Minister: Erdogan not welcome in Austria for referendum campaign

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should not come to Austria to campaign to Turkish citizens living there ahead of a constitutional reform referendum in his country, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said Monday.

No early parliamentary election in Serbia this year - media

There will be no early parliamentary election in Serbia this year, electronic media in Belgrade said on Sunday.

Ex-French leader Sarkozy to stand trial in campaign finance case

A judge ordered former French president Nicolas Sarkozy to stand trial over accusations that he exceeded the legal spending limit in his failed 2012 re-election campaign, prosecutors said Tuesday.

France's Fillon apologizes as he reveals wife took in 680,000 euros

French presidential candidate Francois Fillon publicly apologized on Monday for employing family members in jobs in the legislature, after two weeks of mounting public pressure.

Bulgaria headed towards polls after attempts to form government fail

Bulgaria was heading towards its third election in four years after attempts to build a new government coalition failed on Tuesday.

Romanian election chief arrested ahead of parliamentary polls

The head of the Romanian election authority, Ana Maria Petru, was arrested just three weeks before parliamentary elections, under corruption suspicions, PRO TV and other media reported Wednesday.

Montenegro votes in election described as Russia vs. West

Montenegrins are voting in a parliamentary election that could determine whether the small Balkan state continues on its Western course or turns back to its traditional ally Russia.

Erdogan slams Clinton's "political dilettantism" for Kurd comments

Turkey's president has criticized US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's "political inexperience" for her comments on arming Kurdish rebels in the fight against Islamic State.

More than 100 parties to run in Bosnia's local elections on Oct 2

Slightly more than 3.2 million registered voters will have the opportunity to elect new municipal and town councils as well as municipal heads and mayors in 141 communities, including Brcko District, in local elections to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday, October 2.

Plenkovic ready to offer Petrov post of First Deputy PM

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic, poised to become Croatia's new Prime Minister, said on Wednesday that he saw no problem in offering the position of First Deputy Prime Minister to Bozo Petrov, the leader of the Bridge reformist party.

Orsat Miljenic submits bid for SDP leadership

Former justice minister Orsat Miljenic on Tuesday submitted his bid for the leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), saying that during the campaign he would talk to as many party members as possible to present his platform.

President to start consultations on new gov't Wednesday

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is likely to start consultations on Wednesday with parliamentary parties and elected minority representatives on who will be tasked with the role of Prime Minister-Designate, after the State Election Commission (DIP) on Monday established the official results of the September 11 early parliamentary election.

HDZ leader expects progress in talks with Bridge

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic has said that he expects progress in the negotiations with the Bridge reformist party, and the third round of the talks between the two parties on forming Croatia's new government is set for Monday afternoon.

Final election results Monday, consultations with president Tuesday

The State Electoral Commission (DIP) is expected to release on Monday the official results of the September 11 parliamentary election, which marks the start of a 20-day deadline within which the new, 9th parliament should be convened, and President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic is to start consultations with parliamentary parties on Tuesday.

Spokesman dismisses speculation about Franak MP's transfer to Bridge party

Spokesman for the Bridge party Nikola Grmoja on Friday dismissed media speculation that a meeting of Bridge chief Bozo Petrov with representatives of the Franak association of citizens who used to have loans pegged to the Swiss franc had anything to do with the transfer of Franak MP Goran Aleksic to the Bridge parliamentary group.

DIP says will contact Sincic, Runtic and Lovrinovic over bribery accusations

The State Election Commission (DIP) said on Tuesday that it would request Human Shield party leader Ivan Sincic, former party member Hrvoje Runtic and the leader of the Let Us Change Croatia party, Ivan Lovrinovic, to state their positions on Runtic's accusations against Human Shield in the media and that in case any irregularities were established, it would refer the case to the prosecutorial authorities.

17 killed in Congo protests against election postponement

Seventeen people were killed during violent protests against a postponement of presidential elections in Congo, the interior minister said Monday.

DIP dismisses objection to Hungarian minority MP's election

DIP dismissed the objection as unfounded, saying that every voter had the right to inspect their data in the voter register and ask for their amendment or correction 10 days before elections at the latest.

Plenkovic expects stable government with clear agenda

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said in an interview with the commercial RTL television channel on Tuesday that negotiations with the Bridge party were going well and without ultimatums, adding that he expects to form a stable government with a clear programme for the next four years.

SDP to launch procedure for leadership election on Thursday

The leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) meets on Thursday to start the procedure for a party election, and the party is expected to choose a new leader by the end of November or no later than mid-December.

Beljak says HSS definitely won't be part of future government

"We respect the legitimacy of the parties that won the election and those are the HDZ and the Bridge party. We wish them best of luck and we hope they will reach an agreement soon and start working as soon as possible," the HSS chief said.

IDS official rules out possibility of cooperation with right camp

Asked if cooperation with the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) as the relative election winner was an option for his party, the secretary-general of the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS), Giovanni Sponza, said on Tuesday that cooperation with the right political camp was out of the question for the IDS.

Plenkovic says negotiations with Bridge, other parties begin

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said that he was beginning on Tuesday talks on government formation with the Bridge party and other parties that entered the parliament in Sunday's early election, dismissing reports that he was in touch with the leaders of the Croatian People's Party (HNS) and the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS), members of the SDP-led People's Coalition.

Picula to run for SDP leadership provided he enjoys grassroots support

Croatia's Social Democratic Party (SDP) member of the European Parliament, Tonino Picula, said on Monday that he would decide on his possible candidacy for the post of the party's leader after consulting people in the field and seeing whether he enjoyed grassroots support.

President congratulates HDZ and all elected MPs, says Croatia has no time to waste

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Monday congratulated all elected members of Parliament and the relative election winner, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and its leader Andrej Plenkovic, noting that in consultations on government formation she would not tolerate any stalling or ultimatums that irritate the Croatian public because "Croatia has no time to waste."

HDZ wins election in six constituencies

Unofficial results of Sunday's parliamentary vote, published by the State Election Commission (DIP) after returns from 100% of polling stations were processed, show that the conservative Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is a relative winner of the early parliamentary elections, winning the election in six constituencies as well as two votes from the diaspora, while the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led People's Coalition won the election in four constituencies.

SDSS wins all three Serb minority seats in parliament

Preliminary results of Sunday's early parliamentary election show that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) won 61 seats in the 151-seat parliament, while its main rival, the People's Coalition led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), captured 54 seats.

Bridge gives HDZ and SDP 5 days to respond to its demands

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, gave Croatia's two largest parties, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), five days to declare their opinions on the guarantees which his party had demanded in exchange for its support to a new government.

Milanovic: Croatia needs a stable government

After the State Election Commission released preliminary results of the September 11 early parliamentary election at midnight, Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic early on Monday morning addressed his party's members and supporters, repeating several times in his address that Croatia needed a stable government and that the situation would be clearer in the morning after all ballots were counted.

Electoral Commission's incomplete results: HDZ in the lead

The preliminary results which the State Electoral Commission (DIP) made public at 22:00 hrs Sunday showed that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) was in the lead with 60 seats in the 151-seat legislature, while the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led coalition came second in the early parliamentary election, gaining 55 seats.

HDZ enthusiastic about preliminary election returns

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) has won 61 seats in the 151-seat parliament, according to preliminary results released by the State Electoral Commission at 10pm on Sunday based on returns from 36 percent of polling stations.

HDZ official: This election looks like a cliffhanger

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Secretary-General Gordan Jandrokovic said on Sunday evening that the exit polls showed that the major blocs were level-pegging in the early parliamentary election.

Exit polls: Two major blocs neck and neck in Croatia's early parl. election

According to exit polls, the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led People's Coalition has won 58 seats in the 151-seat parliament and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 57 seats in Sunday's early parliamentary election.

Polling places for Croatian election open in Bosnia

Polling stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina opened on Saturday morning for Croatian parliamentary elections, and Croatian citizens who live there can vote for three deputies in Constituency No. 11 until 1900 hours on Sunday.

Campaigning ban in place ahead of Sunday's parliamentary election

A ban on electioneering went into force at midnight on Friday and will last until 1900 hrs Sunday when polling stations close for Croatia's early parliamentary election.  

SDSS calls on ethnic Serbs to ask for minority slate in Sunday election

The Independent Democratic Serb party (SDSS) at the election rally in Karlovac on Thursday called on representatives of the Serb ethnic minority to go to the polls on Sunday, ask for a minority "pink" slate and vote for Milo Morvat, Boris Milosevic and Milorad Pupovac.

HDZ chief says there will be no political experiements after Sunday election

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)and its partners held their final election rally in Zagreb on Thursday evening when HDZ chief Andrej Plenkovic said there would be no more political experiments after the September 11 parliamentary election.

Petrov expects to win more than 12 seats in election

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, said in an interview with RTL on Thursday evening that he expected to win more than 12 seats in the coming early parliamentary election and that his party would score even better than projected by analysts.

Milanovic: HDZ same as during Karamarko's era

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic has said that the latest accusations from the rival Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) that the former SDP-led government "protected the state terrorism of former Yugoslav services that killed Croats worldwide", proved that the HDZ under Andrej Plenkovic did not manage to distance itself from the paradigm of Plenkovic's predecessor Tomislav Karamarko.

Milanovic: I'm ready to talk with anyone who can turn a problem into a solution

The People's Coalition, led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), held a final election rally in Zagreb's main square on Wednesday evening, with SDP leader Zoran Milanovic saying that he was ready to talk with "anyone who can turn a problem into a solution, but not the other way round."

HDZ set to halve HRT subscription fee to pensioners

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)  on Wednesday expanded its election promises by adding a promise to pensioners whose pensions amount to less than 3,000 kuna and to those receiving social welfare that their Croatian national broadcaster (HRT) subscription fees would be reduced by half.

Plenkovic on possible cooperation with Bridge

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic, commenting on criticism from Bridge leader Bozo Petrov that the two largest parties, the HDZ and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), were ignoring calls by Bridge to declare their position on its terms for post-election cooperation, said in Pula on Tuesday that it was yet to be seen how parties and coalitions would fare in the September 11 election.

Plenkovic says HDZ candidates deserve chance for fresh start

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said in Osijek on Monday the HDZ was running in the upcoming parliamentary election to win and that its candidates deserved a chance for a fresh start and not those of the People's Coalition who, under the Zoran Milanovic cabinet, were incapable of achieving their goals.

Milanovic: In 20 yrs Croatia must be among 15 most developed EU states

Social Democratic Party (SDP) President Zoran Milanovic said in Rijeka on Monday that in 20 years' time Croatia must be among the European Union's 15 most developed countries because it could achieve that goal.

Minority MP accuses Bandic of manipulating Roma community

Kajtazi recalled that a part of City Assembly members walked out of the session in protest at the decision, doubting its real purpose.

Main political camps agree private doctors should be engaged to help out in public health system

The three leading political camps on Monday,  ahead of the September 11 early parliamentary vote, promised citizens universally available and solidarity-based health services as well as the provision of private health services in cases where the public health system's capacity is limited.

French prosecutor requests trial for Sarkozy over campaign funds

The French prosecutor's office said on Monday that former president Nicolas Sarkozy should be tried in court over accusations that he exceeded the legal limit for spending in his failed 2012 election campaign.

HDZ presents solutions to tackle corporate, household insolvency

The economic strategists of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Ivana Maletic, Zdravko Maric and Tomislav Coric, on Monday presented the party's solutions to the problem of corporate and household insolvency.

Petrov urges voters not to vote out of fear of the Right or the Left

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, on Sunday called on voters not to vote out of fear of the Right or the Left in the September 11 early parliamentary election because members of those two camps "are neither right nor left under the skin."

3.8 million citizens have right to vote at Sept 11 election

A little fewer than 3.8 million citizens have the right to vote in the parliamentary election on September 11, which is about the same number as in the November 2015 election.  

DIP: Parties can apply for authorisation to monitor work of DIP and Apis IT company

The State Electoral Commission (DIP) said in a statement on Friday that small political parties and coalitions can apply for authorisation to monitor the work of the DIP, including the Apis IT company.

Austrian FM supports HDZ candidate

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has sent a video message to the president of the Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) Youth branch, Josip Bilaver, wishing him success in the September 11 parliamentary election and thanking him for good cooperation.

35,000 Croatian citizens in Bosnia register for Croatia election

Slightly fewer than 35,000 Croatian citizens residing in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina have registered for voting in Croatia's early parliamentary election, the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo told Hina on Friday.

HDZ says has options for better tourism

Capelli said the HDZ planned to hire 15,000 tourism workers over four years through inter-departmental cooperation and investments.

Parties present agricultural platforms at round table

Representatives of the major political parties and coalitions presented their agricultural platforms for the next four years at a round table on Monday, highlighting family-run farms, a more efficient farmland policy and stabler financing.

Plenkovic: Position of Bosnian Croats, European Bosnia in Croatia's strategic interest

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic has said that improving the position of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and a stable BiH making headway towards the European Union are in Croatia's strategic interest, and called on the international community to stop a referendum that has been announced by the Bosnian Serb entity.

Croatian trade union federation presents its expectations of next government

The Croatian trade union federation which goes by the acronym SSSH on Thursday presented its demands and expectations of the next government and parliament.

Ethics Commission: HDZ member's insults of Roma MP breach electoral code

The Ethics Commission said on Wednesday that a Facebook post in which HDZ candidate Stevo Culej insulted Roma candidate Veljko Kajtazi was a "grave breach of the electoral code of ethics" because of "malicious accusations aimed at raising doubts as to the candidate's loyalty to the community and the spreading of ethnic and racial hatred."

Milanovic: Left coalition can lead Croatia to order again

Speaking at an election rally, Milanovic said 35% of voters voted for an SDP-led coalition at the last election, voting for modernity, openness, progressiveness, a modern Western state. Croatia is the West, not the Middle East, and it must build itself on the tenets of Western civilisation, he said.

Milanovic asks why HDZ stopped works on Pula General Hospital

Social Democratic Party (SDP) president and candidate for prime minister Zoran Milanovic said in Pula on Monday that no one understood why the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), in its short term in office, had stopped the construction of a new general hospital in Pula, as it "could only have profited" from it.

Pensioners present demands ahead of Croatian parliamentary elections

Croatian pensioners and elderly persons are the third poorest in the European Union and over the past eight years their pensions have been practically frozen, two pensioners' associations said on Monday, asking political parties to take positions on their demands ahead of next month's parliamentary election.

Transparency International Croatia says election commission should be reorganised, not up to its tasks

Transparency International Croatia (TIH) on Saturday commented on a corruption scandal involving State Election Commission (DIP) member Josip Vresk, who allegedly took a bribe, saying that that independent supervisory body should be urgently reorganised because it was not up to the challenges and tasks of supervising the election process.

Plenkovic talks campaign funding, veterans, INA

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said in Karlovac on Thursday that the party would spend HRK 1.5 million per constituency in campaigning for the September 11 early parliamentary election.

HDZ, SDP agree stabilisation of public finance crucial for higher credit rating

Representatives of the two biggest parties on Thursday took part in the first of several round tables which the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) is organising ahead of the September 11 early parliamentary election.

Milanovic: People's Coalition has serious platform, experienced people

The People's Coalition held its first official election rally in Varazdin on Tuesday at which its candidate for prime minister, Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic, said the coalition had a serious platform and people with experience for building a modern Croatia.

Plenkovic says HDZ candidates must be seen as consistent, excellent, patriotic

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said in Hvar on Tuesday it was imperative for the party's candidates in the upcoming polls to be recognised as consistent and patriotic.

Plenkovic begins HDZ's election campaign on Hvar island

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic began the party's campaign for the September 11 early parliamentary election in Stari Grad on Hvar island on Tuesday.

Petrov expects same number of MPs, hopes for more

Bridge president Bozo Petrov said in Osijek on Tuesday he expected his party to win at least the same number of seats in September's early parliamentary election as last year and that he hoped it would win more.

Petrov: We'll keep changing system tailored by HDZ and SDP

Leader of the Bridge party Bozo Petrov on Tuesday said in Osijek that in the past period Bridge had endeavoured to change "malignant duopoly" tailored by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Social Democratic Party (SDP), two major political parties.

Formal campaigning period ahead of Sept. 11 election starts

Croatia's State Election Commission (DIP) has stated that all 177 slates submitted for the early parliamentary election, set for 11 September, are valid, and a formal campaigning period began on 15 August.

DIP: Number of slates submitted for Sept 11 election higher than last year

The State Election Commission (DIP) has received more slates for the early parliamentary vote set for September 11 than it did for elections held in November 2015, DIP officials confirmed on Sunday.

Plenkovic, Milanovic face off on ideology, foreign and home affairs

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic and Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic, after tackling the economy in a debate on Croatian Television on Friday, discussed ideological issues, the foreign policy and the possibility of a big coalition after the September 11 early parliamentary election.

Former Labour Party member to run on Bandic-Cacic coalition slate

A former member of the Labour Party, Nensi Tireli, will run in the September 11 parliamentary election as an independent candidate on the coalition slate of Milan Bandic and Radimir Cacic.

Pupovac says doesn't fear competition for Serb minority seats in Croatian parliament

The Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) on Friday submitted to the State Election Commission candidacies for three representatives of the Serb ethnic minority that will run Constituency no.12.

HDZ harmonises slates for Sept 11 parliamentary election

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) national council late on Thursday evening harmonised the slates for the September 11 parliamentary election and contrary to media speculation, HDZ deputy chief Milijan Brkic will not be at the helm of any slate, but candidate no.14 on the slate for Constituency no. 2.

Plenkovic says HDZ's election platform adopted

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday that the party had adopted its election platform and strategy by consensus.

Italian, Hungarian minority MPs: Who accepts our platforms will get our votes

Italian minority MP Furio Radin and Hungarian minority MP Sandor Juhas said in Pula on Thursday that if re-elected in the September 11 polls, they would present their platforms and see if the new government accepted them.

HDZ again offering HRK 7,500 for each newborn

Ivana Maletic of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Wednesday revealed the key aspects of the party's welfare policy, saying it would offer one-off aid in the amount of HRK 7,500 for each newborn.

HDSSB, HKS sign coalition deal

The Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) and the Croatian Conservative Party (HKS) have signed a coalition deal under which they will run together in the coming early parliamentary election in Constituencies Nos. 4 and 5, party leaders Dragan Vulin and Ruza Tomasic told a press conference in Bizovac, outside the eastern city of Osijek, on Wednesday.

HDZ chief Plenkovic says appreciates Kalmeta's decision

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said on Tuesday that he understood Zadar Mayor and senior HDZ member Bozidar Kalmeta's decision not to run in early parliamentary elections set for September 11, insisting that Kalmeta's decision had nothing to do with an indictment against him.

PGS, IDS, Slate for Rijeka sign coalition deal

Representatives of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar Alliance (PGS), the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) and the Slate for Rijeka party on Tuesday signed a coalition agreement under which they will run together in Constituency No. 7 in the coming early parliamentary election.

Bandic's political party, several other parties sign coalition agreement

The agreement was signed by the parties' leaders Milan Bandic, Radimir Cacic, Ljubo Jurcic, Jurica Soic and Milivoj Spika.

Bozidar Kalmeta says won't to run in Sept election

Zadar Mayor and prominent member of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Bozidar Kalmeta on Tuesday confirmed that he would not run in the September election.

Petrov wants TV debate with Plenkovic, Milanovic

Bridge party president Bozo Petrov said on Sunday that he would like to take part in a TV debate with Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic and Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic, and announced that his party would soon decide whether he would run against them in Constituency I.

Pupovac says SDSS will have 3 candidates on minority slate

Leaders of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) in the party headquarters in the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar on Sunday are deciding about candidates on slates for early parliamentary election and according to party sources the SDSS will have three candidates on the minority slate.

Croatian government adopts decision on amount of funding for election campaigning

The Croatian government on Thursday adopted a decision on the amount of funding for election campaigning for the early parliamentary election on September 11, the government said in a statement.

HDZ proposes gov't cut campaign funding by 25%

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is proposing that the government at its session on Thursday adopt a decision to cut by 25 percent the amount of funding for election campaigning for the early election on September 11, to which political parties and independent slates are entitled under the law, according to a statement released by the party on Wednesday.

Petrov announces possibility of running for prime minister

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, said he would soon present his party's election platform in which Bridge would again insist on reforms, announcing the possibility of his candidacy for the position of prime minister after the September 11 parliamentary election.

Bridge says some media pretend as if political duopoly still exists in Croatia

The Bridge party protested in strong terms on Tuesday against reducing TV debates only to the leaders of the SDP and the HDZ, Zoran Milanovic and Andrej Plenkovic respectively, saying that some media pretended as though Croatia was still a "political duopoly".

Plenkovic: I'm glad Milanovic has evolved

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said on Monday he was ready to face Social Democratic Party (SDP) chief Zoran Milanovic in a TV debate, noting that the SDP was running in the September 11 parliamentary election with the same people and the same programme based on which they had lost the previous election.

SDP-led People's Coalition presents election platform

Leaders of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led People's Coalition presented their election platform in Samobor, just west of Zagreb, on Monday, saying that their main objective was to raise the employment rate to 66.2 percent and reduce unemployment to the EU average.

Petrov does not rule out cooperation with SDP but without Milanovic

The leader of the Bridge party and Deputy Prime Minister, Bozo Petrov, said in the northern coastal city of Rijeka on Monday that he believed that ethics and fair play were possible in politics and that this time Bridge would seek stronger guarantees from possible partners and that he was not excluding cooperation with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) but without Milanovic in executive government.

Three right-wing Croatian parties form election coalition

The Croatian Party of Rights (HSP), the Croatian Pure Party of Rights (HCSP) and the Family Party (OB) on Monday signed a letter of intent to run together in the early parliamentary election in September.

Early parliamentary election deadlines begin in Croatia

The deadlines for the early parliamentary election to be held on September 11 went into force on Sunday, after President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's decision calling the election was published in the Official Gazette on Saturday.

Milanovic doesn't believe HDZ's promise of VAT cut

Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic on Saturday commented on the Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) promise that it would cut VAT if it came to power in September, saying one should not believe the HDZ because it had made similar promises before elections in the past but never kept them.

Milanovic: SDP ousts members under preliminary investigation, HDZ should too

The opposition Social Democratic Party's (SDP) Main Committee formulated slates for an upcoming parliamentary election on Thursday, with SDP president Zoran Milanovic saying the party was not perfect but that it had ousted everyone under preliminary investigation and that he expected the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) to do the same.

HSP AS ends cooperation with HDZ, threatens with 'discharge letters' to those who disobey

The secretary general of the Croatian Party of Rights Ante Starcevic (HSP AS), Pero Coric, said on Tuesday that his party was ending cooperation with the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) in local and regional self-government units, saying that all HSP AS members who disobey this decision would be handed "a letter of discharge."

Plenkovic: We want to make partnerships where partners can help us

The Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) highest bodies were meeting on Monday to decide on the party's partners in the forthcoming early parliamentary election, set for September 11.

HDZ to decide on possible coalition partners next week

Senior officials of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party met with representatives of their present coalition partners on Saturday before the party decides next week on who it will cooperate with in the run-up to the early parliamentary election in September.

Kovacic says cosmetic change at HDZ's helm not enough

A member of the Bridge party, Ivan Kovacic, said in the southern Croatian town of Omis on Monday that the statement by the new Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief, Andrej Plenkovic, that his party was prepared to cooperate with Bridge was pretentious, because a cosmetic change in the party leadership meant nothing if he kept the same people around from before.