Muslim activists arrested ahead of rally against Jakarta governor

Indonesian police on Friday arrested five Muslim activists ahead of a rally against the Christian governor of Jakarta, accusing them of plotting to overthrow the government. 

Russian parliament speaker suggests officials meet with protesters

The speaker of Russia's upper house of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko, suggested on Wednesday that officials throughout the government should meet with opposition protesters following rallies across the country at the weekend.

US State Department condemns protestor detentions in Russia

The US State Department condemned on Sunday the detention of "hundreds of peaceful protesters" at rallies against corruption in Russia, according to a post on social media.

Rights group: Hundreds arrested in Belarus anti-government rallies

Hundreds of people including dozens of journalists were arrested across Belarus on Saturday as the country staged its annual anti-government rallies, human rights group Viasna said.

Thousands of Berliners take to the streets in celebration of EU

The European Union's star-studded blue flag was omnipresent on t-shirts, balloons and banners as thousands rallied in Berlin on Saturday at the spot where the city was once divided to celebrate the EU's 60th anniversary.

'We want Europe': Thousands rally in Rome to cheer on the EU at 60

Thousands of European Union supporters marched Saturday in Rome to mark the bloc's 60th anniversary, with members of older generations growing emotional when asked about what the EU means to them.

Lebanese premier confronts protest by vowing to fight corruption

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Sunday said that his government would fight corruption after thousands of demonstrators gathered in the capital Beirut in protest against proposed tax hikes.

Women's 'pussy hat' march in Zurich draws more than 10,000

More than 10,000 people took to the streets of Zurich on Saturday to demonstrate for women's rights and against sexism, police said, in an event modelled on the January 21 marches in the United States and other countries.

Thousands of Kurds gather in Frankfurt for pro-democracy march

Several thousand members of Germany's Kurdish community attended a pro-democracy demonstration in the city of Frankfurt on Saturday in response to recent political developments in Turkey.

Thousands of Romanians march in latest anti-corruption protests

Thousands of people took part in the latest weekly anti-corruption demonstrations in Romania on Sunday.

Thousands demonstrate against right-wing party convention in Germany

Around 4,000 people took part in a demonstration in the south-western German town of Saarbruecken against a party convention of the far-right NPD on Saturday.

Report: Third protester dies after pro-Park rallies in South Korea

A third protestor has died in South Korea, a day after demonstrations broke out following the news that the country's impeached president Park Geun Hye must step down permanently, local media reported Saturday.

Russian opposition activist Dadin detained soon after prison release

Russian opposition activist Ildar Dadin, whose conviction for attending unauthorized rallies was recently overturned by the Supreme Court, was again detained during a protest on Friday.

South African taxi drivers block airport in protest against Uber

Hundreds of South African taxi drivers on Friday blocked roads to Johannesburg airport, holding up thousands of travellers and causing traffic chaos in a protest against the app-based taxi service Uber, local media reported.

Protesters shut down southern Nepal a day after clash kills three

Markets, schools and factories were closed across Nepal's southern plains on Tuesday in response to the killing of three protesters who tried to disrupt a political rally, as police revised the death toll down from four.

Four dead in Nepal after police open fire on protesters

An 18-year-old man was killed in Nepal on Monday when security forces opened fire at rival political rallies, a police spokesman said.

Islamists demand removal of Lady Justice statue in Bangladesh

Several hundred Islamists on Friday marched in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka to demand the government remove a statue of Lady Justice installed last year on the Supreme Court premises.

UN accuses Congo security forces of killing dozens of protesters

A United Nations report Wednesday accused the Congolese police and army of excessive use of force in containing demonstrations against President Joseph Kabila, saying at least 40 people had been killed by security forces in December.

One million bank employees on strike in India

Around 1 million bank employees across India went on a day-long strike on Tuesday to protest proposals to reform the banking industry and press for demands relating to wages.

Thousands of Romanians revive anti-government protests

Thousands of Romanians turned out on Sunday to renew their demands for the government to step down amid accusations it is trying to protect corrupt politicians.

Russians honour slain opposition leader Nemtsov in Moscow rally

A demonstration on the second anniversary of the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov drew thousands of people to the streets of Moscow on Sunday.

Filipinos mark 1986 mass uprising amid fears of new 'dictatorship'

Thousands of protesters on Saturday marked a 1986 mass uprising that ousted late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, amid fears of a crackdown against political opponents of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Schools blocked, 26 arrests in Paris protests against police abuses

Hundreds of young people took to the streets of Paris on Thursday in protests against alleged police brutality, with local media reporting that 16 secondary schools were forced to shut.

Several Dakota Access Pipeline protesters arrested as deadline passes

Several people at a camp protesting against a controversial oil pipeline in the US state of North Dakota were arrested Wednesday after a deadline to vacate the land passed, local media reported.

Protesters clash with police in Nepal anti-government shutdown

Anti-government protesters clashed with police in towns across southern Nepal and attacked a municipal building Wednesday as they forced a shutdown in the region over local elections.

Thousands protest in Malta against controversial press law reforms

Thousands of people attended a demonstration in Malta on Sunday, answering a call by the main opposition party to protest against what it described as a threat to democracy and freedom of expression.

Amnesty: Over 100 English-language protesters arrested in Cameroon

More than 100 people have been arrested during several weeks of peaceful protests against the marginalization of the English-speaking minority in Cameroon, Amnesty International said Thursday.

Thousands of Mexicans protest to demand respect from Trump

Thousands of Mexicans protested across the country Sunday against the policies US President Donald Trump has promised to roll out against them.

Thousands form illuminated Romanian flag to protest government

Tens of thousands of Romanians lofted red, blue and yellow strips of paper in the capital Bucharest on Sunday to form a giant national flag, part of the 13th day of protests against a government which had tried to decriminalize some forms of corruption.

Violence in Paris suburb as protests against police escalate

A peaceful demonstration against police brutality in the Paris suburb of Bobigny descended into violence on Saturday with riots and vehicles being set on fire.

Protests in Genoa against European far-right meeting

Protests were held in the north-western coastal Italian city of Genoa on Saturday against a meeting of European far-right parties.

5 killed, 300 hurt as Baghdad anti-government protests turn violent

Five people were killed and more than 300 injured Saturday when security forces fired gunshots and teargas to disperse a massive pro-reform rally in central Baghdad, according to Iraqi officials.

Thousands take part in Romania anti-government protests

More than 10,000 people were protesting in Romania late Friday, for the 11th straight day, demanding the resignation of the Social Democratic government for trying to curb the fight against corruption.

Paris suburb protests after police suspended over alleged violence

Protesters gathered in a suburb north of Paris on Monday, after French prosecutors opened an investigation into four police officers for alleged violence against a detained suspect.

Tens of thousands march in London against May-Trump 'collusion'

Tens of thousands of protestors marched in London on Saturday against what demonstrators criticized as the "collusion" between British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump.

2,000 protest against planned Austrian headscarf restrictions

Planned government restrictions for full-face veils and headscarves drew some 2,000 protesters to the streets in central Vienna on Saturday, according to police.

Romanian cabinet scraps controversial corruption decree

Romania's one-month-old government on Sunday scrapped a controversial decree on corruption, buckling under the pressure from massive demonstrations.

3,000 march against right-wing ball in Vienna

Nearly 3,000 people demonstrated against an annual right-wing ball in Vienna on Friday, police said, while some of the protest was also directed against the interior ministers' plan to curtail rights of demonstrators in the future.

Austrian minister suggests protest limits ahead of right-wing ball

Austria's interior minister proposed Friday that the rights of protesters be curtailed in the future, causing human rights groups to cry foul as far-left activists prepared to rally against an annual right-wing ball in Vienna.

Trump threatens Berkeley funding after 'alt-right' event cancelled

US President Donald Trump on Thursday threatened to halt federal funding to a university in California that was forced to cancel an event at which far-right blogger Milo Yiannopoulos had been invited to speak due to violent protests.

Violent protests force California uni to cancel right-wing event

Protests against the invitation of far-right blogger Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at a California university escalated into rioting late Wednesday, forcing the event to be cancelled.

Protesters at US airports, cities decry Trump order

Protests against US President Donald Trump's immigration order were held Sunday at several major US airports and in some cities, including many sparked by news of travellers being detained.

'Life is winning again in America' Pence tells anti-abortion march

The pro-life movement in the United States has been re-energized by the election of Donald Trump, US Vice President Mike Pence said Friday.

Romanian president joins thousands in anti-government rally

Thousands of Romanians were joined by President Klaus Iohannis in a street protest in Bucharest on Sunday against plans by the government to relax anti-corruption laws.

"We shall overcomb": Tens of thousands join London Women's March

An estimated 100,000 people gathered in central London on Saturday for a rally and march to show support for the global Women's March.

Hundreds of thousands rally for Women's March on Washington

Hundreds of thousands of women have begun to rally ahead of a march in Washington in opposition to President Donald Trump one day after his inauguration.

Hundreds protest in Berlin in solidarity with US Women's March

Hundreds are staging a demonstration for women's rights in front of the US embassy in Berlin, on the same day that a major political march in Washington is expected to deliver a similar message to Donald Trump on the first full day of his presidency.

Indians form 'longest human chain' to protest alcohol use in Bihar

Millions of people in India's eastern state of Bihar joined hands on Saturday to demonstrate against alcohol consumption, in an act officials called "the world's longest human chain."

More than 200 people arrested in Washington on inauguration day

Police arrested 217 people on Friday in Washington during protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Protests and parties around the world mark Trump inauguration

Groups of demonstrators took to the streets in cities around the world on Friday to both lament and celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president.

Far-right nationalists march in Cologne as counter-protesters rally

Around 100 far-right nationalists marched in the western German city of Cologne on Saturday, with protesters outnumbered tenfold by police, according to authorities.

Report: Venice migrant centre woman died from blood clot

A 25-year-old Ivorian woman, whose death sparked a revolt at a migrant reception centre near Venice, died due to a pulmonary embolism or blood clot, Italian news agency ANSA reported local officials as saying Tuesday.

Report: Migrant centre workers released after protest in Italy

Protesting asylum seekers at a migrant reception centre near Venice in northern Italy allowed 25 operators to leave the facility early Tuesday after holding them hostage for several hours, local media reported.

Anti-Kabila protests rage on in Congo as three are reported killed

Protests raged in Congo on Tuesday against President Joseph Kabila staying in power beyond his second term, with police using tear gas on demonstrators and shots ringing out in the capital Kinshasa, witnesses said.

Save Aleppo marches draw thousands in London, Berlin

Thousands of protesters joined marches and rallies in London, Berlin and other cities on Saturday to call on their governments to do more to help the trapped residents of Aleppo.

Thousands of protesters block Polish parliament

Anti-government protesters blocked the exits of the parliament building in Warsaw for hours on Saturday to voice their anger at the policies of the right-wing government.

One killed, 15 injured in Hindu-Muslim clash in Nepal

A man was killed and 15 people were injured in a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups in south-western Nepal near the Indian border, local police said Tuesday.

At least 200,000 rally in Jakarta to demand governor's arrest

More than 200,000 conservative Indonesian Muslims filled a square in Jakarta on Friday to demand the arrest of the city's Christian governor over remarks they perceived as insulting to Islam. 

Trump calls for flag burners to have citizenship revoked

US president-elect Donald Trump called Tuesday for severe consequences for those who burn the US flag in acts of protest.

Huge protests demanding resignation of South Korean president

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the streets before South Korea's presidential palace on Saturday demanding the resignation of President Park Geun Hye.

More than 100 people arrested, one killed during protests in Cameroon

More than 100 people were arrested and one person was killed when thousands of English-speaking Cameroonians protested for a third day on Wednesday against dominance by the country's French speakers.

Spanish pensioner's death sparks protests

Thousands of people took to the streets of some 20 cities in Spain on Saturday to protest against energy poverty.

Thousands demand Park's resignation in renewed South Korea protests

Demands for South Korean President Park Geun Hye to resign continued unabated on Saturday as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Seoul for a fourth week running.

Thousands march for tolerance in Indonesia amid row over blasphemy

Around 3,000 protesters rallied in the Indonesian capital on Saturday calling for unity and tolerance, amid rising ethnic and religious tensions sparked by allegations of blasphemy against the city's Christian governor.

Thousands in Malaysia take part in rally against prime minister

Thousands of protesters in the Malaysian capital took part in an anti-government rally Saturday, despite the arrest of rally leaders and the leader of a counter-protest.

Bersih leaders among nine Malaysians arrested ahead of mass rally

Two leaders of Malaysian voting rights group The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) have been arrested by police and will be remanded on Saturday, said Eric Paulsen, one of the duo's lawyers.

Nigerian police clash with Shiite marchers, at least nine dead

At least nine people died in north-western Nigeria on Monday, police said, after clashes broke out between security forces and members of a Shiite Islamic group who were apparently blocking roads during an annual march between two cities.

Trump says protesters shouldn't be afraid, urges end to racial slurs

Americans who are demonstrating against Donald Trump out of fear of what kind of president he will be shouldn't be afraid, the US president-elect said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

Anti-Trump protesters in New York focus on immigration

Protesters in New York City took to the streets for the fifth consecutive day on Sunday to voice their concerns about the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency.

Police in Nepal arrest 142 over nationwide strike

Police in Nepal arrested 142 protestors across the country on Sunday for attempting to enforce a nationwide shutdown.

Ten people arrested at neo-Nazi rally in Stockholm

Ten people were arrested Saturday at a rally of neo-Nazis that was met with thousands of counter demonstrators in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, police said.

Man shot after altercation at Portland Trump protest

A man was injured by gunfire early Saturday at a protest against the election of Donald Trump in the US state of Oregon, Portland police said in a statement.

Tens of thousands of Polish nationalists rally in Warsaw

Tens of thousands of nationalists demonstrated in Warsaw on Friday, Poland's Independence Day, under the slogan "Poland is the bastion of Europe."

Protests across US draw mixed reaction from president-elect Trump

President-elect Donald Trump promised early Friday to unite the divided country in a tweet praising some of the protesters demonstrating against him after a night of sometimes violent protests in cities across the United States.

Egyptian police out in force to block anti-austerity protests

Egyptian police deployed in large numbers in Cairo and other main cities on Friday to block feared protests against recent economic austerity measures.

Anti-Trump protests erupt in several US cities

Donald Trump's election victory sparked large demonstrations in cities across the United States late Wednesday.

Hundreds of Nepal's ex-child soldiers protest at Maoist headquarters

Hundreds of ex-Maoist child soldiers protested at the headquarters of their former party in Nepal on Monday, demanding compensation for retired combatants.

Police move in on Hong Kong protesters as Beijing plans intervention

Police have corralled protestors and were pushing them away from a police station in Hong Kong early Monday after an hours-long standoff.

53 arrested at Anonymous march in London

Fifty-three people were arrested at a march in support of hacker group Anonymous in central London on Saturday.

Indonesian president blames political opponents for rally violence

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Saturday blamed political opponents for the violence that broke out the day before at a protest by Muslims in Jakarta demanding the arrest of the city's governor.

Clashes as thousands rally against Jakarta governor

Indonesian police fired tear gas on Friday to disperse Muslim protestors demanding the capital's ethnic Chinese and Christian governor be arrested over comments perceived as insulting to Islam.

Thousands of protesters call for South African president to resign

Thousands of anti-government protesters rallied in the South African capital of Pretoria on Wednesday to call for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma, who faces multiple corruption charges.

Ethiopia reshuffles cabinet after weeks of anti-government protests

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn reshuffled his cabinet on Tuesday in a move to appease the public after weeks of widespread anti-government protests.

Head of Malaysian pro-democracy group held for handing out flyers

The head of a Malaysian pro-democracy group demanding free and fair elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak has been arrested for distributing flyers, the group announced on Facebook Saturday.

Singapore Speakers' Corner rules seen as threat to popular LGBT rally

Foreign entities including companies and non-governmental organizations will have to apply for a permit to fund or support activities at Singapore's Speakers' Corner, a move seen as an attempt to cull support for annual gay rally Pink Dot.

About 1,500 arrested in two weeks of Ethiopia's state of emergency

Ethiopia has arrested more than 1,500 people under a state of emergency declared nearly two weeks ago to stop anti-government riots, national broadcaster EBC reported.

General strike pressing Kabila to step down paralyses Congo cities

Congo's main cities came to a partial standstill Wednesday as a general strike called by the opposition pressed President Joseph Kabila to step down in December.

Philippine police van rams protestors outside US embassy in Manila

A Philippine police van rammed demonstrators who were Wednesday protesting against the presence of US troops in the country outside the US embassy in Manila, a protest organizer said.

Protesters outside Turkish embassy in Baghdad demand troops withdraw

Thousands of Iraqis gathered outside the Turkish embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday to protest Turkey's continued military presence north of Mosul, despite demands by the Iraqi government for Ankara's soldiers to leave.

Thousands march for "openness" in Dresden after Pegida anniversay

Thousands of people marched in the east German city of Dresden in support of openness and tolerance on Monday, a day after anti-migrant organization Pegida celebrated its second anniversary with marches in the same city.

Protest in Paris against same-sex marriage draws thousands

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Paris on Sunday against same-sex marriange.

Thousands protest diminishing press freedom in Hungary

Several thousand people rallied Sunday in Budapest in protest against what they say is conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s campaign to diminish freedom of the press.

Thousands take part in anti-foreigner Pegida march in Dresden

Thousands of supporters of the anti-migrant organization Pegida gathered in the east German city of Dresden to celebrate the second anniversary of the group's founding Sunday.

Clashes break out in Corsica between police, protesters

Clashes broke out between police and protesters in the Corsican city of Bastia on Saturday, after hooded youth tossed Molotov cocktails and lit a vehicle on fire, French broadcaster iTele reported citing the prefecture.

Muslims in Jakarta protest after Christian governor's Koran comments

Thousands of hardline Muslims in the Indonesian capital rallied against the city's ethnic Chinese and Christian governor for comments perceived as denigrating the Koran.

Ethiopia blames riots on Egypt, "foreign forces"

Ethiopia on Monday accused "foreign forces" of fomenting protests in its restive Oromia region and slammed Egypt for allegedly backing an outlawed group there, following the declaration of a state of emergency at the weekend.

Ethiopia declares state of emergency over riots in Oromia region

Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency as violent anti-government protests are spreading in its Oromia region, the state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation said Sunday.

More than 2000 police deployed for hooligan rally in Germany

Around 2,000 police are being deployed to handle a demonstration by an estimated 500 suspected "hooligans" and neo-Nazis in the western German city of Dortmund, police reported Saturday.

Ethiopian protesters damage 11 factories, 60 cars in six days

Widespread rioting has erupted in Ethiopia's restive Oromia region, where anti-government protesters attacked factories and cars, a spokesman for the Oromia regional government said Friday.

Thousands demonstrate against abortion ban in Poland

Tens of thousands of Polish women dressed in black protested in Warsaw despite heavy rains against a threatened ban on abortion Monday.