Drago Prgomet

Drago Prgomet returns to HDZ

The header of the political party Croatian Initiative for Dialogue (HRID), Drago Prgomet, confirmed for Hina on Tuesday he had decided to accept the invitation of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief Andrej Plenkovic to return to the HDZ which he left over disagreement with the policy of former HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko.

Petrina leaves HRID parliamentary group

Independent MP Stipe Petrina has left the parliamentary group HRID and set up his own group with two deputies of the Croatian Pensioners' Party (HSU) Silvano Hrelja and Marija Ilic.

HRID leader: We can expect a conservative revolution

The leader of the HRID party, Drago Prgomet, has said that after the Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge reformist party form a government, one can expect a conservative revolution and the adoption of retrograde laws.

SDP confident it will have majority in new parliament

The first attempt to inaugurate the parliament on 3 December failed after the only candidate for the position of parliament speaker, Robert Podolnjak of the Bridge Party declined the nomination.

Prgomet: We won't run from our responsibilities

"HRID's MPs in their platform did not advocate a new election and I am afraid that the attitude of some individuals in Bridge about a grand coalition could in the end lead to the election being repeated,"

Prgomet forms new party -- HRID

"The founding session of the HRID party is finished. HRID will remain within the frameworks of the political platform of the Bridge party,"

Prgomet says will form party, supports Bridge

Asked if his supporters who stayed in Bridge would cross over to his new party, he said that they would make their own decisions about their political work.

Bridge says Prgomet wasn't invited to Sunday meeting

 Bridge's meeting, scheduled for Sunday, will start at 10 am in Zagreb's Antunovic Hotel and the coalition's members will address the media at 4 pm.

Bridge to hold closed-door meeting on Sunday; Prgomet says will attend it

Asked about their possible participation in the government, Grmoja repeated that no political negotiations on that had been conducted yet.

Prgomet: There was no talk of ministerial posts at meeting with Milanovic

"We discussed how to overcome the current crisis, how to try and agree a broad coalition government, namely everything we had discussed before that; there is nothing secret about it

Milanovic declines comment on Prgomet so as not to compromise further talks

"I can't comment on that," Milanovic said in Valletta, Malta, where he was attending an EU summit on the migrant crisis.

MOST party no longer considers Prgomet its member

Drago Prgomet, a senior official of the "Bridge" association of independent slates, is no longer a member of its National Council because he has lost its trust,

HDZ refutes media reports on meeting with Prgomet

Some HDZ representatives said that reports on the Prgomet-HDZ meeting was an attempt by Prgomet to offset "yesterday's disaster at talks with (SDP leader) Zoran Milanovic".

Petrov says Bridge continues to be homogenous

The conduct of Bridge today shows that we are homogenous and insinuations coming from other political camps make no sense, Petrov said.

Bridge leader Prgomet meets SDP chief Milanovic

Drago Prgomet, a leader of the alliance of independent slates known as Bridge, held an hour-long meeting with Social Democratic Party (SDP) president, Zoran Milanovic

MOST party seeks PM's position - unofficial

The Bridge alliance will ask in the coming negotiations on the formation of a new government that one of its leaders, Drago Prgomet, be the next prime minister, 

Prgomet: Serious times require responsibility

In an interview with the regional TV network N1 on Monday, Prgomet said that MOST was not shunning any responsibility, including a public office. 

MOST reps confident they will win more than 10 seats

Prgomet said MOST was in favour of slashing the number of cities, towns and municipalities by a third and that the number of counties should be reduced ...