Kurdish-led Syrian group plans to retake key town from Islamic State

A US-backed Syrian alliance, which dealt a major setback to Islamic State this week, announced on Sunday the formation of a military council to capture a strategic northern town from the extremist militia.

Islamic State militants attack Libya's largest oil terminal

Islamic State militants on Monday launched an attack on the port of al-Sidra, Libya's largest oil terminal, military officials said.

US-backed alliance captures key Syrian dam from Islamic State

US-backed Syrian Kurdish and Arab forces capture a strategic dam from Islamic State in northern Syria and cut off a supply route for the terrorist militia. The Tishreen Dam is just 22 kilometres from al-Raqqa, Islamic State's de-facto capital in Syria.

Iraqi forces enter key area in Islamic State-held Ramadi

Ramadi fell to the radical Sunni Islamic State in May in an embarrassing setback to the US-backed Iraqi forces.

Turkey says it is withdrawing more troops from flashpoint in Iraq

The Turkish government says its soldiers in Iraq are on training missions with Sunni Arab groups and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who are battling the Islamic State organization.