Mobile phone video of North Carolina shooting released

A mobile phone video made by the wife of a black man killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, shows her urging police not to shoot her husband.

Trump says US "looks bad," calls for anti-crime agenda

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a national anti-crime agenda in the wake of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina after the latest high-profile shooting of a black man by police.

Authorities won't issue video of police killing of North Carolina man

Video material showing the killing of an African-American man by police will not be released, authorities said in Charlotte, North Carolina, after a second night of civil unrest amid conflicting accounts of whether the suspect was armed.

US city considering curfew to quell unrest after police shooting

Authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina, are considering imposing a curfew after a second night of violence since police killed a 43-year-old African-American, amid conflicting accounts of whether he was armed.

State of emergency declared as US police killing protests continue

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday declared a state of emergency after violent protests in the city of Charlotte continued for a second night.

Police injured in protests following shooting of black man in US

Twelve police officers were injured in protests which erupted Tuesday night in the US city of Charlotte, North Carolina, after police fatally shot an African-American man, local media reported.

Transgender debate: Toilets become a battleground in North Carolina

A law passed in North Carolina lays down which toilets transgender people may use, triggering a wave of protests and lawsuits. Will a US court be the final arbiter?