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EU President Tusk warns economic migrants: "Do not come to Europe"

EU President Donald Tusk called Thursday on migrants heading to Europe for economic gains to stay away, as some among the thousands of people stranded in northern Greece demonstrated to have...

"Do not come to Europe," Tusk tells economic migrants

While visiting Greece Thursday, EU President Donald Tusk told migrants heading to Europe for economic gains to stay away, as some of the thousands stranded in the north of the country demonstrated...

Ban on economic migrants to stay in force until EU takes clear position, says minister

The minister recalled that differentiating between refugees was due to a unilateral decision by Slovenian authorities and their request for the readmission to economic migrants by Croatia.

Macedonian army starts building fence on Greek border

Soldiers began driving long metal poles into the ground and rolling out wire, building a barrier similar to that erected by Hungary on its southern border with Serbia and Croatia 

Minister says Serbia worried about situation on Greek-Macedonian border

"We can't help. I wish we could. Serbia's position is very clear. We will act as all other countries on (the migration) route act," 

No economic migrants among refugees in Slavonski Brod, in total more than 425,000 migrants have passed through Croatia

This is a smaller number than usual, but over the past several days we had up to 9,000 arrivals, so we cannot speak about a smaller intensity,

No economic migrants recorded in Croatia since notification to Serbia, Macedonia

Slovenia made a request to Croatia on Wednesday to take back 162 economic migrants, which the Croatian authorities rejected,