Syrian government declares 72-hour ceasefire

The Syrian government has declared a unilateral three-day ceasefire, set to last until the end of Friday, the state-run news agency SANA reports.

Kerry renews call for Syria ceasefire

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday there was need for a "genuine cessation of hostilities" in Syria to allow humanitarian aid deliveries and pave the way for transition talks.

Calm in Aleppo as truce extended for three more days

A temporary ceasefire appeared to be holding in Aleppo on Saturday after it was extended for a further three days in the contested northern Syrian city, activists said. 

Ceasefire extended to Aleppo as fighting eases in war-ravaged city

A cessation of hostilities in Syria has been expanded to the northern city of Aleppo, the State Department said, following an agreement reached between the United States and Russia.

US: Ceasefire in two Syrian locales to start at midnight Saturday

A ceasefire will go into effect at midnight Saturday at two locations in Syria, a senior US State Department official, speaking on background, confirms.

Report: Russia, US agree on full ceasefire in Syria for April 30

Russia and the United States have agreed to a full ceasefire in Syria for April 30, Russian state news agency TASS reports, citing an undisclosed source.

Syrian opposition suspends peace talks to protest truce violations

Syrian opposition negotiators and rebels temporarily withdrew Monday from UN-brokered peace talks and vowed to strike back in reaction to the government's alleged ceasefire violations.

Syria rebels vow retaliation against government; ceasefire threatened

Several major Syrian rebel factions vowed Monday to retaliate against government forces for alleged violations of the cessation of hostilities, in a further sign that the war-torn country's ceasefire is teetering.

Yemen ceasefire comes into effect, breaches reported in flashpoint city

Most frontlines in the Yemeni civil war were reported to be calm after a ceasefire between mainly Shiite rebels and a Saudi-led coalition backing their local rivals came into effect at midnight (2100 GMT).

Aid groups: Planned ceasefire is "moment of truth" for Yemeni people

A truce, scheduled to go into effect in Yemen at midnight Sunday, is "a moment of truth" for the nation where thousands are displaced daily in fighting, humanitarian groups said Sunday in a joint statement.

Armenia, Azerbaijan agree to immediate ceasefire after recent clashes

Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed on Tuesday to an immediate ceasefire after a recent surge of fighting in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, the TASS news agency reported, citing Armenia's Defence Ministry.

Russia threatens to attack Syrian ceasefire violators

Russia threatened Monday to take military action against violators of the Syrian ceasefire, highlighting the fragility of the current situation.

"Horrifying" crimes continue despite Syria ceasefire, UN inquiry says

The fragile ceasefire in Syria should not obscure the fact that thousands of Syrians are still suffering from serious human rights crimes every day, a panel of UN rights investigators said Tuesday.

Kerry calls on Russia, Iran to ensure Syria ceasefire is upheld

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Sunday for Syrian allies Russia and Iran to exert influence on the government of Bashar al-Assad to uphold a partial ceasefire that went into effect on February 27 and has since been holding, despite some breaches.

135 killed in the first week of ceasefire in Syria, monitor says

The first full week of the fragile ceasefire in Syria saw vastly reduced levels of violence, however at least 135 people were killed, a monitoring group says.

EU leaders say Moscow is committed to keep Syria ceasefire on track

European leaders urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to use his country's influence to support a lasting ceasefire in Syria so that work can begin on a long-sought political solution to the five

Hollande and Merkel call on Kremlin to support Syria ceasefire

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande call on Russia to exert pressure on the Syrian regime to uphold a ceasefire in the country.

Foreign ministers in Paris to discuss Syria ceasefire, aid efforts

Foreign ministers from France, Germany and Britain were meeting in Paris on Friday to take stock of the week-old ceasefire in Syria and international efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to besieged areas of the country.

UN Syria envoy: Progress visible, fragile ahead of peace talks

The ceasefire in Syria has greatly reduced the level of fighting and has made aid shipments possible, UN Syria mediator Staffan de Mistura said Thursday, expressing hope that this improves the prospects for next week's new peace talks.

Russia, Syrian opposition exchange accusations of ceasefire breaches

Russia and the Syrian opposition on Sunday traded accusations of breaches of Syria's truce agreement, but the country remained largely calm on the second day of the partial ceasefire.

Watchdog: More than 180 people killed on first day of Syria ceasefire

More than 180 people were killed in Syria on the first day of the country's partial ceasefire, over half of them in an Islamic State attack in the north of the country, a monitoring group said.

Despite breaches, Syria ceasefire is holding well, activists say

A partial ceasefire in Syria's civil war appeared to be broadly holding Saturday, despite a number of reported breaches and a major offensive by Islamic State jihadists against Kurdish forces.

Croatian foreign minister satisfied with cessation of hostilities in Syria

Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac said during a visit to Munich on Friday that he was satisfied that the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) had reached agreement on a cessation of hostilities in that country.