Dutch general election 2017

Turkish-led party set to take three seats in Dutch election

The Turkish-led DENK party secured its first electoral success in the Netherlands, taking three seats in the new parliament, with nearly all votes counted on Thursday.

Rutte in clear lead, followed by Wilders in Dutch election

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has emerged the clear leader in Dutch parliamentary elections early Thursday and is set to lead talks to form his third successive coalition government since 2010.

Despite reduced majority, Dutch PM Rutte set to lead coalition talks

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is set to play the dominant role in forming a governing coalition in the Netherlands after his pro-market VVD party emerged on top in parliamentary elections, according to an exit poll by national broadcaster NOS.

Turnout up as Netherlands votes after fiercely contested campaign

Early indications pointed to a higher voter turnout than the last election as the Netherlands went to the polls Wednesday after a fiercely contested campaign that focused on identity and cultural values rather than the usual bread-and-butter issues.

Dutch early birds cast ballots in festive mood

The polling station at Castricum just half an hour by train north-west of Amsterdam was the first to open at midnight in the Netherlands, with 97 voters casting their ballots by 1 am (midnight GMT) on Wednesday.

Wilders lashes out at Islam in final Netherlands election debate

Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders made use of the last televised debate just hours before polling stations opened in the Netherlands to lash out at Islam as a religion of violence.

Poll: Dutch PM Rutte and firebrand Wilders level ahead of election

Prime Minister Mark Rutte's liberal VVD is level with the Party for Freedom (PVV) of anti-Islam firebrand Geert Wilders ahead of Wednesday's election according to a poll taken as a diplomatic confrontation with Turkey unfolded over the weekend.

Geert Wilders on a 'mission' to follow Brexit and Trump

With his honed debating skills and trenchant views Geert Wilders has been a divisive presence on the Dutch political scene from virtually the first time he entered parliament in 1998.

US Congress hears warning of Russian election meddling in Europe

Estonian ex-president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, whose government withstood a suspected Russian cyberattack a decade ago, warned Thursday that major European elections will be the "main battlefield for the next year" of online warfare.

Dutch populist Wilders protests planned visit by Turkish FM

Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders on Wednesday protested a planned referendum campaign appearance in the Netherlands by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Dutch anti-Islam party slips in polls - Wilders returns to campaign

With just two weeks to go until national elections, the Netherlands' Islamophobic Party for Freedom (PVV), headed by firebrand populist Geert Wilders, has lost its top position in opinion polls for the first time this year.

Merkel calls for fewer EU regulations as nationalist sentiments grow

As voters in the Netherlands, France and Germany show increasing support for nationalist, euro-sceptic political movements ahead of this year's elections, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for limits on EU regulations.

Right-wing populist Wilders declines first Dutch election debate

Candidates from nine Dutch parties answered questions from journalists Friday at the first national radio debate of the election campaign, but the leading candidate

Hacking fears mean Dutch election will be counted by hand

Ballot papers in the Dutch general election on March 15 will be counted by hand, not by computer, to prevent a hacking attack from a foreign power, Interior Minister Roland Plasterk said Wednesday in The Hague.