Croatia government

German and Swiss press: Croatian govt has practically toppled

German and Swiss press on Monday reported that the current Croatian government had practically toppled, and they generally pointed an accusing finger to Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader and First Deputy PM Tomislav Karamarko.

Budget revenues planned at HRK 113b, expenditures at HRK 120.4b

Maric said the plan is to reduce unemployment to below 16% this year and below 14% by the end of the projected period. He said employment growth would be monitored too.

PM-designate given 30 more days to form gov't

The President did so at Oreskovic's request, she signed her decision and it became effective immediately.

Bridge member Lovrinovic says won't support government

Lovrinovic said that the agreement signed this evening between Bridge and the Patriotic Coalition revealed "a lack of competence, resolve and professionalism."

Some associations against, some for ministers of culture, war veterans

The Croatian Alliance of Anti-fascist Fighters and Anti-fascists said the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) proposed to Prime Minister-Designate Tihomir Oreskovic two right wing extremists who no dictatorship would be ashamed of.

New govt's defence and veteran affairs policies' guidelines

The next guideline refers to establishing a safer environment in the streets, in suburbs and municipalities, cities and counties through the prevention and resolution of local safety issues. 

Culture Minister nominee says is exposed to "ideological lynching"

Hasanbegovic called on critics such as SDP PM Nenad Stazic to read all his interviews and papers to be acquainted with his position as a historian.

SDP MPs slam Oreskovic's plan, Culture Minister nominee

"I hope that this is not a symbol of Free Masons and the Illuminati," the SDP parliamentarian said, wondering if Oreskovic "is advocating a new world order".

Unionist urges govt not to cut workers' rights

It is interesting that in his keynote presentation, Oreskovic did not indicate that he would do all this in cooperation with social partners and workers have been mentioned in only one part which reads that a flexible labour force is expected to contribute to all this.

New government's home affairs guidelines

According to the programme's guidelines published on the Croatian parliament's website, the police service is to be reorganised by downsizing administrative staff in proportion to the police on the ground.

New government's economic agenda guidelines

According to the document on the cabinet's 2016-2019 term, the future government will focus on "further smart fiscal consolidation" with the aim of reducing the budget deficit and public debt.

Karamarko and Petrov: Government's first move will be to draw up budget

"(Our first moves) will be to draw up a budget and create legislative prerequisites to facilitate investment, reduce public debt and take a series of measures to encourage economic development," 

Oreskovic presents new govt. to ruling coalition, confident of good results

"We got to know each other a bit, I submitted my biography and presented my vision. Every government member introduced themselves and we all became a little closer today."

Bridge party presents its ministerial candidates

He said that expectations from the ministerial candidates were great. "Considering the way they were chosen, I don't believe in anything but success," said Petrov.

Croatia unveils new cabinet that will tackle ailing economy - media

The Serbian news agency Beta noted that of the 20 ministers in the new cabinet only three were women and that many of the candidates were "little know to the general public".

Pusic worried about new govt's "very threatening potential"

"There are probably some decent people (in the new government), however, its worldview makes it rather scary," Pusic told reporters.

Karamarko positive new gov't will be stable

Asked by reporters in the HDZ headquarters about the prospects of the Oreskovic cabinet, Karamarko said today it would be "a stable government."

Milanovic: Length of debate on new gov't to be decided by MPs

Milanovic said that he was leaving a better and freer Croatia with more stable finances, better tax revenues and greater human freedoms.

EC: Croatia's new government faced with debts, unemployment and poor management

"The rising general government debt is a source of concern," the Commission says, adding that according to its 2015 autumn forecast, it will reach 89.2% of GDP in 2015 and increase further to 92.9% by 2017.

Experts find government report on its term unsatisfactory

The two analysts -- Anto Bajo from the Institute and Marko Primorac from the Zagreb Faculty of Economics Faculty -- find that the report is not  informative.

Croatian govt's Facebook page 3rd most prolific in Europe in 2015

The Croatian government's public relations office on Monday published results for the Zoran Milanovic cabinet. Thus, over 1450,000 Facebook users follow the activities of the cabinet, and this number keeps growing, with 280,000 likes last year.

Slovenia waiting for new Croatian gov't to regulate refugee flow

Slovenia's Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said on Monday that Croatia, that was in the process of forming a new government, could not now take an active part in the regulation of the influx of migrants.

Majority of opposition against limiting discussion on new govt.

He said the opposition, when it was in power, fought to include in parliament's Standing Orders a provision stipulating that parliamentary groups could agree that groups alone could speak about a topic instead of MPs individually.

Clubs don't accept parliament's time-saving plan

In light of that fact that the Social Democratic Party (SDP) refused to accept this, and some other Opposition clubs followed, we will organise the debate as usual, Reiner of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) said after the clubs' meeting.

Pusic says three months of searching for ministers not good

She said that "it would be logical to allow all parliamentary deputies to discuss such an important matter as the appointment of a new government."

HDZ chief: Names of cabinet ministers to be revealed by Thursday

"I hope the process (of negotiations on the future cabinet) will be finalised on Wednesday, or by noon Thursday at the latest, and we have agreed not to go public with the names until the last moment,"

Milanovic: Nobody won elections, gov't will be weak

In an interview in the "Nedjeljom u dva" political talk show on Croatian Television on Sunday, Milanovic said that the SDP had lost the opportunity to form the government in post-election negotiations "very narrowly and in extra time."

Grabar-Kitarovic: Oreskovic's not coming from political milieu is his advantage

"I disgree with those who criticise the fact that Mr Oreskovic lacks sufficient political experience because Croatia now does not need more politicians, it needs more statespeople,"

HGK expects implementation of reforms announced by PM-designate

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) said on Friday that some of the measures announced by Prime Minister-designate Tihomir Oreskovic had also been in the focus of the previous governments, but few had been implemented.

HDZ rep hopes rating agencies will give some time to new gov't

"Unfortunately, in the past four years Croatia has seen its credit ratings downgraded twice and negative outlooks, and now it is one of only four economies with negative outlooks regarding their credit ratings,"

Speaker says parliament to convene Jan 20

The parliament speaker underscored that this was a huge task that "has begun and is underway" and would entail a great deal of negotiation and agreement, expressing hope that it will be completed on time.

HDZ leader receives full support to continue talks with Bridge

The president of the HDZ informed us of the course of negotiations with Bridge, expressing his satisfaction with the manner and pace of the talks. 

Bridge: Agreement on six ministries reached in principle

Bridge has been demanding six ministries since the start of the talks with the Patriotic Coalition -- the environment protection, justice, agriculture, economy, administration and the interior, Grmoja told Hina.

Govt. to start with current number of ministries, changes only after analysis

Karamarko said yesterday's talks with the Bridge party were good because they agreed on the government's make-up, "but we need time. We can't do anything in 15 days."

Trade union urges employment growth, better living standards, available quality services

The Croatian trade union federation SSSH on Tuesday sent the next government an open letter, calling on it to focus, aside from current reforms, on employment growth, improving living standards and ensuring quality public and social services.

Karamarko and Petrov to be deputy PMs

Asked what position he would hold in the new government, Petrov said that he would be a deputy prime minister and that Karamarko woud be the first deputy prime minister. 

Croatian president says expats expect much from PM-Designate

The president is spending Monday and Tuesday on a working visit to Minnesota, while she spent Sunday with the Croatian community in Chicago.

Bridge for keeping current government model, number of ministries

Asked what he thought about Cyrillic signs in the eastern town of Vukovar, Petrov said the Bridge party had not discussed this. "Since we will be cooperating, that will be a uniform position of the three sides."

HDZ chief comments on talks with Bridge on gov't make-up

He underlined that the two sides would also discuss a possibility to merge all public companies into a single consortium, based on the Austrian model, which he said had proven to be good and efficient.

Karamarko: HDZ to present govt. scheme to Bridge on Monday

"The first polls show that he's already won citizens' confidence. Oreskovic is certainly something fresh and I'm glad that we managed to win him over to take this job."

Oreskovic says is fiscal conservative, political centrist, will choose cabinet after New Year

 "Financially speaking, I'm a fiscal conservative. Businesswise, I'm not for risky moves and experiments. The business world has its laws, rules and standards and I respect them... 

Minimum wage for 2016 increased by 3 pct

The nearly 3% rise also increases the share of minimum wage in the average gross salary paid from January to September 2015 to 38.8%.

Bridge: Reforms start from us

We supported academician (Zeljko) Reiner as the Patriotic Coalition's candidate and now we are starting the process of forming a government headed by (Tihomir) Oreskovic and we have full confidence in his expertise and experience.

Outgoing government's work good foundation for next, says deputy PM

Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Branko Grcic said on Monday the outgoing government had provided a good foundation for the new one and that he, with his experience in parliament and the government, could contribute to Croatia.

President extremely pleased parliament constituted

They don't always need to agree on statements, but I hope they will agree on goals and work to Croatia's benefit, she told reporters.

PM-designate confident to form gov't in next 30 days

"We will work to form ministries within 30 days, which is the time frame within which I believe we will form the government," Oreskovic told reporters.

Bosnian media: Croatia gives chance to non-partisan PM-designate

It also described Oreskovic as a Canadian national who does not speak Croatian well, but noted that he had built a serious career abroad.

Chamber of Commerce urges forming gov't, launching reforms

Speaking of the HGK, he said a lot had been done over the past 18 months, including structural reforms "which aren't over yet... We want to make the Chamber a quality service for businessmen."

Gov't allows motorway operator to borrow EUR 200M from EBRD

The minister explained that the loan would become operational next February , because loan contracts with EBRD must go through procedures in the government twice and in the parliament once.

Croatia to issue bond on domestic market -- unofficial

The bond will mature in 2026, the same source said, adding that the bond could amount to more than HRK 5 billion, in case of an increased demand.

Gov't: Unions not ready to deal with important issues through dialogue

 They said they were certain that the conditions were good to honour the agreement to increase salaries in the public sector in the case of GDP growth.

President announces new consultations next week

"I also call on heads of state institutions, notably those in the security system, not to jeopardise safety of Croatian citizens and the Croatian state,"

Milanovic confident Croatia Is Growing coalition will form government

During his talks with the President he heard that his coalition would have Petrina's support, who was elected to parliament on the Bridge's slate of independent candidates. 

Bridge leader suggests nominating non-partisan PM-designate

The most important thing at this point is a consensus of all three sides on a non-partisan candidate jointly proposed by all the parties involved. 

Minority MPs hold new round of consultations with President

"We give our support to the Croatia Is Growing coalition and Mr Milanovic as prime minister-designate," 

If no majority is formed, president should call election, adviser says

"If parliament should not be formed within a foreseeable time, the functioning of the legislative authority would be blocked and paralysed. 

Karamarko says he will be prime minister-designate

peaking to the press after a meeting of the HDZ Presidency, when asked if he would be the prime minister-designate, Karamarko said: "Yes, I will be the prime minister-designate."

President's Office: Milanovic didn't show signatures of support for him as PM-designate

"Zoran Milanovic at no time showed those signatures to the President of the Republic," the spokesman for the Office of the President, Luka Djuric, told Hina.

Petrov says Milanovic's offer missing the point

"It seems to us that we are still speaking a different language because the most important thing to Bridge is implementing reforms and reaching a consensus on them, 

Milanovic calls on MOST to back him, offers Petrov to be parl. speaker

If Petrov cannot or will not accept the offer, the SDP will accept that and will "as the relatively biggest group in the Sabor" propose a person for the post of Parliament Speaker.

Government has definitely pulled country out of crisis, says deputy PM

"The Croatian economy has definitely stabilised. We are heading in the right direction and we must maintain this direction with the support of the new government,"

President to call inaugural parliament session for Dec 3

She also voiced her "concern about the fact that some newly-elected deputies informed me that they are exposed to threats and pressures, both political and institutional."

NGOs warn of possible conflict of interest of agencies in charge of TTIP study

Babic told Hina that the ministry had commissioned the study and would decide on whether to accept it or not, weighing arguments for and against, and possibly request a new study.

Croatian government grants permission to U.S. Navy ship to sail in Split

The government granted permission to the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) ship to sail in Croatia's territorial waters and the port of Split in December

MOST: Exclusive economic zone will be condition for support to new government

The exclusive economic zone is among the party's last conditions for its support to the new government, but it is the most important one, he said.

MOST, SDP say gov't, central bank should intensify cooperation

Responding to criticism that he was proposing radical solutions in the monetary policy, Lovrinovic denied that he advocated a devaluation of the national currency.

MOST, SDP-led coalition continue talks; HDZ chief says there's political will to prune public administration

One of the SDP's negotiators, Public Administration Minister Arsen Bauk, said he expected some of the issues related to the political system to be opened today.

Miletic says IDS gives support to Milanovic to form government

"For us, decentralisation is critical for Croatia's development and a starting point for further activities and this platform on decentralisation and vital projects in Istria  ...

Croatia declares Nov 16 day of mourning for Paris attack victims

On that day flags will be at half mast on all government and corporate buildings and no entertainment events will be allowed. 

Voting in parliamentary elections being repeated at seven polling stations

Voting is being repeated at one polling station each in Osijek, Pakrac and Slunj and two polling stations each in Sibenik and Zadar. 

MOST party to continue to insist on reforms

"We are glad that voters showed how important reforms are to them," Petrov said, adding that he hoped that in the next week or two the two coalitions would accept that "

MOST says isn't running from responsibility

... "public pressure on hasty decision-making on the formation of the new government is unrealistic and unacceptable."

IMF urges Croatia to tackle fiscal woes "energetically"

"This year is the first year in a long period that Croatia has growth and now would be the time to tackle fiscal consolidation energetically and to shift to the expenditure side," 

MOST proposes gov't comprising HDZ, SDP and Most

"We, members of Bridge, have easily managed to overcome differences regarding our world views because we know that the economic situation is a priority at the moment. 

President confident Croatia will have new PM-designate soon

"I am confident that in the near future Croatia will have a stable government that will be working for the benefit of the country and all its citizens