Croatian Culture Ministry

Antifascist League says Hasanbegovic has no place in government

"Hasanbegovic's works show a continuity in the promotion of the worst parts of history which happened in the 20th century and some recently discovered articles have stirred it up again," ...

Culture minister says commission dissolved in line with law

The minister also rejected speculations that he had dissolved the current make-up of the commission only to appoint new members, elaborating that there would no longer be any need for such a commission.

Part of non-profit media demand replacement of culture minister

"Also, there have been attempts to depict the non-profit media as consisting of people who have thus found a free meal ticket and are 'cultural agitprop idlers' who spend millions of kuna of taxpayers' money, which is far from the truth," the E-net says in the letter.

2nd volume of Croatian Encyclopaedia of Bosnia and Herzegovina launched

The second volume was published with the financial support of the Croatian Culture Ministry and the State Office for Croats Abroad.