Croatian Employers Association

Croatian, French employers interested in new jobs

Croatian and French employers met at the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) on Tuesday, discussing possibilities of expanding existing and opening new partnerships, notably in construction and energy, with an emphasis on infrastructure projects.

Employers welcome government's GDP projection

The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) welcomes the government's optimistic projection of GDP growth for next year, but believes that it is not enough to catch up with other countries after years of recession.

HUP concerned about possible political trading in positions in state companies

The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) on Thursday expressed concern about reports of possible political trading in positions in state-owned companies, saying that such companies needed to be depoliticised and professionalised.

HDZ, SDP agree stabilisation of public finance crucial for higher credit rating

Representatives of the two biggest parties on Thursday took part in the first of several round tables which the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) is organising ahead of the September 11 early parliamentary election.

HUP seeks answers to 7 priority issues from political parties

The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) wants political parties, with whose representatives it will organise a series of round table meetings, to provide concrete answers to seven problems concerning the settlement of accumulated economic problems in the country.

Employers' association slams suspension of on-the-job training scheme for young people

The Croatian Employers Association (HUP) does not support the cancellation or suspension of active employment measures such as on-the-job training for young people, HUP said on Tuesday.

Horvat: Reforms will remove barriers to doing business

The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Darko Horvat, announced on Tuesday that this week the government would unveil a reform package aimed at creating a legislative framework to remove legal insecurity and administrative barriers to doing business.

HUP: Reforms announced by government invisible in guidelines

The head of the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP), Davor Majetic, said on Thursday that the reforms that had been announced by the government were not visible in its guidelines for drafting this year's budget.

Employers say minimum wage raise threatens export sector

Less than 5% of employees in the real sector are on minimum wage, while most of those on minimum wage are in export-oriented industries such as the textile and timber industries, which have been hard-hit by the crisis, HUP said.

Reforms stagnated in 2015, employers slightly optimistic about 2016

HUP president Gordana Deranja said that Croatia was at the end of a year that would overturn a series of negative trends and that it had finally come out of recession and was beginning to see economic growth.

GDP growth welcome, but lower than debt interest, says HUP

The national statistical office (DZS) earlier in the day published a preliminary estimate showing that GDP in Q3 grew 2.8% on the year.

Employers say additional effort needed to reach 3 pct growth

Croatian Employers Association (HUP) president Gordana Deranja said on Thursday she was not pleased with the European Commission's latest forecast of Croatia's economic growth,

HUP: Parties agree ICT top subject, know not what to do with it

HUP director general Davor Majetic said Europe estimated that it lost EUR 300 million in revenue annually because of the non-use of digital economy,

Economic and Social Council discusses state of social dialogue

Mrsic said this year the GSV had become an advisory body of the government which talked about strategic topics for the adoption of public policies.