Croatia is Growing

Croatia Is Growing coalition files motion for no confidence vote in veterans minister

The parties of the opposition Croatia Is Growing coalition sent a motion to parliament on Thursday for a confidence vote in War Veterans' Minister Mijo Crnoja.

Croatia's political life in 2015 marked by elections

Grabar-Kitarovic defeated the then incumbent Ivo Josipovic by a narrow margin,  50.7% to 49.3%, although media and opinion polls had predicted a strong victory for Josipovic.

Milanovic: Whom did Bridge, Patriotic Coalition support as PM-designate?

He added that that question should be put to the politicians concerned over and over again, "otherwise the state is not run by institutions."

Milanovic: Bridge's accusations make no sense, we have agreed to all their demands

"We agreed to everything and now the logical question is: who would have we called in the first place and what would we have offered them?" Milanovic said. 

Petrov says Bridge terminating negotiations with SDP coalition

"We are consistent, we have said clearly that this is too much," Petrov said adding that the Bridge leadership was currently conducting a meeting on the future moves.

Petrov says Patriotic Coalition given 24 hrs to rejoin negotiations

he joint body of members of parliament and the National Council decided that, because of equality, just as we gave the Croatia Is Growing coalition a certain additional time... 

Bridge continuing negotiations with SDP-led coalition, Milanovic will no longer be PM

"No names of prime ministers-designate were on the table. We talked about the format of and how we see the next government," Petrov said after the two-hour meeting with the SDP.

Milanovic calls for cooperation in preventing "criminal organisation's return to power"

Croatia needs a strong government with a majority, together with Bridge we would form a strong, stable Croatian government which only needs to continue doing what we have been doing so far, 

SDP chief: Talks with Bridge lose sight of reforms, resemble attempt to save HDZ

"I say once again, we are for talks with Bridge, we are not fakes. It's well-known that all of the HDZ's coalition partners are ruined," Milanovic said.

Six of 8 minority MPs continue backing SDP-led coalition

The elected representative of the Italian minority, Furio Radin, told reproters after the consultation that he had told the President that "time is nearing when a new (parliamentary) election may...

Bridge to continue talks with HDZ coalition, leaves door open to SDP

HNS member Goran Beus Richembergh has said that Bridge's negotiations are a farce and that Bridge and the HDZ are only negotiating about how to divide positions.

Milanovic: Only Karamarko or I can be prime minister

Milanovic said that a non-partisan prime minister, as proposed by the Bridge reformist party, would be "a deception of the voters" and would weaken Croatia.

Milanovic: We didn't reject Bridge, but HDZ

This is not a rejection. As far as we are concerned, we are continuing talks. Bridge will decide on their own who actually rejected them, humiliated them, tried to eliminate them, ...

Bridge to meet separately with two coalitions Wednesday

"The Patriotic Coalition has requested an additional meeting concerning Bridge's proposals put forward at yesterday's meeting in the Esplanade (hotel). 

President invites political parties for third round of consultations on Monday

The meeting with the political leaders will be preceded by consultations with constitutional law experts from all four Croatian universities.