David Cameron

Lawmakers criticize Britain, France over "collapse" of Libya

The British and French governments have been sharply criticized for pursuing an "opportunist policy of regime change" that led to the "political and economic collapse" of Libya in a cross-party...

Britain's Cameron resigns from parliament to avoid "distraction"

Former British prime minister David Cameron on Monday said he has decided to resign from his seat in parliament to remove a potential "distraction" for his successor as national leader, Theresa...

Report slams Cameron's "gross negligence" for lack of Brexit planning

A parliamentary committee on Wednesday accused former prime minister David Cameron's government of "gross negligence" for failing to prepare for a possible vote to leave the European Union before...

Cameron bows out as May set to become Britain's second female leader

David Cameron left the prime minister's residence at 10 Downing Street for the final time and visited Buckingham Palace to formally resign on Wednesday.

"I was the future once" - Cameron bows out

David Cameron says "I was the future once" in his final bow in parliament after six years as Britain's prime minister, echoing his 2005 comment to former Labour leader Tony Blair.

Theresa May set to succeed Cameron as Britain's leader on Wednesday

Home Secretary Theresa May is set to lead Britain from Wednesday after the ruling Conservative Party elected her to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron as party leader.

Merkel expects Cameron's successor to put Brexit wheels in motion

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is convinced that Britain's decision to leave the European Union will become a reality once a new prime minister is elected to succeed the outgoing David Cameron....

Cameron: Britain could cooperate with EU defence missions post-Brexit

Britain could cooperate with EU defence operations even after it leaves the European bloc, Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday.

Second Conservative leader vote expected to oust Brexit campaigner

One of two Brexit campaigners is expected to be eliminated in a second round of voting on Thursday by Conservative lawmakers to elect Prime Minister David Cameron's successor.

French, British leaders meet on old battlefield as new rifts open

French and British leaders met Friday at a moment of European splintering to remember the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and pay tribute to their soldiers who shared trenches.

EU leaders attempt to show united post-Brexit front without Cameron

Less than a week after Britain's shock decision to leave the European Union, the first consequences were drawn Wednesday as the bloc's remaining leaders gathered in a show of unity that excluded...

EU leaders exclude Cameron, attempt to show united front post-Brexit

Britain was excluded from European Union summit talks for the first time in more than 40 years on Wednesday as the bloc's other 27 members discussed how to react to London's shock decision to exit...

"For heaven's sake man, go!" Cameron says to Labour leader Corbyn

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn should heed a no-confidence motion passed by his fellow Labour Party members this week and "go," British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday.

EU leaders meet without Cameron to discuss post-Brexit future

European Union leaders were meeting Wednesday in a new 27-member format to agree a common response to Britain's decision to leave the bloc and discuss ways to bolster it thereafter, amid...

Oreskovic says Britons can't have their cake and eat it

Commenting on the talks held at a working dinner at the summit of EU leaders, Oreskovic said that Cameron said that migration was the issue that tipped the scales in favour of Britain's exit from...