Scientists say 2016 was warmest on record, for third consecutive time

Last year was the warmest since recordkeeping began in 1880, US government scientists said Wednesday, making 2016 the third year in a row to break records.

Norwegian capital bans diesel vehicles over air pollution

A ban on driving most diesel cars on roads in the Norwegian capital of Oslo went into effect Tuesday in an attempt to tackle harmful air pollution.

Northern China drops pollution warnings as smog moves south

People in northern China were Monday enjoying a rare respite from choking air pollution as the smog which choked the area for weeks moved to the country's south.

Massive iceberg poised to break away from Antarctica

One of the world's largest icebergs looks set to form in the coming months as it breaks off an Antarctic ice shelf, according to a British research group.

China smog shuts motorways, cancels flights

China's air and road transport was hit by thick smog in north and central parts of the country Monday, state media reported, as high pollution levels continued to affect the region.

Suffocating Sarajevo orders alternating traffic to combat pollution

Air pollution in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo has gone far beyond critical in recent days, prompting an emergency committee to ban half of the city's cars from the roads, the daily Avaz reported...

PM discusses air pollution in Slavonski Brod

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic visited the eastern County of Brod-Posavina on Thursday, where he met with local authorities and environmental groups for talks on the economic situation and air...

Chinese factories keep operating despite smog alerts

On the fifth day of China's "smogpocolypse," thousands of factories were continuing to operate despite orders to temporarily shut down during a government-issued pollution "red alert."

US, Canada to ban future oil drilling in Arctic

The US and Canada will freeze future oil and gas drilling in their Arctic waters, the White House said Tuesday.

Dobrovic: We've used EU funds well for environment protection projects

Environmental Protection and Energy Minister Slaven Dobrovic said in Osijek on Tuesday that through the implementation of the Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013, Croatia had absorbed HRK...

Record-breaking smog smothers northern China for fourth day

Some 460 million people breathed the dirtiest air of 2016 on Tuesday during a fourth day of smog "red alerts" across 23 Chinese cities.

Beijing roads quiet as smog alert hits 24 Chinese cities

Streets, roads and parks in the Chinese capital Beijing were eerily quiet on Saturday in response to an official red alert by authorities to combat heavy smog.

Beijing declares "red alert" as winter smog closes in

China may have declared war on air pollution, but this weekend Beijing faces the highest state of alarm. The authorities have declared a "red alert," and Beijingers are increasingly fed up at the...

Norway's Statoil sells remaining Canadian oil sands project

Norwegian energy group Statoil said it is selling its remaining oil sands project in Canada, a decision welcomed  Thursday by environmental groups.

Paris limits cars on road after suffering worst pollution in 10 years

Paris has implemented limits on the number of cars on its roads after being hit by its worst and most prolonged air pollution in at least 10 years.