Dmitrij Peskov

Russia warns US: regime change in Syria could lead to "total chaos"

Regime change in Syria could plunge the region into "total chaos," a Kremlin spokesman warned Friday, a day after media reports that dozens of US diplomatic staff members had called for military strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Poland kicks off major military exercise amid tensions with Russia

​Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman harshly criticized the event on Tuesday, suggesting it actually undermines security in Europe by damaging relations with Moscow.

NATO expansion can't remain without Russia's response

"Moscow has always said... that the continuing expansion of NATO, the NATO military infrastructure eastward, of course, cannot help but lead to a response from the east, that is, from Russia"

Turkey downs Russian warplane near Syria border

A Kremlin spokesman said it was a "very serious incident" but that it was too early to draw conclusions.