Bridge wants parliament to remain in session until dissolution

The Bridge party on Monday asked Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner to call a new regular session of the national parliament which would last until July 15, when a decision on its dissolution takes...

Milanovic: Dissolution of parliament only way to snap election

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Zoran Milanovic on Monday said that he didn't consider parliament's dissolution decision as a great success and reiterated that the SDP supported the...

Foreign media: Croatian parliament votes to dissolve, snap polls in September

The Croatian parliament ended a political deadlock Monday, voting to dissolve itself on July 15 and pave the way for snap polls in September, just 10 months after the previous vote produced a hung...

Parliament dissolved with 137 votes for

The Croatian parliament on Monday passed a decision on its self-dissolution to take effect on July 15, with 137 MPs voting in favour of the decision.

Sabor puts motion for its dissolution on its agenda

The Croatian parliament on Monday included in its agenda a motion for its self-dissolution, and the decision was followed by a debate on the item.

Reiner: Election probably in the autumn but there's plenty of time till then

He said that "the parliament certainly won't sit after that (the dissolution). It's more than likely that nothing will happen before then nor after that because that would go against the...

85 signatures collected for parliament dissolution

The signatures of 85 members of Parliament requesting the dissolution of the parliament were submitted to the parliament by Friday afternoon, parliamentary services confirmed to Hina.

Bridge MPs submit signatures for parliament dissolution

Asked if it was true that July 15 had been agreed as the date for the parliament's dissolution, Simic said that that date was acceptable to Bridge.

Enough signatures collected to dissolve parliament

According to unofficial information, the Opposition and the Bridge party will submit a joint proposal requesting that parliament be dissolved on 15 July, which would postpone snap elections for...

SDP collecting signatures to dissolve parliament

He would not say how many signatures the SDP group had. "We have collected enough signatures at the very start which should mean that this is serious."

Opposition requests parliament's dissolution

The parliamentary groups of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Labour Party and the Croatian People's Party requested on Wednesday that parliament be dissolved and an early election...