EP committee calls for reducing gender inequality

Women in the European Union on average have lower salaries and pensions, they are not equally represented in powerful positions in politics and the economy and, at the current pace, equality will be achieved only in 70 years, the European Parliament's gender equality committee says in a report adopted on Monday, asking the EU and the member states to invest more effort in reducing gender inequality.

Finnish-Croatian gender equality project presented

The purpose of the project, to last 15 months, is to introduce the principle of gender equality in policies at all levels, the head of the Gender Equality Office, Helena Stimac Radin, said.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Statehood Day again marked by divisions

Statehood Day, November 25, commemorates the session of the National Anti-Fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBIH) held in Mrkonjic Grad