EU seeks equal labour rights for workers posted in other countries

European workers whose employers send them to other EU member states should be granted the same pay and labour conditions as local employees, the European Commission said Tuesday, in a proposal aimed at preventing unfair labour market competition.

Major telecom in Croatia to lay off 220 workers

In order to ensure sustainable conditions for further growth and development of the company in the coming period, the HT is continuing the transformation of its operations in 2016.

Gov't extends ban on salary bonuses for public sector employees

At its first session on Thursday, the Croatian government formulated a set of legislative amendments extending a ban on the payment of salary bonuses of 4%, 8% and 10% based on years of service for public sector employees.

Number of persons employed continues to fall

Since August, after the usual employment growth ahead of and during the tourism season, the number of persons employed has been decreasing.

7,300 employers in Croatia not paying wages to 25,000 workers

A total of 7,300 employers in Croatia are not paying wages to their workers, according to the latest data from the National Tax Authority.
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