Croatian statistical office

Nearly 2 mln theatre goers in Croatia in 2014-2015 season

In the last season, a total of 184 theatres and troupes were active in the country, and of them 98 were professional.

Croatia's exports surge almost 12 pct in Jan-Nov period

Thus, Croatia's exports totalled 80.55 billion kuna in the January-November period, and imports came to HRK 128.95 billion.

Consumption increases 3.2% in November

The growth rate is faster than the month before, when consumption grew 1.5% on the year, and it is much higher than expected.

Average Croat household's expenses EUR 10,665, most goes on food

Broken down by the type of costs, outlays for food and non-alcoholic drinks were the highest, HRK 23,934, with food expenses reaching HRK 22,155.

HGK expects further increase in investments this year

After four years of decline, which began in 2009, investments have slowly started to recover, the HGK said on Tuesday.

49 pct of Croatians spend EUR 1.32b on multi-day trips in 2014

Croatian citizens generated 6.6 million private trips last year, of which 4.6 million in Croatia and the rest abroad, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina (23.2%),

HDZ: GDP growth not based on healthy economic foundation

"We want GDP growth to be based on job creation, on an increasingly strong production, stronger competitiveness and own production-based exports,"

Government has definitely pulled country out of crisis, says deputy PM

"The Croatian economy has definitely stabilised. We are heading in the right direction and we must maintain this direction with the support of the new government,"

Croatia among fastest-growing economies in EU

Seasonally adjusted statistics, comparable with figures from other EU countries, show that Croatia's GDP rose 2.7% in Q3 2015 year on year, while the original data put this rate at 2.8%.

Croatia's industrial output set to rise for 9 months in row

October is the ninth consecutive month with an increase in industrial production year-on-year, which had not happened since 2007.

GDP in Q3 jumps 2.8 pct, record high since 2008

This was markedly better than expected. Eight economists polled by Hina predicted that GDP would grow 2.2% on the average, their forecasts ranging from 1.6 to 3%.

Croatia's economy set to grow by 2.2% in Q3 2015 - analysts

If these projections prove to be correct, Croatia will have a positive growth for four straight quarters, with the latest quarter seeing the fastest growth,