Romanian president joins thousands in anti-government rally

Thousands of Romanians were joined by President Klaus Iohannis in a street protest in Bucharest on Sunday against plans by the government to relax anti-corruption laws.

"We shall overcomb": Tens of thousands join London Women's March

An estimated 100,000 people gathered in central London on Saturday for a rally and march to show support for the global Women's March.

Hundreds of thousands rally for Women's March on Washington

Hundreds of thousands of women have begun to rally ahead of a march in Washington in opposition to President Donald Trump one day after his inauguration.

Hundreds protest in Berlin in solidarity with US Women's March

Hundreds are staging a demonstration for women's rights in front of the US embassy in Berlin, on the same day that a major political march in Washington is expected to deliver a similar message to...

Indians form 'longest human chain' to protest alcohol use in Bihar

Millions of people in India's eastern state of Bihar joined hands on Saturday to demonstrate against alcohol consumption, in an act officials called "the world's longest human chain."

More than 200 people arrested in Washington on inauguration day

Police arrested 217 people on Friday in Washington during protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Protests and parties around the world mark Trump inauguration

Groups of demonstrators took to the streets in cities around the world on Friday to both lament and celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president.

Far-right nationalists march in Cologne as counter-protesters rally

Around 100 far-right nationalists marched in the western German city of Cologne on Saturday, with protesters outnumbered tenfold by police, according to authorities.

Report: Venice migrant centre woman died from blood clot

A 25-year-old Ivorian woman, whose death sparked a revolt at a migrant reception centre near Venice, died due to a pulmonary embolism or blood clot, Italian news agency ANSA reported local...

Report: Migrant centre workers released after protest in Italy

Protesting asylum seekers at a migrant reception centre near Venice in northern Italy allowed 25 operators to leave the facility early Tuesday after holding them hostage for several hours, local...

Anti-Kabila protests rage on in Congo as three are reported killed

Protests raged in Congo on Tuesday against President Joseph Kabila staying in power beyond his second term, with police using tear gas on demonstrators and shots ringing out in the capital...

Save Aleppo marches draw thousands in London, Berlin

Thousands of protesters joined marches and rallies in London, Berlin and other cities on Saturday to call on their governments to do more to help the trapped residents of Aleppo.

Thousands of protesters block Polish parliament

Anti-government protesters blocked the exits of the parliament building in Warsaw for hours on Saturday to voice their anger at the policies of the right-wing government.

One killed, 15 injured in Hindu-Muslim clash in Nepal

A man was killed and 15 people were injured in a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups in south-western Nepal near the Indian border, local police said Tuesday.

At least 200,000 rally in Jakarta to demand governor's arrest

More than 200,000 conservative Indonesian Muslims filled a square in Jakarta on Friday to demand the arrest of the city's Christian governor over remarks they perceived as insulting to Islam.