Chapter 23

Veterans for tougher conditions in Serbia's EU membership talks

Vukovar veterans on Friday told a press conference in Vukovar that they would support that political group that will condition the closing of Chapter 23 in Serbia's EU accession negotiations, demanding that Serbia pay war reparation for the excessive shelling of that town in 1991 and compensation to POWs detained in Serb concentration camps during the 1991-1995 Homeland Defence War.

Oreskovic, Kovac confirm Serbia soon to open policy area No. 23

Croatia's caretaker Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and Foreign Minister Miro Kovac confirmed in Paris on Monday that a solution was close at hand regarding the opening of negotiations on the policy areas Nos. 23 and 24 in Serbia's EU entry talks after Croatia's conditions had been met.

Serbia still without full consent from EU members for negotiation chapters

Serbia still does not have full consent from six European Union member states for opening negotiation chapter 23, including Croatia because of its earlier objections and conditions, and Great Britain, which has still not taken a position for technical reasons due to Brexit, electronic media in Belgrade said on Monday.

Consent for Serbia's Chapter 23 means Croatia's objections will be dealt with

EU ambassadors on Wednesday adopted a report on Serbia's compliance with the benchmarks for Chapter 23, paving the way for beginning the definition of the EU's joint negotiating position on that chapter.

EU-Serbia: Croatia incorporates its benchmarks for chapter 23

Croatia read the report and withdrew its reservations on the condition that in its negotiating position on Chapter 23 the EU resolves the issues that Croatia had objected to, the EU Council told Hina.

Foreign ministry: Serbian media reports about unblocking of Chapter 23 propaganda

Citing unofficial sources, Serbian Radio-Television (RTS) and other media said today that Croatia had given its consent in writing for Serbia to open Chapter 23 in its accession negotiations with the European Union.

Serbian media say Croatia for opening Chapter 23 in Serbia-EU entry talks

Croatia has given its consent in writing for Serbia to open Chapter 23 in its accession negotiations with the European Union, Serbian Radio-Television (RTS) said on Thursday, citing unofficial sources.

Croatian FM feels solution to opening Chapter 23 in Serbia-EU negotiations close

"I have the impression that we are close to a solution," Kovac said, replying to reporters as to whether Serbia could open the chapter on the judiciary and fundamental rights by the end of June.

Bulgaria and Romania may join Croatia in blocking Serbia's EU path - press

After Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria may also slow down Serbia on its European integration path by setting conditions for the opening of Chapter 23, Belgrade media reported on Friday.

Croatia continues to block Serbia's EU membership talks - media

Croatia on Wednesday again refused to give its consent to the opening of Chapter 23 in accession negotiations between the European Union and Serbia, the Serbian national broadcaster RTS said following a meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels.

Serbian officials comment on blockade of Chapter 23

"It's highly unusual that a state is blocking a candidate in the technical part and during the opening of a chapter," she told Belgrade's Politika daily,

Croatia doesn't greenlight opening of Chapter 23 in EU-Serbia entry talks

Until the task force agrees on the definition of the benchmarks, there can be no progress in preparations for opening Chapter 23.