Croatian parliamentary election 2015

SDP chief: Karamarko's claim about electoral fraud dangerous

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Sunday that claims by Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko about electoral fraud were dangerous and worrying.

Election Commission to reply to Karamarko's accusations Monday

The State Election Commission (DIP) will on Monday present its position on suspicions expressed by Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko about irregularities that allegedly affected his party during the 8 November parliamentary election.

Karamarko: Oreskovic's talks with ministerial candidates going well

Karamarko told reporters that Oreskovic's attendance at the forum was recognition of the selection of the prime minister-designate. He said Oreskovic's talks with ministerial candidates were going well.

HRID leader: We can expect a conservative revolution

The leader of the HRID party, Drago Prgomet, has said that after the Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge reformist party form a government, one can expect a conservative revolution and the adoption of retrograde laws.

Croatia's political life in 2015 marked by elections

Grabar-Kitarovic defeated the then incumbent Ivo Josipovic by a narrow margin,  50.7% to 49.3%, although media and opinion polls had predicted a strong victory for Josipovic.

Karamarko: Oreskovic will choose his closest associates

Asked what Oreskovic thinks of the HDZ's economic programme, Karamarko said that Oreskovic had analysed it and believed that it was an excellent basis for reforms.

Milanovic: Oreskovic isn't neutral, he's HDZ candidate

 "It was clear who those people were and who they were accountable to. That's not the case now. We stood up against the banks and centres of power. Do you expect that from this government? No way,"

Karamarko says will be First Deputy PM

He said the number of ministries had not yet been discussed with the Bridge party." Quality is essential because Croatia has no time to lose with poor personnel, so, whoever proposes good people is welcome."

Reiner says proposal to rename parliament not crucial part of his address

"If that sentence was the only important one out of 50 other sentences, unfortunately it shows the state of our society," said Reiner.

Oreskovic: I am a patriot, honoured to be given opportunity to help my country

Oreskovic told reporters that he and Bridge members discussed many topics, including the healthcare system and the economy, ways to kick-start the economy, regulations, administration and changes.

Protesters demand new election outside president's home

The "protest against the coalition" between the Bridge party and the Croatian Democratic Union was organised on Facebook by people claiming that voters have been cheated.

Bridge: Reforms start from us

We supported academician (Zeljko) Reiner as the Patriotic Coalition's candidate and now we are starting the process of forming a government headed by (Tihomir) Oreskovic and we have full confidence in his expertise and experience.

German press comment on Croatian PM-Designate

"The new parliamentary majority is unstable. Oreskovic is politically inexperienced and faces a huge pressure to implement reforms from which previous governments have shunned, the FAZ article reads.

Newly-appointed speaker addresses parliament

Addressing an inaugural session of the Sabor, Reiner underlined its role in the past and in the present time.

New Croatian Parliament inaugurated

Reiner was the sole candidate for the post, put forward by 79 MPs. He received support from 88 lawmakers, 62 abstained from the vote, while one voted against.

PM-designate confident to form gov't in next 30 days

"We will work to form ministries within 30 days, which is the time frame within which I believe we will form the government," Oreskovic told reporters.

SDP won't propose its candidate for Parliament Speaker

"The SDP will behave in compliance with Croatia's long-standing parliamentary practice," Grbin said, dispelling speculations about a new imbroglio in the post-election period.

Bridge to back HDZ nominee for Parliament Speaker

"The HDZ needs more deputies from our slates (than the SDP), and this is probably why they have been to date fairer in our relations," Grmoja said.

Karamarko: Let's forget misunderstandings, rows, be united, strong nation

"Christmas is also a time of love for one's fellow man. Let's forget misunderstandings and rows. 

Bridge party says Christmas 2015 will be remembered

We have a non-partisan expert who can manage big systems. All the faces we have been watching on the political scene no longer represent our country.

Karamarko: Parliament and expertise give Oreskovic legitimacy

We have a prime minister-designate. Now that he is a businessman of world renown, now that a Croat has come from abroad, a top expert, now legitimacy is a problem.

Human Shield: Oreskovic's nomination as PM-designate "turned off light of democracy"

Human Shield expects Oreskovic to continue with austerity policies and the privatisation of public goods and to reduce citizens' rights

Petrov will be one of deputy PMs, Patriotic Coalition to nominate parliament speaker

Each government sector will have to be agreed between Bridge, the Patriotic Coalition and the prime minister, but competence will come first, said Martinovic.

Zoran Milanovic: Voters in Croatia deceived

This violates democratic rules and standards that we fought for for years and we will never give them up," SDP's leader wrote.

Bridge: We continue to insist on reforms

The main purpose of such an agreement will be to set out reforms that are to be implemented and to define time limits for their implementation and evaluation, the party said in a statement.

Bosnian media: Croatia gives chance to non-partisan PM-designate

It also described Oreskovic as a Canadian national who does not speak Croatian well, but noted that he had built a serious career abroad.

News agencies: Croatian PM-designate is technocrat without political experience

Reuters reported that Bridge, "made up of municipal politicians and independents, insisted on a technocrat prime minister as a guarantor of reformist intentions on fiscal management and the economy."

President entrusts Oreskovic with mandate to form gov't

He called both on the parliamentary majority and on the Opposition to help him in this endeavour.

HNS chief in favour of new poll if PM-designate hasn't enough signatures

 She said that as far as that issue is concerned the Constitution is clear - if someone has 76 signatures supporting one person then the President can appoint that person and prime minister-designate.

Oreskovic arrives at President's office for PM-designate mandate

According to the Constitution, the President appoints a prime minister-designate based on the support of a majority of elected MPs and consultations.

HDZ, Bridge propose Tihomir Oreskovic as PM-designate

The Bridge party and the Patriotic Coalition are nominating Tihomir Oreskovic, until now a member of the Pliva drugs company supervisory board, for prime minister-designate.

Karamarko says PM-designate will be excellent

He would not say if the PM-designate was proposed by Bridge or the HDZ, adding that he believed the PM-designate would be excellent.

Bridge member says Petrov should be PM

"Petrov should be the Prime Minister because he deserves it," Vukovac told reporters during a break in a session of the Bridge National Council.

Milanovic: Whom did Bridge, Patriotic Coalition support as PM-designate?

He added that that question should be put to the politicians concerned over and over again, "otherwise the state is not run by institutions."

Brkic: Reformist government of HDZ and Bridge faces difficult and responsible task

After weeks of tough negotiations, the HDZ and the Patriotic Coalition will, together with Bridge, form a reformist government that will have a difficult and responsible task.

Patriotic Coalition, Bridge prove to President they have majority in parliament

"We have proved to the President that we have a parliamentary majority and that we have 78 signatures - 63 from the Patriotic Coalition and 15 from Bridge," 

Grabar-Kitarovic: PM-designate must be nominated by Wednesday evening

By tomorrow evening, we will either have a Prime Minister-designate or I will appoint an interim non-partisan government and call early parliamentary elections

HDZ invites Bridge to continue negotiations

He recalled that they had sent a letter to Bridge on Monday stating that they were prepared to continue with negotiations. 

Milanovic: Bridge's accusations make no sense, we have agreed to all their demands

"We agreed to everything and now the logical question is: who would have we called in the first place and what would we have offered them?" Milanovic said. 

HDZ chief believes deal between his party and Bridge still possible

"I hope, the statement we issued yesterday was fair and sincere. We do not believe in a tripartite government, we believe in a bipartite government,"

Petrov says Bridge terminating negotiations with SDP coalition

"We are consistent, we have said clearly that this is too much," Petrov said adding that the Bridge leadership was currently conducting a meeting on the future moves.

Petrov makes no statement after talks with President

He only briefly greeted reporters in the hall, and left the Office premises alone.

Minority MPs support Petrov, Italian MP's support conditional

Vice President of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) Milorad Pupovac on Tuesday confirmed that he would give his support to Petrov.

Elected MP Simic stands firmly by Petrov

 This organisation insists that any decision on election and post-election cooperation with other parties is only within the remit of GOGO Main Committee.

Elected deputy Simic leaves Bridge

The statement ensued after the Social Democratic Party and its coalition seemed to be finalising a post-election cooperation agreement with Bridge, offering Bridge leader Bozo Petrov signatures for his nomination as PM-Designate.

Bridge: There won't be a tripartite government

"There won't be a tripartite government," Podolnjak said, adding that his party would continue negotiations with the centre-left Croatia Is Growing coalition, led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

SDP, Bridge to ask president for more time to agree on PM-designate

"They are tough negotiators, but they are in such a position. We respect that and are continuing the talks," Milanovic told reporters.

Petrov offered SDP coalition signatures, asks more timeeleci

The president said then that none had yet secured the necessary majority support of 76 elected deputies in the parliament to be nominated Prime Minister-Designate.

Petrov says Patriotic Coalition given 24 hrs to rejoin negotiations

he joint body of members of parliament and the National Council decided that, because of equality, just as we gave the Croatia Is Growing coalition a certain additional time... 

New twist in Bridge party, door still open to HDZ

This decision is contrary to Bridge leader Bozo Petrov's statement last night, after the HDZ walked out, that Bridge would continue negotiations on the new government only with the SDP.

Bridge agreeing strategy for negotiations with SDP

"We have always supported him. He's an honest man, a new face in Croatian politics representing change," Ivan Lovrinovic said 

Bridge continuing negotiations with SDP-led coalition, Milanovic will no longer be PM

"No names of prime ministers-designate were on the table. We talked about the format of and how we see the next government," Petrov said after the two-hour meeting with the SDP.

SDP Presidency decides on Bridge's proposal, Karamarko walks out of meeting

Karamarko said that it was difficult for his coalition to sign an agreement with those responsible for "the impoverishment of Croatia over the last four years."

Three blocs mostly agreed on necessary reforms, talks to continue on Monday

The SDP's negotiator Branko Grcic made a similar assessment, while the HDZ's Zeljko Reiner warned that there were a lot of things on which they had not agreed yet.

Bridge party says new PM should be neutral or its rep

Bridge is offering the formation of a government comprising representatives of Bridge and the two coalitions and non-partisan experts. All nominees would become part of the government only by consensus.

Karamarko says offices weren't discussed at Bridge-HDZ-SDP negotiations

Karamarko said that from the start he had been saying that he was sceptical about the possibility and good functioning of a tripartite government, but that he had always been open for talks about it.

Meeting on PM-Designate ends inconclusively

Petrov described the atmosphere during the two-hour talks in Zagreb as positive, and said he expected "the things to unravel in the next 24 hours".

Petrov says offer that he be PM-designate to be discussed tonight

Asked by the press before a meeting of the Bridge National Council if he would accept the offer, he said, "It will be discussed at the meeting among other things."

Bridge, HDZ, SDP happy with talks

Ivana Maletic of the HDZ said the meeting was a continuation of previous "programme meetings... We are very pleased with this part of the agreement on programmes."

Milanovic opts for Petrov as PM-designate

"Petrov has some legitimacy, not a lot, but he has legitimacy, and he is our candidate," said Milanovic in Brussels, where he was attending an EU summit.

Bridge: PM-Designate to be known by Tuesday or there'll be early election

"Tomorrow at noon, we will have a meeting with the first bloc that acceded (to a new round of talks). The second bloc can join us, if it wants,"

HDZ to begin final phase of talks with Bridge on Friday

"The HDZ is beginning a final phase of negotiations with Bridge tomorrow and I think we are making progress. I don't know what will be with the SDP because that depends on Bridge and them,"

Bridge: Milanovic should say by Friday who he is ready to cooperate with

"I think that Prime Minister Milanovic today put the brakes on and sent an encouraging letter. We hope that they will declare their position by Friday and that we will form a tripartite government,"

Bridge welcomes Milanovic's proposal

Bridge said they were confident that the SDP and its Croatia Is Growing coalition would join in further talks on the formation of a reformist government. 

Milanovic ready to discuss Petrov as next PM

The SDP is of the view that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) did not meet Bridge's conditions and that it had implicitly rejected the possibility of a tripartite government with Bridge and the SDP's Croatia Is Growing coalition.

Petrov says Bridge party isn't bridgehead for any criminal actions

Petrov said Bridge did not want a coalition with any side but to cooperate in such a way that one knew what were the responsibilities of each side in government formation and the ensuing political process.

Milanovic calls for cooperation in preventing "criminal organisation's return to power"

Croatia needs a strong government with a majority, together with Bridge we would form a strong, stable Croatian government which only needs to continue doing what we have been doing so far, 

SDP chief: Talks with Bridge lose sight of reforms, resemble attempt to save HDZ

"I say once again, we are for talks with Bridge, we are not fakes. It's well-known that all of the HDZ's coalition partners are ruined," Milanovic said.

President: Time is running out

The president said that none had yet secured the necessary majority support of 76 elected deputies in the parliament to be nominated Prime Minister-Designate.

Petrov expects talks with Patriotic Coalition to end in week or two

"Since the SDP (Social Democratic Party) rejected our proposals, we decided to continue the talks with he Patriotic Coalition and we believe we could complete them very quickly," 

Six of 8 minority MPs continue backing SDP-led coalition

The elected representative of the Italian minority, Furio Radin, told reproters after the consultation that he had told the President that "time is nearing when a new (parliamentary) election may be needed."

Bridge to continue talks with HDZ coalition, leaves door open to SDP

HNS member Goran Beus Richembergh has said that Bridge's negotiations are a farce and that Bridge and the HDZ are only negotiating about how to divide positions.

HDZ proposes coalition government with Bridge

"We have proposed unity. Since a tripartite government is not possible, we are seeking unity and cooperation with all," the HDZ leader stressed.

Milanovic says tripartite alliance untenable, supports further talks with Bridge

In conclusion, he said that "Croatia needs a stable government with strong support in parliament, which will be led by a person with electoral legitimacy."

Bridge: It seems HDZ ready to uphold our proposals

"If the SDP rejects us, we are still willing to cooperate with them in parliament and support their proposals if we agree with them. We won't support the HDZ on issues we disagree on,"

Milanovic: Only Karamarko or I can be prime minister

Milanovic said that a non-partisan prime minister, as proposed by the Bridge reformist party, would be "a deception of the voters" and would weaken Croatia.

HDZ seeking solution that would involve all three sides

Karamarko said that they had not discussed possible nominations for prime minister. "We will try to realise as many of our aspirations as possible. We are a victorious party."

Milanovic: We don't want to eliminate anyone but form parliament

Brkic said that in a law-based state Milanovic's unsubstantiated claims would lead to his disqualification in the public and his party, adding that Milanovic was spreading lies.

HDZ to decide on Bridge's proposal for tripartite government on Monday

After the SDP rejected Bridge's proposal for a grand coalition, the HDZ said on Saturday they had expected that "the anti-reformist SDP will reject Bridge's proposal."

Spokesman says SDP has refused Bridge, too, has until Tuesday to change its mind

Grmoja, however, told Hina that by refusing Bridge's proposal for a non-partisan prime minister and a tripartite government the SDP had also refused Bridge.

HDZ says SDP's refusal of Bridge's proposal as expected

"We must say this publicly, we cannot (enter into a coalition) with the HDZ the way it is today," said Milanovic, describing the idea of a non-partisan prime minister as bad.

Milanovic: We didn't reject Bridge, but HDZ

This is not a rejection. As far as we are concerned, we are continuing talks. Bridge will decide on their own who actually rejected them, humiliated them, tried to eliminate them, ...

SDP rejects proposal for grand coalition

The initiative for a broad tripartite alliance the Croatia Is Growing coalition, the Patriotic Coalition and Bridge in forming a parliamentary majority and a future government is unfeasible at the moment.

SDP official says Milanovic current and future PM

With regard to the possibility of a new parliamentary election, Mrsic said that judging from the current situation, this option would be the worst solution.

HDZ: Patriotic Coalition spent HRK 15.5 mln on campaigning

Of the HRK 11.5 million available, HRK 7.3 million came from donations and HRK 4.2 million was from their own assets. 

SDP confident it will have majority in new parliament

The first attempt to inaugurate the parliament on 3 December failed after the only candidate for the position of parliament speaker, Robert Podolnjak of the Bridge Party declined the nomination.

Petrov dismisses speculations about Bridge rift

"There was no such meeting. There have been various rumours over the past three weeks most of which are untrue and insinuations,"

Prgomet: We won't run from our responsibilities

"HRID's MPs in their platform did not advocate a new election and I am afraid that the attitude of some individuals in Bridge about a grand coalition could in the end lead to the election being repeated,"

Petrov: If one bloc accepts Bridge's plan, we'll go on with them

Considering those negotiations, Petrov said he would wait for Monday, 14 December, a deadline set at the recent cross-party meeting, to see which decisions would be made by the HDZ and the SDP.

Bridge says neither Milanovic nor Karamarko should be PM-designate

Our position is that neither Mr Milanovic nor Mr Karamarko should be given the mandate to form the new government because we believe that Croatia should take a new course and this entire reform process requires a new person

ORaH leader Mirela Holy resigns

The green party's vice-presidents, Bozana Zadro and Davor Skrlec, too, tendered their resignations on December 7 and 8 respectively.

Karamarko: With Bridge HDZ coalition could have 85 seats

He recalled that that year Croatia completed its negotiations with the EU and met all the set criteria, however since SDP's coalition came into power Croatia has been heading toward ...

Bridge to meet separately with two coalitions Wednesday

"The Patriotic Coalition has requested an additional meeting concerning Bridge's proposals put forward at yesterday's meeting in the Esplanade (hotel). 

President invites political parties for third round of consultations on Monday

The meeting with the political leaders will be preceded by consultations with constitutional law experts from all four Croatian universities.

Pensioners' and Labour parties against grand coalition

"Based on my 12-year political experience, this combination is impossible, I cannot believe in the future of this project," Hrelja told Hina.

HDZ chief says it's imperative to form parl. majority

The HDZ is preparing an initiative to be presented to the Bridge reformist party and Karamarko described the initiative as "good and a possible solution in the present circumstances".

Karamarko: Talks to resume; party to discuss Bridge's proposals Mosta

"Today's meeting is a step towards expressing good will to take action. Someone showed more good will, while someone else showed less,"

President announces new consultations next week

"I also call on heads of state institutions, notably those in the security system, not to jeopardise safety of Croatian citizens and the Croatian state,"

Milanovic confident Croatia Is Growing coalition will form government

During his talks with the President he heard that his coalition would have Petrina's support, who was elected to parliament on the Bridge's slate of independent candidates. 

Bridge wants HDZ, SDP to voice their opinion on non-partisan PM in a week

Petrov's proposal to nominate a non-partisan prime minister designate was not well received by SDP chief Milanovic and HDZ chief Karamarko.