Consumption skyrockets 5.8 pct, highest increase since Sept 2007

Consumption in Croatia in December 2016 grew at a rate of 5.8% on the year, the highest growth rate since September 2007 and significantly higher than expected.

Consumption in August up 5.1% year on year

Consumption in Croatia grew in August by 5.1% from the same month of 2015, which is the highest increase in the last nine years and higher than expected.  

Consumption up for 22nd consecutive month

Retail trade in June 2016 grew by 2.8% on the year, which is the 22nd month in a row retail trade has increased, but at a slower-than-expected rate, the national statistical office (DSZ) said on Thursday, confirming its preliminary estimate.

Consumption grows for 21st consecutive month

Retail trade in May 2016 grew by 3.9% on the year, which is the 21st month in a row retail trade has increased, at a higher-than-expected rate.

In 2015 Croatia on par to Romania in consumption per capita

Huge discrepancies in consumption and Gross Domestic Product per capita were recorded in 2015 in the 28 European Union member states with Croatia being on par to Romania at the lower end of the EU scale, Eurostat reported on Wednesday.

Consumption in December soars 4.8 pct, highest increase in 8 yrs

Retail sales in Croatia in December 2015 grew by 4.8% on the year, which is the highest increase of consumption in more than 8 years and the 17th month in a row to see a consumption increase.

Consumption expected to go up for 17 straight months

The national statistical office is due to release on Wednesday its preliminary figures on retail sales in Croatia in December 2015 and economic analysts expect public spending to continue to grow for the 17th month in a row, however at a slower pace than the month before.

Consumption increases 3.2 pct

Retail trade in November 2015 increased 3.2 percent on the year in real terms and 2% in nominal terms, the national statistical office said on Tuesday, confirming its estimate from the end of December.

Consumption increases 3.2% in November

The growth rate is faster than the month before, when consumption grew 1.5% on the year, and it is much higher than expected.

Central bank upgrades GDP growth forecast for 2016 to 1.8 pct

The HNB said there was headway on the labour market this year and that in 2016 it expected employment growth to intensify mildly and unemployment to continue decreasing.

Consumption per capita varies greatly across EU

The highest level in the EU was recorded in Luxembourg, 41% above the EU average. Germany and Austria were more than 20% above. 

Average Croat household's expenses EUR 10,665, most goes on food

Broken down by the type of costs, outlays for food and non-alcoholic drinks were the highest, HRK 23,934, with food expenses reaching HRK 22,155.

Consumption up for 15 straight months

This is also the 15th consecutive month to record a public consumption growth , which has not been recorded since 2007.