Documenta: Number of civilian casualties in Operation Storm lower than HHO's 677

The non-governmental organisation Documenta on Wednesday appealed to the government and the president to find a way after Victory Day on August 5 to commemorate the civilian casualties of 1995's Operation Storm as well.

Court capacity should be increased to make war crimes trials more efficient, hears round table

In 2015, there were more criminal reports against war crimes, she said, adding that this bore evidence of "the greater activity of those concerned about the inefficiency of prosecution."

Documenta calls for tribute to all victims of WW2 and its aftermath

"We must not forget retaliatory executions at Tezno (Slovenia) and other sites of mass murder in Slovenia and Croatia as well as impermissible abuse of those who survived those death marches," the NGO said in the appeal issued on Friday.

Documenta: ICTY has capitulated to Vojislav Seselj

Documenta believes that this brings the tribunal and its work and objective into question and that it undermines its contribution to building trust in those areas engulfed by war and does not offer any hope to the families of victims that justice will be satisfied.

Documenta condemns sport fans' behaviour in Belgrade

Croatia's Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past condemned on Monday an incident at a Croatia-Russia futsal game in Belgrade, when Serbian supporters displayed a huge banner with a picture of Chetnik leader Momcilo Djujic.

NGOs present findings on ex-Yugoslavia war casualties

This NGO started collecting evidence about war victims in 2009, and sources available to this NGO helped it to register 15,336 victims.

Croatian projects granted HRK 4 mln from Europe for Citizens programme

Fifty-three organisations, towns and municipalities from Croatia are participating in the Europe for Citizens programme as partners in projects worth HRK 24.8 million.