Stuttgart to issue bans on high-polluting diesel vehicles from 2018

Most diesel vehicles will be banned from roads in the southern German city of Stuttgart during times of heavy pollution, a bid to clean up the city's air, the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg decided Tuesday.

EU issues final warning to five countries over air pollution breaches

The European Commission sent final warnings on Wednesday to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Britain for failing to address repeated breaches of air pollution limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Switzerland gives 21 mn francs for infrastructure development in Gorski Kotar

The Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds on Tuesday signed the first in a series of agreements that are part of a Swiss-Croatian programme of cooperation within the thematic field Environment and Infrastructure. The agreement refers to the development of the Gorski Kotar region, the Ministry said in a statement.

Beijing issues yellow alert for smog ahead of vehicle ban

Beijing issued a yellow alert for heavy air pollution on Tuesday, just as the city was preparing to ban high-emission vehicles from its roads.

US Senate rolls back Obama water pollution rule

The US Senate voted Thursday to undo a rule approved under former president Barack Obama aimed at keeping coal mining waste out of waterways.

Climate change to bring more floods, droughts to Europe, agency says

Europe must prepare for the consequences of climate change, including increased risk of both floods and droughts, as well as the easier spread of infectious diseases, the EU's environment agency said Wednesday.

More than half of Chinese cities choking under smog

Air pollution was reported on Wednesday by more than half of the 338 Chinese cities monitored by the country's environmental protection authority.

India plans to measure Everest to see if earthquake shrank it

The Indian government plans to measure the height of Mount Everest in order to put to rest speculation that a powerful earthquake in 2015 may have caused it to shrink, an official said Wednesday.

Scientists say 2016 was warmest on record, for third consecutive time

Last year was the warmest since recordkeeping began in 1880, US government scientists said Wednesday, making 2016 the third year in a row to break records.

Norwegian capital bans diesel vehicles over air pollution

A ban on driving most diesel cars on roads in the Norwegian capital of Oslo went into effect Tuesday in an attempt to tackle harmful air pollution.

Northern China drops pollution warnings as smog moves south

People in northern China were Monday enjoying a rare respite from choking air pollution as the smog which choked the area for weeks moved to the country's south.

Massive iceberg poised to break away from Antarctica

One of the world's largest icebergs looks set to form in the coming months as it breaks off an Antarctic ice shelf, according to a British research group.

China smog shuts motorways, cancels flights

China's air and road transport was hit by thick smog in north and central parts of the country Monday, state media reported, as high pollution levels continued to affect the region.

Suffocating Sarajevo orders alternating traffic to combat pollution

Air pollution in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo has gone far beyond critical in recent days, prompting an emergency committee to ban half of the city's cars from the roads, the daily Avaz reported Saturday online.

PM discusses air pollution in Slavonski Brod

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic visited the eastern County of Brod-Posavina on Thursday, where he met with local authorities and environmental groups for talks on the economic situation and air pollution in Slavonski Brod.

Chinese factories keep operating despite smog alerts

On the fifth day of China's "smogpocolypse," thousands of factories were continuing to operate despite orders to temporarily shut down during a government-issued pollution "red alert."

US, Canada to ban future oil drilling in Arctic

The US and Canada will freeze future oil and gas drilling in their Arctic waters, the White House said Tuesday.

Dobrovic: We've used EU funds well for environment protection projects

Environmental Protection and Energy Minister Slaven Dobrovic said in Osijek on Tuesday that through the implementation of the Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013, Croatia had absorbed HRK 2.1 billion, which, he said, was a good basis for future projects from the Competitiveness and Cohesion programme.

Record-breaking smog smothers northern China for fourth day

Some 460 million people breathed the dirtiest air of 2016 on Tuesday during a fourth day of smog "red alerts" across 23 Chinese cities.

Beijing roads quiet as smog alert hits 24 Chinese cities

Streets, roads and parks in the Chinese capital Beijing were eerily quiet on Saturday in response to an official red alert by authorities to combat heavy smog.

Beijing declares "red alert" as winter smog closes in

China may have declared war on air pollution, but this weekend Beijing faces the highest state of alarm. The authorities have declared a "red alert," and Beijingers are increasingly fed up at the slow progress on air pollution.

Norway's Statoil sells remaining Canadian oil sands project

Norwegian energy group Statoil said it is selling its remaining oil sands project in Canada, a decision welcomed  Thursday by environmental groups.

Paris limits cars on road after suffering worst pollution in 10 years

Paris has implemented limits on the number of cars on its roads after being hit by its worst and most prolonged air pollution in at least 10 years.

Severe air pollution reported in Bosnian industrial cities

Air pollution in major cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina has again reached alarming levels, with the concentration of pollutants exceeding permitted limits in Tuzla, Zenica and Sarajevo, the country's weather service reported on Monday.

47 countries commit to end fossil fuels production at Morocco talks

Forty-seven countries that are the most vulnerable to climate change on Friday pledged to switch their energy production as quickly as possible to renewable sources.

Spain faces hefty EU fine for failing to process sewage correctly

Spain was threatened Thursday with a fine of more than 46.5 million euros (49.8 million dollars) for failing to enact EU rules on sewage treatment, the bloc's executive said, as it referred the issue to the European Union's top court.

Cars in Europe pump out more CO2 than advertised, says tester

Vehicles on European roads pump out far more carbon dioxide (CO2) than advertised, the team of scientists who uncovered Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal reported in a study released Thursday.

Global carbon emissions stabilizing due to US, China, researchers say

Global carbon emissions have remained largely steady for the past three years, even while economies have grown, scientists said in a study published Monday.

Greece must protect rare sea turtles or face fines, EU court rules

Greece has failed in its obligation to protect the breeding ground of vulnerable sea turtles, the European Union's top court found Thursday, paving the way for possible fines against Athens if it does not take action.

EU members on track for 2020 greenhouse gas emission target

The European Union remains on course to achieving its 2020 target of reducing greenhouse gases by one fifth, despite emissions rising slightly last year, the bloc's environmental agency said Tuesday.

Developing countries hit hard by extreme weather events

Developing countries have been more affected by extreme weather events than industrialized countries, underscoring their vulnerability to climate change, a study released Tuesday showed.

COP22 climate talks begin: "We must be spurred on by action"

UN climate talks began Monday in Marrakesh, where leaders called on negotiators to ensure that the global accord on climate change reached in Paris is enacted swiftly.

Delhi halts construction, diesel generators in air pollution battle

Cricket matches were cancelled Sunday and school holidays extended as air pollution levels in the Indian capital continued to hover way above safe levels with no sign of respite.

Climate accord goes into effect in "historic day for the planet"

An agreement to limit global temperature rise caused by greenhouse gas emissions to below 2 degrees, adopted during a UN summit in Paris last year, entered into force on Friday.

Delhi, Indian cities choked with pollution after Diwali fireworks

Pollution levels hit alarmingly high levels in New Delhi and vast parts of India on Monday, the morning after Diwali, as smoke from huge quantities of fireworks clogged up the air.

Dakota pipeline opponents rally after police make arrests, clear camp

Activists trying to block construction of an oil pipeline remained near the scene Friday in North Dakota even after their protest camp was cleared by police.

Historic deal reached on the world's largest marine protected area

Twenty-four countries and the European Union have reached a historic deal to designate 1.55 million square kilometres of the Ross Sea in the Antarctic region a marine protected area for the next 35 years, it was announced on Friday.

Climate report: Australia will get hotter, drier, and see more fire

Australia will experience more extreme hot and dry days and a longer and fiercer fire season, while parts of the country will see worse droughts, as well as more flooding rains, a report by the country's top government scientists said.

Environmental groups say Russia key to Antarctic marine protection

The success of ongoing negotiations to create large marine sanctuaries in the waters surrounding Antarctica depends on Russian cooperation, environmentalists said Tuesday.

Obama: Emissions agreement addresses "rapidly growing threat"

US President Barack Obama welcomes a global agreement to phase out a type of greenhouse gas used in air conditioners and refrigerators that "represents a rapidly growing threat to the health of our planet."

Global deal reached to limit use of potent greenhouse gases

Climate change negotiators from more than 170 nations agreed Saturday to begin limiting heat-trapping greenhouse gases known as HFCs, often used in air conditioners and refrigerators.

EUR 5.6M energy renovation project underway in Lepoglava jail

The energy renovation of the penitentiary in the northern town of Lepoglava is under way and this project, worth 42 million kuna (approximately 5.6 million euros), will bring about savings of two million kuna annually.

Bird population on Mura, Drava and Danube falling

The sand martin is listed among vulnerable avian species in Croatia. The monitoring from 2005 to 2016 has shown that their number in Croatia slid from 12,232 to 7,444.

EU to help India in cleaning holy Hindu river Ganges

European Union and India Friday signed an agreement in the field of water management which includes European assistance in helping clean Hinduism's holiest river, the Ganges.

EU lawmakers clear final hurdle for global Paris climate deal

The European Union can ratify the Paris climate deal, the bloc's legislature overwhelmingly decided Tuesday, clearing a last hurdle for the accord to go into force globally.

India becomes 62nd country to ratify Paris climate deal

India ratified the Paris climate agreement on Sunday, becoming the 62nd country to join the historic accord that could go into force by the end of the year.

Croatia begins preparations for ratification of Paris agreement on climate change

The Croatian Minister of Environment and Nature Protection, Slaven Dobrovic, said at a meeting of the EU Environment Council in Brussels on Friday that Croatia fully supported the Paris agreement on climate change and had begun preparations for its ratification.

EU ratification means Paris agreement could take effect next week

EU environment ministers agreed Friday to the bloc's ratification of the Paris agreement on climate change, in a move that could see conditions met for its entry into force next week.

Asia needs 300 billion dollars a year to uphold Paris climate goals

Developing Asia needs to shell out 300 billion dollars every year if it intends to meet the goals agreed to at the 2015 Paris climate summit, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said Tuesday.

Downtown Zagreb without cars on European Car-Free Day

To mark European Car-Free Day, September 22, downtown Zagreb will be shut to all motorised traffic from 8 am to 8 pm.

Hollande: EU ready to ratify Paris climate deal as soon as possible

EU leaders pledged Friday to press ahead with the ratification of the Paris agreement on climate change, with a view to bringing the bloc on board before the deal takes effect, French President Francois Hollande said following talks in Bratislava.

EU approves 11 new types of GM food and animal feed

The European Union on Friday approved the sale of 11 new types of genetically modified (GM) maize for food and animal feed within the bloc, despite a groundswell of public resistance to GM crops in Europe.

Grant agreements inked for EU-funded water management projects

The Hrvatske Vode water management company on Monday signed grant agreements for funding from European Union cohesion funds to be used to finance investments in public water management and sewerage systems as part of the Operational Programme "Environmental Protection" for the period 2007

Court quashes ministry's go-ahead for Srdj Golf Project study

The Administrative Court in Split cancelled the decision of the Environment Protection Ministry to approve an environment impact study concerning a planned golf resort on Srdj hill above Dubrovnik, an activist opposed to the golf course plan said on Friday.

Remediation of landfill west of Zagreb completed

Remediation works, worth 100 million kuna (EUR 13 million), at the Trebez waste management site outside Samobor, west of Zagreb, was formally completed on Monday, and on that occasion Social Democrat candidate for parliament Mihael Zmajlovic, visited the non-hazardous waste landfill, explaining that this project had been launched during his term as Environment Protection Minister in the former SDP-led government.

Paklenica National Park opens underground centre for visitors

The underground information centre for visitors to the Paklenica National Park was formally inaugurated on Sunday, and this multipurpose visitor centre is situated in the underground tunnels called the "Bunkers" which the armed forces of the Tito-led Yugoslavia started building in the early 1950s.

Peru state oil company's Amazon spill is fourth this year

A break in an oil pipeline owned by Peru's state oil company Petroperu has caused a spill in the Peruvian Amazon, the company said, its fourth such oil spill this year in the rainforest region.

Bonuses to CEOs in public companies unacceptable, says minister

Minister of Environment and Nature Protection Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party on Monday said that it was unacceptable for management personnel in the state-owned forest management  company

At least 72 dead, 78 missing in north China floods amid protests

At least 72 people are dead and 78 are missing in China's northern Hebei province, official reports said Saturday, with protesters saying some deaths were caused by the government releasing flood water from a reservoir. 

Ecologists slam EU emission targets meant to deliver on Paris deal

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed new emission-cutting targets for EU countries in a bid to meet promises made under last year's Paris climate agreement, but environmentalists slammed the proposal as falling short and containing loopholes.

Several hundred people jump into Drava as part of Big Jump campaign

Several hundred people jumped into the River Drava near the northwestern town of Varazdin at 3pm on Sunday as part of the Big Jump campaign, joining thousands of Europeans who did the same throughout the continent to show that they cared for their rivers and lakes.

2.6 million dead bees make stinging point about pesticides

Activists brought their concerns about bees to the doorstep of US regulators on Wednesday, punctuating their alarm with a truck full of more than 2 million dead bees. They asked the US Environmental Protection Agency to take action on bee deaths and restrict pesticide use as European countries have already done.

EU greenhouse gas emissions fall to new low, environment agency says

Emissions of greenhouse gases in the European Union fell to a new low in 2014, the bloc's environmental watchdog said Tuesday, citing more use of renewable energy and better energy efficiency.

Ten EU countries violate air emission limits, watchdog says

Ten EU nations, including economic heavyweight Germany, failed to reduce air pollution under agreed levels in 2014, the bloc's environment watchdog said Friday.

EU countries fail to agree on controversial weedkiller glyphosate

EU member states failed Monday to agree on the future use of the controversial weedkiller glyphosate in their bloc, less than a month before its authorization expires, amid uncertainty over whether the product may cause cancer.

Croatia marks World Environment Day

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic says that a conserved environment and natural resources are invaluable and "we should not treat them as owners but as custodians because the quality of our lives depends on them."

Cost of environmental crime up 26 per cent, UN report says

Environmental crime cost the world a whopping 258 billion dollars last year, a full 26 per cent more than the year before, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Interpol said Saturday in a joint report.

Dobrovic, EU commissioner discuss policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Croatian Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic met with European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Canete in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Bathing water in Croatia among Europe's best

Bathing water in Croatia is among Europe's best and 94.5% of Croatian bathing places have excellent bathing water, shows a report published this past Wednesday by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency.

Report: A quarter of children under 5 years old die from pollution

More than a quarter of children under the age of 5 worldwide die from environmental degradation and pollution, a group of environmental organisations said Monday.

Croatia observing World Biodiversity Day

Croatia on Sunday observed International Day for Biological Diversity in Zagreb's Maksimir Park, where Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic said people must realise that they were not owners of biodiversity but depended on it.

Obama drinks water in Flint after Michigan lead scandal

US President Barack Obama drank a glass of filtered water Wednesday in Flint, Michigan, to demonstrate it is safe, after steps were taken to address lead-tainted water that risked health problems in the city.

Top court orders changes to EU's embattled emissions trading system

The European Union's top court ordered Thursday that changes be made to the bloc's emissions trading system, finding that ceilings for allowances had been set inappropriately.

Croatia, Bosnia sign agreement on cooperation in environmental protection

Sarovic called for starting with the implementation of the agreement without delay for the sake of "responsible, wise and sustainable management of resources and the environment."

Protesters call on Obama administration to stop offshore drilling

Environmental advocates gathered Tuesday for a small rally in downtown Washington to pressure the Obama administration over its 2017-22 offshore drilling programme.

Croatia has to advance waste recycling system, says minister

Dobrovic announced changes to the system and said that the Waste Management Plan 2016-2022 was almost completed. He underscored that waste sorting plants, pressing machines and waste baling was vital in waste management.

Zagreb Zoo gets its first Komodo Dragon

A Komodo dragon also known as the Komodo monitor arrived in Zagreb Zoo recently, and this three-and-a-half-year-old lizard was the first representative of its species to be exhibited in Croatia, Zagreb Zoo has reported.

Croatian president hails Paris accord as step toward environment-friendly progress

Croatia recognises the importance of the Paris Agreement and is actively engaged in the document's preparation and adoption, President Grabar-Kitarovic was quoited as saying, according to a press release issued by her office.

The future of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The health of the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia's most extraordinary natural wonders and top tourist attractions, has been much debated in recent years.

Study: 73 per cent of largest Chinese cities' watersheds polluted

At least one-third of China's lakes and rivers are unfit for human use and 73 per cent of watersheds supplying water to the 30 largest cities have medium to high pollution levels, according to a study released Monday.

EC greenlights Croatia's new waste management plan framework

He says the advancement of the waste management system will enable Croatia to meet its obligations towards the European Union and not pay penalties, recalling that cities and municipalities have the legal obligation to enable citizens to sort waste.

High hopes to protect the high seas as talks on UN treaty begin

Lying beyond territorial waters, the high seas cover almost half of the planet's surface. But with no comprehensive international agreement governing their use, their rich biodiversity might be in peril from human activity. Negotiations are now underway on a UN treaty to fill that legal gap.

HRK 7 mln secured to assist with applications for LIFE programme

The programme is intended for public bodies, private companies and non-governmental organisations registered in the European Union and a call for applications has been announced for May 19.

Environment ministry preparing waste management system upgrade

The Environment and Nature Protection Ministry is preparing an upgrade of the waste management system in order to set up an economically and ecologically sustainable system based on circular economy, Deputy Minister Marko Siljeg said on Tuesday.

Croatia boasts of rich water resources ahead of World Water Day

World Water Day will be observed under the motto "Water and Jobs" on 22 March and the Croatian water management company Hrvatske Vode has underscored that nearly a half of 1.5 billion workers worldwide are employed in water-related sectors.

Forests cover 2.7 million hectares of Croatia's land

Forests cover 47% of Croatian land and this space is not decreasing, the state-run forest management company "Hrvatske Sume" said in a press release, issued on the occasion of the International Day of Forests, observed on 21 March.

Minister promotes reuse centres in Croatia

Minister Dobrovic praised reuse centres as an important segment of sustainable waste management, underscoring that reuse is most environmentally beneficial option

Croatia setting up reuse centres

Croatia is setting up a network of reuse centres where various second-hand items received from citizens will be repaired and resold rather than disposed of as waste, and guidelines for the establishment of such centres will be presented on Monday.

Earth Hour: Nature lovers plant 5,000 saplings in Medvednica nature park

About 300 nature lovers planted 5,000 saplings on Mount Medvednica, overlooking Zagreb, on Saturday as part of this year's global environmental campaign Earth Hour.

Red from Angry Birds named UN ambassador for climate change

The United Nations has found an unusual ally for its fight against climate change in Red, the grim-looking red bird from the mobile game Angry Birds.

Croatia's national and nature parks on new single web site

All eight national and eleven nature parks in Croatia can now be found on a single web site providing information for visitors, the Environment and Nature Protection Ministry told a press conference on Wednesday.

Pollution-related deaths in China

Air pollution caused 1.2 million premature deaths in China in 2010, according to the Global Burden of Disease report released by British medical journal The Lancet.

Croatia to adapt to circular economy without changing projects at advanced stage of completion

Croatia will change some of its waste management projects in order to adapt to the concept of circular economy, but it will not be possible to change projects at an advanced stage of completion, Environment Minister Slaven Dobrovic said in Brussels on Friday.

Worst smog of the year hits Beijing

The heaviest smog of the year blanketed the Chinese capital Friday on the eve of the country's annual parliament. 

Greenpeace stages anti-oil-drilling stunt ahead of Italy referendum

Activists for the Greenpeace environmental lobby staged a protest Wednesday in front of one of Rome's biggest monuments to urge people to back an upcoming referendum against offshore oil drilling.

Lights out and afforestation in Medvednica nature park for Earth Hour 2016

Earth Hour is a global project initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the fight against climate change and is marked every year on March 19 by switching lights off around the globe.

Hollande to review compensation for nuclear tests in French Polynesia

French President Francois Hollande recognized the environmental and health impacts of nuclear tests conducted for 30 years in French Polynesia, saying that the compensation process for victims will be reviewed.

Spanish premier Rajoy declared "persona non grata" in home city

Pontevedra, the home city of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, has said its high-profile former resident is no longer welcome there.

Activists: Analysis shows Plomin C not feasible

Green Action and DOOR on Monday presented the results of the analysis and said that they would send the study to the government, relevant ministries, parliamentary committees and benches and to the national electricity provider HEP.

Turkish police clear environment protest with tear gas, water cannon

Turkish police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse environmentalist protesters marching against a planned copper mine on Sunday.