Bosnia court in favour of amending electoral law to avoid discrimination against Croats

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Constitutional Court on Thursday partly upheld an application for assessment of the constitutionality of electoral legislation, which the applicant Bozo Ljubic, chairman...

Ethnic discrimination most prevalent form of discrimination in Croatia

Croatia has laws that regulate discrimination issues, however, as elsewhere, the incidence of discrimination is quite present, but while in Europe discrimination is based on sexual orientation, in...

Human rights ombudswoman says most complaints in 2015 refer to courts' work

Human rights ombudswoman Lora Vidovic warned in her report for 2015 on Tuesday that citizens had the most complaints about the work of the judiciary, ...

AI: Discrimination against Serbs, Roma continues in Croatia, country struggles with refugee wave

Social exclusion of and discrimination against Roma remained widespread, particularly in accessing adequate housing and employment opportunities, according to the report.

33% of respondents have experienced discrimination, more than half unaware of their rights

Discrimination is prohibited by law in all EU member countries and fines for discrimination in Croatia range from 1,000 to 350,000 kuna.