State Prosecutor's Office dismisses judge's INA-MOL claims

The State Prosecutor's Office (DORH) on Tuesday dismissed as incorrect, wrong and legally unfounded the claims by the new Zagreb County Court president, Judge Ivan Turudic, that DORH had one year...

ICSID nixes complaint of foreign investor against Croatia

DORH says that the investor bought the land plot without obtaining information in a timely and proper manner on what could be built there.

Polish woman with radioactive material not on any 'black list'

A Polish woman who was arrested on Monday after she attempted to transport radioactive isotope radium is not on any Interpol warrants or any available 'black lists', however, police are continuing...

Chief state prosecutor says checks under way regarding Mlakar, Vresk, Ropus

Commenting on reports that Hypo Alpe Adria Bank has paid bribes to Croatian Constitutional Court judge Davorin Mlakar, State Election Commission member Josip Vresk, and Danijel Ropus, Chief State...

Economy minister filing charges over irrelgularities in procedure to award grants

Outgoing Economic Minister Tomislav Panenic on Thursday said that due to irregularities in grants issued in public tenders advertised by the ministry in 2015, he would file charges with the State...

Braunsberger Holding: Grizli hired soley for PR

"Officials from various political camps in the period from 2011 to 2015 were involved, of which we informed the public in Croatia on several occasions," Braunsberger says. 

PM says gov't needs to cooperate with prosecutor's office to step up investments

It is necessary to cooperate with the Chief State Prosecutor's Office (DORH) to accelerate investments, Oreskovic said at the start of the session.

HNS: Protest outside media council attempt to threaten rule of law

He recalled that the Electronic Media Council had suspended Z1's operating licence for three days in line with its duty to report to the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor (DORH) "hate speech...

DIP to file report to DORH over Karamarko's electoral fraud allegations

In a statement issued on Monday, DIP said that its next statement would depend on DORH's actions and that its representatives would not make any comments on the matter.

Serb official to report hate speech to prosecutor's office, electronic media agency

"We regret that we have to remind DORH to do what it should do by virtue of office and that the AEM does not realise that it has the power not only to issue warnings but also to impose sanctions...

HDZ: Milanovic trying to stay in power to prevent investigations

Milanovic first attempted to cause in a rift in the Bridge party by organising secret talks under cover of night, then he blackmailed, through middlemen, members of ethnic minorities