Croatian-Slovenian border

Slovenia replacing razor-wire with garden fencing

Slovenian soldiers have begun to take down the razor-wire fence on the section of the border with Croatia along the Dragonja river in Istria, Slovenia's Defence Ministry reported on Wednesday and added that the dangerous razor-wire will be replaced with panels of garden fencing.  

Croatia to introduce new rules for migrants

Caretaker Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Wednesday that, after Austria introduced and Slovenia announced a new regime for migrants crossing the border, Croatia would introduce new rules too.

Police strike in Slovenia won't cause congestion at border says police chief

"Traffic will proceed normally over the next few days," Fank said, adding that he had spoken very openly with the union and lay down the limits to how far the police could go with strike activities.

Protest rally against razor fence at Slovenian-Croatian border crossing

"From the idea of Europe as a space of openness and enlargement, we have come to the process of closing up and the idea of social protectionism, and that's a false illusion," Gherghetta said.