Catalonia to uphold bullfighting ban despite veto by top court

The Spanish region of Catalonia wants to uphold its ban on bullfighting despite the ban being overturned by the country's top court.

Separtist politician elected head of Catalonian government

A separatist politician who has vowed to push for the independence of the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia was elected head of the regional government on Sunday.

Catalonia's parliament meets to choose new head of government

Catalonia's parliament met Sunday to choose a new head of government following a last-minute deal between the separatist parties the previous day.

Separatists in Catalonia form government after 3-month deadlock

An alliance of pro-separatist parties in Catalonia struck a last-minute deal Saturday to form a new regional government, after months of wrangling that threatened to undermine a fresh bid for independence from Spain.

Catalonia independence bid falters as leader Mas loses support

A small, left-wing party on Sunday refused to support Catalan separatist Prime Minister Artur Mas, putting in doubt the independence of the north-eastern Spanish region.