WikiLeaks rejects US intelligence report that Russia leaked material

WikiLeaks on Monday rejected a US intelligence report that Russia passed on leaked information to the whistle-blowing site as part of efforts to influence the recent US elections.

Agency: Sweden was the target of 100,000 cyberattacks in 2016

Foreign spies working via the internet attacked targets in Sweden 100,000 times in 2016, the Swedish intelligence agency revealed on Sunday in an interview with broadcaster SVT.

Trump vows good relations with Russia after hacking briefing

US president-elect Donald Trump vowed Saturday to pursue good relations with Russia despite an intelligence assessment that charged Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign of...

Obama tells Trump: Vladimir Putin's not on our team

US President Barack Obama has reminded his successor that "we're on the same team," after an intelligence report said that Moscow had interfered in the US election to help Donald Trump.

US intelligence: Putin "ordered" effort to help Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin "ordered" a campaign to influence the US presidential election to undermine faith in the democratic process and hurt Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, a...

Trump calls Russian hacking focus "political witch hunt"

Just hours before receiving a classified intelligence briefing on Russian hacking in the US presidential election on Friday, president-elect Donald Trump called the focus on the issue "a political...

US intel officials: Russia has become more aggressive in cyberattacks

US intelligence officials testifying Thursday on Capitol Hill said Russian hacking has become more aggressive in recent years and is ongoing.

Report: Turkish spy arrested in Germany involved in killing of Kurds

A man arrested in Hamburg on suspicion of espionage on behalf of the Turkish government may have been involved in the assassination of two Kurds, German tabloid Bild reported on Sunday.

Suspected Turkish spy arrested in Hamburg

The German Federal Prosecutor's Office has had a suspected agent arrested for spying on Kurds in Germany on behalf of the Turkish government.

Trump: Democrats use Russian meddling as excuse for losing election

US president-elect Donald Trump said Sunday a report that the CIA concluded that Russia intervened in the US presidential election to boost his candidacy is "ridiculous."

Trump calls report on CIA election conclusion "ridiculous"

President-elect Donald Trump says a report that the CIA concluded that Russia intervened in the US presidential election to boost his candidacy is "ridiculous."

Iran: Saudi accusations of spying "politically motivated"

Iran on Wednesday rejected as "politically motivated" Saudi accusations that Tehran was behind a ring of spies a day after a Saudi court sentenced 15 people to death for espionage.

Saudi Arabia sentences 15 to death for spying for Iran

Fifteen people were sentenced to death on Tuesday by a Saudi court for spying for Iran.

Media: German Islamist spy mole was also gay porn star

A German intelligence official arrested on suspicion of disclosing sensitive information and planning an Islamist terrorist attack had also worked as a gay porn star, according to German media...

German intelligence worker arrested following reported Islamist plot

A German intelligence employee who was operating undercover as an Islamist has been arrested for allegedly making extremist statements online, leaking sensitive material and planning an attack,...