Croatian government

Petrov says vote of confidence in government Wednesday

The president of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, said on Monday he expected parliament to give a vote of confidence in the new Croatian government on Wednesday.

HDZ and minorities to resume talks after HDZ-Bridge deal

The negotiations between the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and eight elected representatives of ethnic minorities on the next Croatian government, due to have been held on Tuesday, have been postponed until the HDZ and the Bridge reformist party hammer out an agreement on the new cabinet's agenda, according to unofficial information from negotiators.

President to start consultations on new gov't on Tuesday

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said on Friday that she would launch consultations with parliamentary parties on a new government on Tuesday, as soon as the State Electoral Commission (DIP) provided her with the final official results of the recent early election.

European Broadcasting Union urges Zagreb to protect HRT independence

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), an international alliance of public service media, has urged the Croatian government to make sure that the national broadcaster (HRT) will maintain its independence in the run-up to the parliamentary election set for 11 September.

Croatian government falls after no-confidence motion

Croation Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic's cabinet fell Thursday after a no-confidence motion passed with 125 votes in favour, two abstaining and 15 against, increasing the prospect of early elections less than a year since the last polls.

Der Spiegel criticises Croatian government's first 100 days in office

The author said that even Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, who also belongs to "a moderate nationalistic bloc", had warned about a threat of putting Croatia's anti-fascist foundations into question.

SDP calls on gov't not to increase price of health insurance

The opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) has called on the government to not implement a decision to increase the price of supplementary health insurance, saying that it will not result in better health services but will curtail citizens' social security while some categories, particularly pensioners, will fall below the poverty level.

Gov't reallocates part of budget funds for political parties to science foundation

The government made the decision to partially adopt the amendment at a video-conference session.

Budget gap to be 2.2% of projected GDP

The Croatian government will present on Thursday its budget proposal for 2016, which envisages a deficit of HRK 7.4 billion or 2.2% of the projected GDP.

Pension funds interested in government projects, but not unconditionally

Croatian pension funds are interested in projects with which the government aims to reduce the budget deficit and public debt, but their interest is not unconditional, the heads of four mandatory pension funds said on Monday.

Slovenia FM: Cooperation in managing refugee crisis improves with new Cro gov't

"Cooperation with the new Croatian government regarding migrants is much better than with the previous government led by (Prime Minister Zoran) Milanovic," Erjavec said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

Milanovic: Croatia isn't Teva, can't be run by remote control

He was commenting on the European Commission's latest report on Croatia and Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic's claims that the previous, Milanovic-run government was to blame for the bad report, saying the report was not as bad as portrayed by Oreskovic.

Dombrovskis: EC report to confirm "limited progress" of Croatia

The European Commission vice-president for the euro and social dialogue discussed with members of several parliamentary committees the report on macroeconomic imbalances and risks which the Commission is due to release on Friday.

Former minister says gov't plan to regulate salary system unprofessional

Mrsic said he feared that there was a plan by the government "to entirely destroy the system of collective bargaining in the public sector, to destroy its wage policy and politicise it, as well as to cut public sector salaries."

Vukovar deputy mayor says Serb community socially marginalised

Vukovar deputy mayor Srdjan Milakovic said on Thursday that the Serb community and its political representatives were totally marginalised socially and condemned three Serb youths for assaulting a Croat youth in the eastern town.

Govt. set to cut unemployment below 14%, raise GDP to 3 pct

There are three key government goals, to reduce unemployment to below 14 percent, to increase annual GDP growth to 3% and to try not to rely exclusively on big government investments, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Minister Darko Horvat said on Thursday.

Parliament set to transpose EU acquis into 75 laws in 2016

The Croatian parliament is expected to adopt 75 laws this year that would incorporate the European Union's acquis communautaire, and a schedule for the adoption of those laws will be put on the agenda of parliamentary committees this week.

Circle for the Square initiative supports culture minister

The "especially deep differences" in those assessments in Croatia are "a consequence of years-long forced and ideologised interpretations," the initiative said in a press release. The initiative pushes for a Croatia without totalitarian symbols in public spaces.

Antifascist League says Hasanbegovic has no place in government

"Hasanbegovic's works show a continuity in the promotion of the worst parts of history which happened in the 20th century and some recently discovered articles have stirred it up again," ...

FinMin: Budget to be adopted on March 10, deficit target 3% of GDP

The Croatian government intends to adopt a budget for this year on March 10 and plans to reduce the budget deficit to 3% of GDP, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said in Brussels on Friday.

2015 budget deficit considerably lower than planned

Croatia's consolidated central government deficit in 2015 was HRK 9.6 billion or 2.9 percent of GDP according to the GFS 2001 methodology, preliminary data provided by the Ministry of Finance show.

Minister says gov't to do its best to increase tourism competitiveness

Underlining that a better investment climate and greater investments were among the strategic guidelines of the new government, Kliman said that there was the political will to remove obstacles to investments.

Gov't proposes changes to enable resumption of strategic investment commission

The Croatian government on Thursday drew up amendments to the legislation paving the way for the resumption of the work of the two commissions, with one of them having a say in strategic projects and the other in managing companies of strategic importance.

Karamarko says counties are optimal solution

"Counties are an optimal solution, there are several reasons why that is so. I am not talking about cities and municipalities. What is self-sustainable will survive and stay, and what isn't, probably won't. Rest assured that we will find the right solution," 

Gov't dismisses media speculation about migrant wave changing its course to Adriatic

The Croatian Government most strongly dismisses speculation published by the media which cite government sources and insinuate that the migrant wave could take a turn towards the Adriatic.

"Traitors" protest held in downtown Zagreb

"We don't want Karamarko to determine what can be said in public." She said that this right wing government represented the "most extremist government in Croatia since the 90s."

Initiative for Defence of Croatian Vukovar calls for pardon for 28 persons

The Initiative added they expected the new government to show an exceptional level of sensitivity towards victims of the 1991-1995 Homeland War.

Oreskovic says his team should utilise huge potential

We promised the European Union that we would reduce it by 700 million kuna, and this means that we have failed, Minister Nakic said, announcing a reorganisation of the system so as to make sure that it will be stabilised by the end of 2018.

Gov't extends ban on salary bonuses for public sector employees

At its first session on Thursday, the Croatian government formulated a set of legislative amendments extending a ban on the payment of salary bonuses of 4%, 8% and 10% based on years of service for public sector employees.

Economy and finance ministers announce strategies for energy, public debt

Panenic added that 113 investment projects were in the pipeline, after being drawn up in accordance with the Strategic Investments Act.

Decision on whether veterans minister will remain in office after govt. session

A decision on the political fate of War Veterans' Minister Mijo Crnoja will be made public after a government session on Thursday which he will not attend, government sources said in the early hours of Thursday.

FM: Croatia to closely cooperate with neighbours

Croatia will closely cooperate with its neighbours and will address outstanding issues in good spirit and constructively, newly-appointed Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miro Kovac said in an interview with the HTV public television channel.

Bridge: If media reports prove true, Crnoja has no place in gov't

A Bridge party MP and member of its National Council, Miroslav Simic, said on Tuesday the party would look into the authenticity of documents and media reports according to which War Veterans' Minister Miro Crnoja falsely stated his place of residence and that, if the claims proved to be true, there was no place for such a person in the government.

Institute of Public Finance: Reforms should focus on budget expenditure, public debt

The Institute of Public Finance (IJF) on Tuesday released the publication "To the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia" recommending all-round and not partial reforms focusing on the expenditure side of the budget and public debt management.

PM Oreskovic thanks citizens for support

Expressing gratitude for the support on his Facebook account on Monday, the prime minister also responded to criticism that his cabinet didn't have a programme and that his address to parliament last Friday was quite brief.

Economists for reducing budget outlays by EUR 400-500 mln in 2016

Lipa association representative Davor Huic said the first goal should be to reduce the expenditures side of the budget by HRK 3-4 billion.

Petrov: Gov't set to enhance networking of public administration

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov has said in an interview to Hina that the new government will be committed to reinforcing the networking of all public administration bodies.

Education minister says all good projects will be continued

The new Science, Education and Sport Minister, Predrag Sustar, confirmed on Saturday that all good programmes, including the ongoing curricular reform, would be continued, adding that comments conducive to improving that document had to be taken into account.

1st meeting of new cabinet focuses on budget

The meeting revolved around the elaboration of a state budget and around the process of taking over ministerial departments by new ministers, according to participants in the meeting.

New Croatian PM Oreskovic takes office

The new Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic took over the office from his predecessor Zoran Milanovic on late Friday night after the parliament approved the Oreskovic cabinet by 83 votes to 61, with five abstentions.

Trade unions urge PM to meet them as soon as possible

The UHRS trade union federation on Saturday called on the new Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, who took office on Friday evening, to convene a meeting with trade unions as soon as possible.

Karamarko rejects objections against Culture Minister

The government of new Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Saturday held its first working meeting after it was approved by lawmakers on late Friday night.

Serbian PM sends congratulatory note to his Croatian counterprt

Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, on Saturday sent a message of congratulations to his Croatian counterpart Tihomir Oreskovic who took office on Friday, and offered partnership and cooperation in efforts to preserve the stability of the region.

Bulk of reformist government deal is about demographic recovery

Thus, one of the measure to halt depopulating trends includes incentives for youth employment in rural areas and in the areas of the special state concern and on islands.

Oreskovic is Croatia's new prime minister

Croatia's parliament late Friday backed the country's new prime minister, Tihomir Oreskovic, and his centre-right cabinet with 83 votes in favour, 63 against and five abstentions.

New Croatian government approved by parliament

The new government was supported by 83 members of Parliament, while 61 voted against and 5 abstained.

PM-Designate negotiates with minority MPs, no agreement yet

"We had a brief discussion, very positive, it is going in the right direction, we're going to take a little more time and we will meet again tonight, nevertheless, we are going in the right direction," Oreskovic said after the meeting.

New gov't to increase funds for culture, education and science

In 2017 and 2018, budget funds for culture would be increased to 1.5% of GDP. Allocations for culture in the 2014 budget were 0.49% of GDP.

New government's foreign policy guidelines

EU membership should be made as beneficial as possible to Croatia through effective coordination of state administration, regional and local government, and parliament.

Milanovic: We were people's government

"Croatia is better today," Milanovic said, thanking all those who had supported his government over the past four years.

Reiner says PM-designate to present his cabinet in parliament next Friday

The session is called for Friday because the government is expected to be formed by then and we did not want to create additional costs, Reiner said.

Oreskovic calls constitution of parliament historic

In response to criticisms that a country cannot be managed like a company, Oreskovic said that his first objective is to raise Croatia's credit rating. 

Newly-appointed speaker addresses parliament

Addressing an inaugural session of the Sabor, Reiner underlined its role in the past and in the present time.

HRK 19M approved for costs of care for refugees

The government approved the reimbursement under which the Interior Ministry was entitled to HRK 11.6 million

Gov't says will take every measure needed to protect state interests

The Croatian government said in a press release on Tuesday that it would take every measure necessary to protect state interests and that it was prepared to respond to any situation.

Croatia to hold parliamentary election on Sunday

Some 3.8 million Croatian voters in the country and abroad will go to the polls on Sunday to elect a new, 8th legislature consisting of 151 deputies.

Gov't approves reimbursement of expenses in migrant crisis

The Croatian government on Thursday approved the reimbursement of 27.7 million kuna for costs incurred in accommodation and transport of 280,000 migrants ...

Croatian project e-Citizens best in Europe

The Croatian government has made the biggest progress in providing quality public services in Europe

Govt. to request intl. assistance in organising reception of migrants

Speaking to the press ahead of the government session, Ostojic said that given the weather, up to 13,000 blankets were necessary in one night.

Croatia to request int'l assistance in organising reception of migrants

The HZ rail company told Hina it has so far organised 104 trains for the transport of migrants, each costing about 75,000 kuna or more than a million euros in total.

Government proposes solution for citizens with loans from Raiffeisen Styria

Justice Minister Orsat Miljenic said that the citizens had been naive and had entered into arrangements that turned out to be very bad for them