"I'm with you," Trump promises as he accepts Republican nomination

Donald Trump declared himself a champion of the American people as he claimed the Republican Party's presidential nomination at the party convention in Cleveland, Ohio late Thursday and looked forward to a November contest against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump's Rust Belt strategy - an opening for unconventional candidate?

Donald Trump is an unconventional Republican, and supporters believe his appeal to working-class voters can open up new ground for the Republican Party in November elections.

Cruz booed for not backing Trump as party division remains open sore

US Senator Ted Cruz was loudly booed by the Republican National Convention on Wednesday as he declined to endorse the party's nominee and his former rival Donald Trump.

Melania Trump's speech writer apologizes for plagiarism

A speech writer for Melania Trump apologized Wednesday for passages in a speech to the Republican National Convention that appeared to have been lifted from a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Republicans nominate Donald Trump for president

The Republican Party nominates Donald Trump as its presidential candidate at a party convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Trump backs wife after Melania seems to lift Michelle Obama's words

Donald Trump's wife Melania appeared to take liberal inspiration from a 2008 speech by first lady Michelle Obama for her own address to the US Republican convention.

"We're going to win so big," Trump tells Republican convention

Donald Trump made a surprise appearance on the first night of the Republican Party convention Monday, one day before he was to be formally nominated as the party's presidential candidate.

Republicans look to unveil a more human Trump at convention

Republicans are seeking to reintroduce presidential candidate Donald Trump to voters across the United States, as the conservative party kicked off its convention Monday.