplomatic relations with Croatia.

Slovenian minister to discuss Teran wine with EU commissioner

Slovenia's Minister of Agriculture Dejan Zidan will meet with European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan on Thursday to express his opposition to a compromise solution that would allow Croatian wine producers in Istria to sell Istrian Teran wine on the common EU market.

Slovenia unsatisfied with possible EC recommendation for compromise on Teran wine

Slovenia's Agriculture Minister Dejan Zidan reacted sharply on Wednesday following unofficial announcements that the European Commission (EC) may soon recommend a compromise solution to the dispute over Teran wine which has marred otherwise good cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in agriculture.

No progress in EU-US visa talks

The European Commission expressed regret on Wednesday over the lack of progress in talks with the United States on the lifting of visa requirements for citizens of five EU member states, including Croatia.

EU levels 130-page accusation at Ireland over Apple tax case

The European Commission published 130 pages of legal reasoning Monday for its demand that Ireland recover 13 billion euros (13.6 billion dollars) in tax benefits from US tech giant Apple.

PM: Croatia will continue talks with EC following request to amend INA privatisation law

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Friday that Croatia would continue talks with the European Commission following the Commission's request for Croatia to amend the law on the privatisation of the INA oil and gas company.

EC requests Croatia to align INA privatisation law with EU law

The European Commission on Thursday requested Croatia to amend the 2002 law on the privatisation of INA-Industrija Nafte on the grounds that it violates the free movement of capital and the freedom of establishment.

EC urges Slovenia and Croatia to implement joint energy projects

The European Commission (EC) has recommended that Slovenia and Croatia implement joint energy projects because their concerted action will facilitate access to European funds, it was said at a conference, The European Investment Plan: Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sector, held on Monday and organised by the Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Croatia still exposed to risk of excessive macroeconomic imbalances

Croatia is one of 13 European Union member states which the European Commission identified as requiring in-depth reviews too see if there is danger of excessive macroeconomic imbalances.

European Commission tells Bosnia to enable local elections in Mostar

The European Commission says in its key findings of the 2016 Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina that a Constitutional Court decision needs to be implemented as a matter of priority so that citizens of Mostar can exercise their democratic right to vote, as an election has not been held there since 2008.

Albania can open accession talks provided it makes progress in judiciary

European Commission has recommended the conditional opening of the accession talks for Albania as the Commission released the Progress Report on Albania for 2016 on Wednesday.

EC markedly increases projection for Croatia's growth

The European Commission has markedly increased its projection of Croatia's growth in 2016 to 2.6% after its spring forecast was 1.8%.

EU proposes corporate tax reforms to cut red tape, tackle abuse

The European Commission unveiled proposals Tuesday aimed at streamlining corporate tax rules across EU member states and closing loopholes for tax avoidance, after reforms suggested back in 2011 failed to gain approval.

EC probing proposed acquisition of Cemex Croatia by HeidelbergCement and Schwenk

The European Commission on Monday launched "an in-depth investigation to assess whether the proposed acquisition of Cemex Croatia by HeidelbergCement and Schwenk is in line with the EU Merger Regulation", expressing concern that the proposed takeover may reduce competition for grey cement in Croatia.

Croatia absorbs 64% of funds for 2007-2013 by 2016 March end

Until the end of March 2016 Croatia absorbed 64% of EU funding that was available to it for the 2007-2013 programming period, which means that the country should step up the absorption of the remaining funding which must be spent until the end of the year, shows a report by the European Commission on the effects of the cohesion policy in the said programming period.

EC approves Croatia's bank resolution scheme

The European Commission on Wednesday approved Croatia's bank resolution scheme, to be used for small banks with total assets below 1.5 billion euros if found to be in distress by the competent national authorities.

Plenkovic says caretaker gov't should deal with EC's warning

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said on Friday that a warning the European Commission gave Croatia, for not having transposed into its laws an EU directive aimed at reducing by 30% the cost of establishing a broadband network, should be handled by the caretaker government.

Croatia warned for not transposing EU directive on lower cost of super-fast Internet

Croatia is one of 19 EU countries that have been warned by the European Commission for not having transposed into their national laws an EU directive aimed at reducing the cost of establishing a broadband network by 30%.

EC says arbitration mechanisms under BITs contrary to EU law

The European Commission says that bilateral investment protection agreements between EU member states are incompatible with the EU treaties and therefore the arbitration mechanisms provided for in those agreements are contrary to EU law.

Plenkovic expects EC's understanding for Croatia's CHF loan conversion law

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday he expected the European Commission to be considerate in addressing the issue of Croatia's law on the conversion of Swiss franc loans and to have understanding for Croatia's positions.

EC approves financing of Osijek port terminal

The European Commission has approved the financing of a bulk cargo handling terminal at Osijek's river port worth EUR 17.3 million, of which EUR 15.6 million can come from European Union funds, the Regional Development and EU Funds Ministry said on Wednesday.

Croatian gov't prepares response to EC on loan conversion

Croatia's government on Wednesday endorsed a letter which it needs to send to the European Commission by the end of the month regarding the conversion of Swiss franc loans.

Gov't to endorse letter on CHF loan conversion on Wed, send it to EC

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday the inner cabinet discussed a letter which it needs to send to the European Commission by the end of the month regarding the conversion of Swiss franc loans and that the government would endorse it at tomorrow's session and send it.

Croatia to send its reply to EC on loan conversion early next week, says minister

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric has said that the government's reply regarding the conversion of loans pegged to the Swiss franc will be sent to the European Commission early next week at the latest.

Croatia given extension to respond to EC's warning about CHF loan conversion

The European Commission on Wednesday confirmed that Croatia has been granted an extension to respond to the Commission's official letter of warning, sent in June regarding the conversion of loans denominated in Swiss francs into euro loans.

Reports: EU to rule against Apple's Irish tax arrangements

The European Commission is poised to announce that tax benefits offered to US technology giant Apple constitute illegal state aid, according to media reports late Monday.

EU tells Greece to set record straight on reported debt manipulation

The European Commission called Wednesday on Athens to challenge media reports that Greek deficit data for 2010-15 may have been manipulated, arguing that doubts about their credibility could prove dangerous for the cash-strapped country.

European Commission pleased with Izetbegovic-Dodik agreement

Izetbegovic responded to criticism on Monday stating that Covic's claims were incorrect and that cantons had not been excluded from participating in the decision-making process that were crucial for European integration.

European Commission overrules national parliaments on posted workers directive

The European Commission on Wednesday decided to pursue its proposed Posted Workers directive, saying that it did not violate the subsidiarity principle over which it received a yellow card from national parliaments to stop the legislation.

EC: 134.6 mln euro from ESI funds for Dubrovnik Airport upgrade

The European Commission has approved a project worth 214.9 million euro for the upgrade of Dubrovnik Airport, 134.6 million euro of which will come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Commission reported on Tuesday.

EU, US launch controversial new data-sharing deal

The European Union and the United States are set to implement a new deal to protect transatlantic data flows, after the European Commission on Tuesday adopted the controversial agreement.

EC formally warns Croatia over loan conversion act

The European Commission on Friday confirmed having sent Croatia in mid-June an official letter of warning regarding the conversion of loans denominated in Swiss francs into euro loans, being of the opinion that the country's loan conversion law had shifted all of the conversion costs onto banks and that its retroactive application jeopardised the principle of legal security.

EC expects Croatia and Slovenia to respect arbitration court's decision

The European Commission on Friday called on Croatia and Slovenia to respect a decision by an international arbitration court that it will continue arbitration proceedings in a border dispute between the two countries even though Slovenia has violated provisions of an arbitration agreement Slovenia and Croatia signed in 2009.

Economic sentiment in Croatia significantly improves in June

Economic sentiment in Croatia has significantly improved in June, for the first time in six months, while it remained broadly unchanged in the euro area and the EU, according to the "Business and Consumer Survey Results" monthly report which the European Commission released on Wednesday.

Croatia officially warned for not transposing public procurement directive

The European Commission on Thursday sent 21 member states, including Croatia, a letter with a formal warning for not transposing three European Union directives on public procurement and concessions into national legislation.

EC mildly downgrades forecast for Croatia's economy in 2016 to 1.8%

The European Commission on Tuesday released its Spring 2016 Forecast, mildly reducing Croatia's economic growth outlook to 1.8%, the main reason for this being the poor results in Q4 2015.

FinMin: Statistics send clear message to EC, rating agencies

"As we said at the start of our term (at the beginning of this year), in 2016 we have two main economic goals - stepping up economic growth and employment and stabilising public finance," Maric said in a statement for Hina,

Foreign minister say EC non-paper old document for internal use

"Much ado about nothing," Kovac said in an interview with Croatian Television, noting that the EC's non-paper was an old document intended for internal use.

Former deputy foreign minister: EC just stating its opinion

Klisovic is convinced that the law whereby Serbia extended its jurisdiction for crimes to other former Yugoslav states does not contribute to regional cooperation which, he stressed, is an important part of Serbia's accession negotiations.

Brunei cancels visa requirements for Croatian citizens

The European Commission said on Thursday it was notified by Brunei that this country in Southeast Asia was cancelling visa requirements for Croatian citizens.

Croatia shouldn't blindly follow EC directives, says enterprise minister

Entrepreneurship Minister Darko Horvat said on Thursday there was a consensus to build a floating LNG terminal on the northern Adriatic island of Krk, adding that Croatia should not blindly follow every European Commission directive.

Perception of judicial independence in Croatia among worst in EU

A total of 56% of the respondents in Croatia cited government meddling or pressure as the main reason for a lack of judicial independence.

EU Commission wants to shake up bloc's asylum rules, official says

The European Union's executive is due this week to lay out options aimed at ensuring a better distribution of refugees across the bloc, after its asylum system broke down last year amid a migration surge into Europe.

EC: Road fatalities in Croatia on increase, stagnate in EU

The number of road fatalities in Croatia in 2015 grew 13% from 2014, according to the latest statistics on road safety, released by the European Commission this past Thursday.

Opposition MPs write to EC over Electronic Media Council dismissals

A group of Opposition MPs on Wednesday sent a letter to the European Commission claiming that the government had unlawfully launched the proceedings of relieving the chairwoman and members of the Electronic Media Council of duty.

PM says EC sends Croatia very positive message

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Wednesday informed a news conference of what the government had done in the past two weeks so that Croatia could avoid European Commission's corrective action over excessive macroeconomic imbalances, ...

FinMin pleased with EC's decision

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric is pleased with the European Commission's decision not to take corrective action for Croatia over excessive macroeconomic imbalances.

No corrective action for Croatia over macroeconomic imbalances

Out of 18 countries that were subjected to in-depth reviews, six were found not to be experiencing macroeconomic imbalances, seven were found to be experiencing imbalances and five were found to be experiencing excessive imbalances. 

FinMin won't speculate about EC decision on Croatia's macroeconomic imbalances

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric would not speculate on Tuesday about a European Commission decision on the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure which the Commission will adopt later today.

HDZ chief says Commission report is assessment of ex-government

Karamarko said that the new government had the strength and knowledge to implement the recommendations made by the Commission.

EU paints bleak picture of French economy with growth, employment low

The French economy is weighed down by below-average growth, poor competitiveness, a high public deficit and persistently high unemployment, the European Commission said Friday in a regular review of EU economies.

EC: Debt, unemployment, public administration main challenges facing Croatia

The main economic challenges facing Croatia are its high debt, high unemployment, a weak and fragmented public administration, high corporate debt and structural weaknesses in the education and social protection systems, the European Commission said in a report on Friday.

EC asks Croatia to explain its gas market rules

The European Commission (EC) on Thursday sent a reasoned opinion to Croatia concerning its gas market rules and Croatia now has two months to inform the Commission of the measures taken to remedy the situation.

Chinese overcapacity a growing concern, EU businesses say

China's industrial overcapacity, particularly in the steel sector, poses an increasing threat to European economies, the EU Chamber of Commerce said Monday.

EC report shows huge differences in jobless rate among EU countries

Presenting a report on employment and social developments in Europe in 2015, Filip Tanay said the 75% employment target was achieved only in Sweden and was lowest in Greece at 55%.

European Commission financially backs 2 Croatian LNG projects

LNG and its storage will increase the EU's energy security, the Commission said at a presentation of a package of energy security laws, highlighting LNG as the future of Europe's energy sustainability.

EU turns up heat on Germany, six others in breach of asylum rules

The European Commission stepped up the pressure Wednesday on Germany and six other EU countries for incorrectly implementing asylum rules, giving them two months to rectify the situation or face the risk of being referred to the bloc's top court.

EU Commission resisting tobacco lobbying transparency, watchdog says

The European Commission has ignored calls for more transparency in its dealings with the tobacco industry, a watchdog said Monday, ratcheting up criticism sparked by a 2012 lobbying scandal that ended the career of the bloc's then health commissioner.

Analysts consider EC forecast of GDP growth optimistic

The European Commission on Thursday revised upward its outlook of Croatia's growth in 2016 from a previous 1.4% to 2.1%, which some domestic analysts consider to be an optimistic forecast, but they agree that public debt might grow at a slower rate.

Karamarko: EC forecast is good news

"This government is obviously starting to inspire confidence with its readiness for reforms and to pave the way for good investments and all other things that we should have done much earlier," Karamarko told the press outside the government headquarters.

Eurozone growth outlook worsens amid "increasing" international risks

The eurozone economy is expected to expand by only 1.7 per cent this year, the European Commission said Thursday, revising down its growth predictions amid a slowdown in China and other emerging markets.

EU seeks power to fine, supervise car sector in wake of VW scandal

The European Union should have the power to fine car manufacturers that violate environmental or safety regulations, the bloc's executive proposed Wednesday, as part of a bid to step up oversight of the automobile sector following the Volkswagen scandal.

Economists for reducing budget outlays by EUR 400-500 mln in 2016

Lipa association representative Davor Huic said the first goal should be to reduce the expenditures side of the budget by HRK 3-4 billion.

EC: Croatia's new government faced with debts, unemployment and poor management

"The rising general government debt is a source of concern," the Commission says, adding that according to its 2015 autumn forecast, it will reach 89.2% of GDP in 2015 and increase further to 92.9% by 2017.

EC: Serbia has undertaken to respect minority rights

The commissioner said that the EC would continue monitoring the implementation of Serbia's obligations regarding education in minority languages as part of accession negotiations on Chapter 23.

Milanovic: We were people's government

"Croatia is better today," Milanovic said, thanking all those who had supported his government over the past four years.

Poland to be target of unprecedented EU rule-of-law investigation

It is the first time that the institution resorts to an EU mechanism aimed at preventing serious threats to the rule of law.

EU Commission considers steps over controversial Polish reforms

The European Commission was considering how to respond Wednesday to concerns that reforms introduced by Poland's conservative new government may be in breach of fundamental EU values.

Italian consumer groups file EU antitrust complaint against McDonalds

Three Italian consumer organizations filed a complaint with the European Commission against US fast food giant McDonald's on Tuesday, arguing that the company exploits its dominant market position, harming franchise partners and customers.

Belgian corporate tax scheme breaches EU law, commission says

A tax benefit granted by Belgium to multinational companies is illegal as it gives an unfair advantage, the European Commission found Monday, demanding that Brussels reclaim around 700 million euros (764.5 million dollars) from at least 35 firms.

Economic sentiment in Croatia in Dec 2015 reaches record high

 Industry confidence increased by 2.7 points to 6.5, construction confidence increased by 2.2 points to -13.2, and retail trade confidence increased by 2 points to 12 points.

Germany's Steinmeier threatens legal action to enforce migrant quotas

Legal action may be required to enforce a plan to share the burden of refugees among European Union member states, according to German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Milanovic says reserved about European border and coast guard

"It broadly expands the EU's competencies. Some states are against it, I have reservations. It should be discussed,"

European investment plan opportunity for Croatia

"During the economic crisis in Europe investments contracted by 15% compared with 2007, which led to a gap in growth prospects, particularly with regard to the USA and Japan," Baricevic said.

EC adopts Italy-Croatia inter-reg programme

The aim of the programme is to assist both countries to use the potential of blue growth which relates to developing aqua-culture, fisheries, blue bio-technology and sea services.

Picula warns EC of wildlife caught in razor-wire fence on Slovenian border

"The first victims of Slovenia's policy, apart from good neighbourly relations and cross-border communication, are wild animals as their habitats do not recognise formal territorial demarcation between countries,"

Ostojic: Dublin Regulation created for other circumstances

The regulation requires refugees to be registered in the first country of the European Union they enter and it is that country that they will be returned to if they are not granted asylum. 

EU joins forces with internet firms to fight terrorism, hate speech

They will discuss, among other things, how to protect the public from terrorist material and how to use the internet to challenge terrorist narratives and online hate speech.

EC Task Force helping Croatia to absorb EU funds

Although it is still too early to say exactly how much money has been saved thanks to this task force, I can say that Slovakia will not lose the funds for this year; the risk has been removed

Bosnia activists hope EU bid will help end anti-gay violence, discrimination

Gay campaigners are hoping that Bosnia's bid to join the European Union, which has put its human rights record under greater scrutiny, will lead to change.

Croatia's contribution to Turkey aid for refugees won't be big, Milanovic says

We'll all have to give something. I can't tell you how much exactly at this moment, although less than ten million euros is being mentioned. 

Netherlands to appeal EU demand for Starbucks back taxes for enjoying an "illegal" tax break

"The government is of the opinion that the Commission does not convincingly demonstrate that the tax authority deviated from the statutory provisions," he wrote in a letter to MPs Friday.

Croatia's economic sentiment in November close to record level

Croatia's ESI in November was 124.5 points, slipping 0.1 points from the record level in October.

Croatia one of 16 EU countries needing in-depth review

The Commission will release the findings of the in-depth reviews in February, together with reviews of each member state's economic policy.

EU approves EUR 57 mln for cross-border cooperation

According to the statement, the objective is to improve the quality of joint public services in the region, promote sustainable development of tourist activities

Five Croatian projects on EU list of energy projects of common interest

The projects of common interest envisage a faster procedure for the issuance of permits and improved regulatory conditions. 

EC takes note of Croatia election result, expects constructive cooperation with new gov't

The European Commission takes note of the outcome of Sunday's parliamentary elections in Croatia and looks forward to constructive cooperation 

EU to allocate EUR 1.5 bn for Bosnia's reforms

“We are seeing how both the BiH Council of Ministers as well as RS (the Serb entity) and FBiH (the Croat-Bosniak Federation) are taking real steps to boost the economy

EC awards Croatia EUR 16.43m to manage migrant influx

The European Commission has awarded EUR 16.43 million in emergency funding to Croatia to support the country in managing the high influx of migrants ...

EC approves Croatia's operational programme for fisheries in 2014-2020

This is one of the most important documents for the fisheries sector to date, covering 36 measures and the entire fisheries sector, the ministry said.

HGK: Growth insufficient to reach EU average at faster pace

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) said on Thursday that the latest forecasts by the European Commission on Croatia's economic growth were as expected ...