Egypt Interior Ministry warns citizens against foreign "pollsters"

The Egyptian Interior Ministry warned citizens against "media companies" calling them from abroad to carry out supposed surveys about economic, political and security issues.

Egypt Court revokes life sentence against deposed president Morsi

Cairo (dpa) - Deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi had one of the life sentences facing him revoked by Cairo's Cassation Court Tuesday, but he will have to return to court for a retrial on...

Egyptian journalist union leaders sentenced to two years in prison

Three leading members of Egypt's journalist union were sentenced to two years in prison on Saturday, each on charges of harbouring fugitive colleagues inside the union's premises.

Egypt's al-Sissi pardons 82 prisoners, mainly young students

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi on Thursday issued pardons for 82 prisoners, most of whom are university students, state TV reported.

Egyptian court revokes Morsi death sentence, demands retrial

Egypt's top appeals court Tuesday overturned a death sentence against deposed president Mohammed Morsi and ordered the Islamist leader retried over his escape from prison during the 2011 uprising...

IMF issues 12-billion-dollar loan to support Egypt's economic reform

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a 12-billion-dollar, three-year loan Friday to help the Egyptian government implement economic reforms.

Egyptian police out in force to block anti-austerity protests

Egyptian police deployed in large numbers in Cairo and other main cities on Friday to block feared protests against recent economic austerity measures.

Egypt's al-Sissi calls Trump, hopes for "new spirit" in relations

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi telephoned Donald Trump to congratulate him on his election and invite him to Cairo, in what al-Sissi's office said was the US president-elect's first call...

Egyptian judge survives car bombing in Cairo

A judge who is currently hearing cases involving followers of the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood survived an assassination attempt in Cairo, a security official said.

Egypt raises fuel prices after floating local pound

Egypt has raised the price of various types of fuel as of Friday by between 30 and 47 per cent, a day after the local pound was floated against the US dollar, an official said.

Flash floods kill 26 in Egypt, state media reports

Twenty-six people have been killed in accidents related to flash floods in parts of Egypt this week, state television reported on its website Saturday.

Key Egyptian army officer shot dead in Cairo

A senior Egyptian army officer was killed in Cairo on Saturday, state television reported.

Cairo court upholds 20-year sentence against ex-president Morsi

Egypt's top appeals court on Saturday upheld a 20-year prison sentence against former Islamist president Mohammed Morsi for attacks on protesters who took to the streets in 2012 against his one-...

Egypt launches airstrikes against militants after deadly attack

The Egyptian army said it had carried out intense airstrikes against militants in the volatile Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, a day after 12 soldiers were killed there in an attack claimed by an...

12 Egyptian security personnel killed in Sinai attack

Twelve security personnel were killed on Friday in an attack by suspected militants on a checkpoint in Egypt's volatile Sinai Peninsula, according to a military spokesman.