Supreme Court increases prison term for Mercep to 7 years

The Croatian Supreme Court has increased the prison term for wartime assistant interior minister Tomislav Mercep from five and a half years to seven years for failing in his capacity as a police unit commander to prevent members of his unit from killing Serb civilians at the start the war in the early 1990s.

Orepic says has highlighted message of Cons. Court judges' selection

Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic has said that his criticism regarding the Constitutional Court is aimed at highlighting the message that Court has made through the manner how justices of that court, "notably one justice", have been selected and underscored that he does not want to interfere with the work of the Constitutional Court or the judicial authorities.

Klemm says not guilty of siphoning money from his own company, tax evasion

The trial of Josip Klemm, owner of the security company Klemm Security and leader of a war veteran association, charged with financial wrongdoing worth around HRK 3.5 million, started at the Zagreb County Court on Monday.

Supreme Court orders retrial in Glavas case

The Supreme Court has quashed a trial court's verdict in two war crimes cases against wartime Interior Ministry official Branimir Glavas, ordering the Zagreb County Court to conduct a retrial for war crimes committed against Serbs in Osijek in the early 1990s.

US court gives initial nod to VW's 14.7-billion-dollar emissions deal

A US federal district court judge Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a multi-billion-dollar offer from Volkswagen to settle some of its legal woes in the wake of its diesel emissions cheating affair.

Stepinac ruling annulled as it violated criminal law principles

The judgement against Zagreb Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac,  who was sentenced in 1946 by the Communist regime to 16 years in prison and forced labour and was stripped of his political and civil rights for five years, was on Friday annulled by the Zagreb County Court that established that the guilty verdict had grossly violated the then and the current principles of the criminal law.

Court capacity should be increased to make war crimes trials more efficient, hears round table

In 2015, there were more criminal reports against war crimes, she said, adding that this bore evidence of "the greater activity of those concerned about the inefficiency of prosecution."

Turkey's top court nixes plea to halt removal of lawmakers' immunity

Turkey's Constitutional Court rejected Friday an appeal by opposition lawmakers to cancel a bill passed last month which will lead to the removal of their legal immunity, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

Court issues fine in case of discrimination against Croat in Serbian province

After the sentence was delivered, Krstin said that "if he ever gets that money," he would donate it to a charity.

Committee on Constitution again adjourns meeting

Explaining the SDP's request, its parliamentarian Pedja Grbin said that after months of talks with the ruling majority, the SDP was given a list of nominees this morning containing the names of candidates favoured by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

About 100 witnesses to be examined in Martic war crimes trial

The trial in absentia of Milan Martic, the war-time leader of rebel Serbs in Croatia, for the shelling of Croatian cities in May 1995, started this week at Zagreb County Court and about 100 witnesses will be examined, mostly victims of those events.

Mercep sentenced to 5 1/2 years for war crimes against Serb civilians

Wartime assistant interior minister Tomislav Mercep on Thursday was found guilty of committing war crimes against Serb civilians in the early 1990s and sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

46 applicants compete for 10 vacancies in Cons. Court.

As many as 46 valid applications for 10 vacant places for Constitutional Court judges have been sent to the Croatian parliamentary Committee on the Constitution.

Court postpones decision on Kalmeta indictment

The new session of a panel of judges that can uphold, reject the indictment or send it back to the prosecutors to amend it is scheduled for 2 June.

Court jails organizer of fatal party in Taiwan

A court in Taiwan Tuesday sentenced the organizer of a dance party, at which an explosion led to the deaths of 15 people, to four years and 10 months in jail, a media report said.

Ex-HVO soldier sentenced to 20 years for war crimes in Prozor Rama

Maric was found guilty on all 25 counts of the indictment, including murder, maltreatment and persecution of Bosniak civilians between November 1992 and October 1993.

Court excludes all secret recordings from case against Zagreb mayor

The court excluded the said material following a motion by defence attorneys for Bandic and the other accused.

SDP asks court to assess constitutionality of three laws

The parliamentary group of the strongest opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) filed a request with the Constitutional Court on Tuesday to assess whether recent amendments to the laws on defence, border control and rehabilitation of public institutions were in line with the Constitution, the SDP said in a statement.

Perkovic remains behind bars; Karamarko won't testify

"The (Zagreb) court has notified the court in Munich via the Justice Ministry in that regard (no permission)," the spokesman Kresimir Devcic said.

Naser Oric goes on trial for war crimes in Srebrenica area

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on Tuesday commenced the trial of Naser Oric, the wartime commander of Srebrenica's defence forces charged with war crimes against Serb prisoners of war.