Monitor: Syrian forces kill 16 firing rockets on Damascus outskirts

Syrian government forces fired at least 10 rockets at the north-eastern Damascus suburb of al-Qaboun on Sunday, killing 16 people in an attack that began a day earlier, a monitoring group said.

Syria denies Amnesty report on prison mass hangings

Syria Wednesday dismissed as "baseless" a report by Amnesty International, accusing the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of hanging up to 13,000 people in a prison near the capital Damascus over the past five years.

Amnesty: Syrian government jail secretly hanged up to 13,000 people

A military jail authorized at the highest levels of the Syrian government has overseen a "monstrous campaign" of secret atrocities, including the hanging of up to 13,000 people in five years, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

Rebels evacuation starts from Damascus springs area

Rebel fighters and their families were Sunday being bused out of the Barada valley area that holds the main sources of Damascus' water supply, government officials and opposition activists said.

Rebels handing over source of Damascus' water supply, monitor says

Syrian government forces and repair workers have arrived at the springs that are the main source of Damascus' water supply after rebels began an agreed pullout, a monitoring group said on Saturday.

Syria's al-Assad hopes Astana talks will lead to dialogue with rebels

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said he hopes that peace talks planned next week in Astana will set the scene for a future dialogue between his government and opposition groups.

Syrian government, opposition decide teams for peace talks in Astana

Syria's ambassador to the UN will lead his country's delegation to Russian- and Turkish-sponsored peace talks in Astana, while a top figure in the hardline Army of Islam faction will lead the opposition team.

Syrian troops move on Damascus water source after mediator killed

Syrian government forces Sunday advanced on the source of Damascus's water supply in the Barada valley north-west of the capital, after pulling repair crews out following the killing of a mediator the previous night, pro-government sources said.

Syrian regime and Islamic State launch offensives in desert, east

Government forces Saturday started a major assault on Islamic State positions near Palmyra in Syria's central desert, while the jihadists launched an attack on the last government enclave in the east of the country, a monitoring group said.

Syria accuses Israel of attacking key airbase near Damascus

Syria Friday accused Israel of bombarding a major airbase near Damascus, saying the attack was aimed at helping "terrorists" in the war-ravaged country. 

Syrian government pushes to regain Damascus water source from rebels

Syrian government forces on Thursday advanced into a rebel-held area near the capital Damascus where the city's water source is located, a monitoring group reported.

Monitor: Syrian regime begins attack to retake Damascus water supply

Syrian regime forces and militants of the allied Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah started a wide-scale attack on rebel-held areas north-west of Damascus on Tuesday, which include the capital's water supply, according to a monitoring group.

Fight over Damascus water source resumes after short-lived calm

Fighting resumed Sunday around the Ein al-Fijeh spring that is the source of the Syrian capital Damascus' water supply, a government military source and a monitoring group said.

Violence persists near Damascus amid shaky truce in Syria

Syrian regime forces Friday shelled a rebel area near the capital Damascus killing at least two people in a further violation of a week-old ceasefire, a monitoring group said.

Car bombing in Syrian government stronghold kills 15, monitor says

At least 15 people, mainly civilians, were killed on Thursday in a car bombing that hit a government stronghold in Syria, a monitoring group reported. 

Violence near Damascus rattles Syria's fragile truce

Syrian regime forces mounted air and shelling attacks against rebel areas near the capital Damascus on Wednesday amid growing worries about the fate of a shaky ceasefire that went into effect last week, a monitor said.

Suicide attack in Syrian port leaves at least two soldiers dead

Two members of a Syrian security force patrol were killed in a suicide attack in the port of Tartus on Sunday, according to a source in the Syrian forces.

Two killed, 33 injured in Aleppo blasts: Syrian state media

Two people were killed and 33 injured in blasts caused by explosives left behind by rebel fighters before their departure this week from their stronghold in eastern Aleppo, Syria's state news agency reported.

Evacuation of eastern Aleppo complete, Syrian media and watchdog say

The evacuation of the last rebel enclave in eastern Aleppo was completed on Thursday, Syrian government media and watchdog the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday.

Officials: Aleppo evacuation suspended, bus driver killed in attack

A Syrian military official says that the evacuation of civilians from eastern Aleppo has been suspended until wounded people are allowed leave the besieged government-held villages of Foua and Kefraya in the north-west of the country.

Syrian government resumes Aleppo offensive as evacuation hopes dim

Fighting, shelling and airstrikes resumed Wednesday in Aleppo, dashing hopes that an agreed evacuation of rebel fighters and civilians would start in the early hours of the morning.

Aleppo deal falters, as regime and rebels resume fighting

Syrian government forces and rebels on Wednesday resumed fighting in the divided city of Aleppo, as a ceasefire and a deal to evacuate opposition fighters and civilians seemed to crumble.

Syrian state media: Israel carried out airstrikes on west Damascus

Israeli planes fired two rockets at the outskirts of Damascus early Wednesday, state media reported, citing a Syrian military source.

Syrian government: 484 rebel fighters in Aleppo surrender

According to a member of parliament close to the Syrian government, 484 rebel fighters have surrendered in eastern Aleppo.

Six civilians killed in Aleppo airstrike, rocket attack

At least six civilians were killed on Sunday in an airstrike and rocket attack in Syria's northern city of Aleppo, a monitoring group said.

Monitor: Syrian government recaptures rebel gains in Aleppo offensive

Syrian government forces have recaptured all the areas of western Aleppo taken by rebels in a major offensive aimed at breaking the siege of the opposition-held east of the city, a monitoring group said on Saturday.

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels start assault on Islamic State-held Dabiq

Syrian rebels, backed by Turkish tanks and airstrikes, launched Saturday a major assault on the Islamic State-held town of Dabiq, where the jihadis believe an end-of-times battle will take place, a monitoring group said.

Russia says embassy attack in Syria a "consequence" of US actions

Russia's Foreign Ministry partially blamed the United States on Tuesday for a recent mortar attack on the Russian embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Aid reaches rural Damascus for first time since UN convoy bombing

For the first time since a lethal attack on a UN aid convoy this week, aid trucks were again rolling inside Syria to bring food and medical supplies to tens of thousands of people in rural Damascus on Thursday.

Shelling across frontlines on the outskirts of Damascus shakes truce

Rebels and government forces engaged in heavy shelling across frontlines on the outskirts of Damascus, testing Syria's fragile truce, a monitoring group said, confirming at least two fighters were killed.

Turkey sends more tanks into Syria as rebels advance on Islamic State

Turkey sent more tanks into northern Syria on Saturday, Syrian opposition sources said, as rebels backed by Ankara said they were moving to seize the last stretch of territory held by Islamic State on the Syrian side of the border.

Syrian civilians evacuated from rebel-held Damascus suburb

At least 300 civilians were evacuated from a rebel-held area near the Syrian capital Damascus on Friday under a deal with the government, state media and a monitoring group reported.

Syrian regime takes control of Damascus suburb amid full evacuation

The Syrian army took control of Daraya near the capital Damascus on Saturday after completing the evacuation of civilians and rebel fighters from the town, monitors and state media reported.

Locals, rebels bused out of Damascus suburb after 4-year siege

The first buses carrying local residents and rebel fighters left the Damascus suburb of Daraya on Friday under a deal that will see the area evacuated after a four-year siege by government forces.

Evacuation of rebel-held Damascus suburb to start, watchdog says

Buses entered the Damascus suburb of Daraya on Friday to evacuate civilians and rebels from the rebel-held area, a monitoring group said, after a deal reached between fighters and the government looked set to end a four-year-long siege.

Kurdish-led Syrian group plans to retake key town from Islamic State

A US-backed Syrian alliance, which dealt a major setback to Islamic State this week, announced on Sunday the formation of a military council to capture a strategic northern town from the extremist militia.

Syrian forces, rebels battle in Aleppo, watchdog says

Syrian government forces and Islamist rebels engaged in fierce fighting in the contested northern province of Aleppo on Sunday, a monitoring group reported.

67 killed, 185 wounded in attack on Syrian town near Turkish border

At least 67 people were killed and 185 wounded on Wednesday in an attack claimed by Islamic State in Qamishli, north-eastern Syria, medical sources in the Kurdish-controlled town said.

Monitor: Regime bombardment kills 20 in rebel-held area near Damascus

At least 20 civilians were killed on Saturday by Syrian government airstrikes and shelling on a rebel-held area near Damascus, where the pilot of a crashed regime warplane was killed the day before, a monitoring group said.

20 killed in Damascus suburb attacks claimed by Islamic State

Two suicide attacks, claimed by the Islamic State extremist militia, rocked a mainly Shiite suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus on Saturday, killing at least 20 people, a monitoring group said.

500 killed as infighting engulfs Damascus rebel stronghold

Three weeks of fighting between rival Syrian rebel groups has left 500 people dead in the biggest remaining opposition stronghold in the Damascus region, a monitoring group said on Tuesday.

Scores missing after Islamic State attack near Damascus: monitor

Between 150-250 workers at a cement factory near Syrian capital Damascus have disappeared after an attack this week by the Islamic State terrorist militia, a monitoring group said Thursday.

Syrian antiquities chief: Palmyra's temples will rise again

The official in charge of Syria’s ancient monuments Sunday vowed that the famed temples of Palmyra, destroyed by the Islamic State extremist group, would be rebuilt now that the ancient city is back in government hands.

No food, fuel, electricity in Syrian town besieged by al-Assad's army

Residents of a rebel-held town near Damascus are suffering from severe malnutrition and have little access to fuel and medical supplies because of a siege by the Syrian military.

US-backed alliance captures key Syrian dam from Islamic State

US-backed Syrian Kurdish and Arab forces capture a strategic dam from Islamic State in northern Syria and cut off a supply route for the terrorist militia. The Tishreen Dam is just 22 kilometres from al-Raqqa, Islamic State's de-facto capital in Syria.