War crimes indictee Dragan Vasiljkovic to remain in custody

War crimes indictee Dragan Vasiljkovic aka Captain Dragan will remain in custody for the next month because he is a flight risk, the Split County Court decided on Wednesday, extending Vasiljkovic's detention for the third time. 

Bosnia had to release Syrian from custody despite security risk

Syrian Ismad el-Husein, also known as Abu Hamza, who had been in extradition custody in Sarajevo for eight years as he is regarded as a threat to the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was released on Thursday, members of his family said.

Captain Dragan to remain in custody after court refuses bail

 Split County Court on Friday ruled that Dragan Vasiljkovic, suspected of war crimes, is to remain in investigative custody and has rejected a proposal of bail of HRK 5 million.

Sanader to be released from custody

The Constitutional Court noted that its ruling solely dealt with procedural matters relating to the extension of investigative custody for the accused and not with his guilt.