Croatian PM: Time is ripe for Dayton upgrade

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic says that the time is ripe to upgrade the Dayton peace agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including amending the country's constitution and electoral legislation on its path towards EU membership and to ensure that the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoy the same status as the other two constituent peoples in the country.

Time capsule with Bosnians' wishes sealed on 20th anniversary of Dayton agreement

Cormack was hopeful that in 2035, when the time capsule would be opened, the wishes of those young people would be a reality.

Inzko: Dayton Agreement must be changed, politicians must prove they support reforms in Bosnia

"Constitutional changes will come when Bosnia is ready. They will be adopted through the amendment procedure contained in the constitution, which requires the agreement of all of the three largest ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Inzko says Bosnia's progress possible only by honouring Dayton peace agreement

“we need to raise our expectations and once again see the kind of concrete results and the positive momentum that we saw in the first decade of the peace process,”