Thousands join hands in remembrance of destruction of Dresden in WWII

Around 12,000 people joined hands to form a human chain in Dresden on Monday to commemorate the destruction of the eastern German city in World War II.

AfD politician's rejection of WWII guilt prompts angry backlash

A right-wing firebrand's claims that Germany is belittling and shaming itself by commemorating the Holocaust prompted an angry backlash from politicians and religious groups on Wednesday.

Thousands march for "openness" in Dresden after Pegida anniversay

Thousands of people marched in the east German city of Dresden in support of openness and tolerance on Monday, a day after anti-migrant organization Pegida celebrated its second anniversary with marches in the same city.

Thousands take part in anti-foreigner Pegida march in Dresden

Thousands of supporters of the anti-migrant organization Pegida gathered in the east German city of Dresden to celebrate the second anniversary of the group's founding Sunday.

Three arrested after German police find explosives in flat

German police arrested three men in the eastern city of Chemnitz on Saturday in connection with a raid of a flat earlier that day over a suspected bomb attack.

Syrian suspect flees after German police find explosives in flat

German police are searching for a 22-year-old Syrian man who fled after they found traces of explosives in a flat in the eastern German city of Chemnitz on Saturday.

Police find traces of explosives in German flat, say suspect at large

German police found traces of explosives after searching a flat in the eastern town of Chemnitz on Saturday, adding that a suspect has fled the scene, a spokesman for criminal investigators said.

Merkel called "traitor of the people" as Germany marks reunification

Hundreds of protestors confronted German Chancellor Angela Merkel outside Dresden's Frauenkirche church Sunday, bringing Europe's most powerful leader face-to-face with criticism of her migration policies on the 26th anniversary of German reunification.

Dresden mosque, congress centre hit by explosions

Bomb blasts at a mosque and an international congress centre in the eastern German city of Dresden have overshadowed events marking the 10th anniversary of the forum created to promote dialogue between government and the Muslim community.

Father of murdered German teenager pleads for truth as trial begins

Almost 10 months after a German teenager was abducted and murdered, her father pleaded for the truth from the two men suspected of the crime, as the trial started on Monday.

Key European train line partially reopens after landslide, derailment

A major European train line linking Germany to the Czech Republic has partially reopened after a landslide blocked a 150-metre-long section of the track, a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn said.

Pegida founder fined by German court for inciting hatred

The founder of Germany's anti-Islam movement Pegida was fined 9,600 euros (11,066 dollars) by a Dresden court on Tuesday for inciting hatred against foreigners after he referred to refugees as "cattle" and "garbage" on Facebook last year.

Anti-Islam Pegida draws crowds on home turf, less support elsewhere

Thousands of anti-asylum protesters marched through the German city of Dresden on Saturday for the Islamophobic Pegida movement, but crowds supporting the group at other locations across Europe looked small in comparison to its home audience.

Thousands rally for and against Pegida as migrants polarize Europe

Thousands of anti-asylum protesters marched through the German city of Dresden on Saturday, the day that the Islamophobic Pegida called on supporters to rally at locations across Europe.

Thousands expected to rally across Europe for and against Pegida

The German city of Dresden was gearing up for major protests on Saturday staged by both sides of the asylum debate, as anti-migrant movement Pegida called on supporters to rally at locations across Europe.

Family of asylum seekers attacked in east German city: police

A disabled Tunisian man and his two children were verbally abused and beaten by thugs in a New Year's Eve attack in the east of Germany, where the family has applied for asylum.

Christmas biscuit bake-in with Muslim refugees in Dresden

The festive tumult of a German Christmas is something new for the many Muslim refugees. Elderly women organizing a biscuit bake-in in the eastern city of Dresden try to explain German customs to refugee women and children. This is more important than countering anti-Muslim demonstrations on the streets, one volunteer says.