3,471 businesses opened through one stop shop service in H1

A total of 3,471 businesses were opened through the one stop shop service in the first half of 2016, the Financial Agency (FINA) says.

Profit per employee highest in state-owned businesses

A total of 106,569 businesses were active in 2015, and of them 104,635 were privately owned, 850 were state-owned, 592 had a mixed ownership structure and 492 were owned by cooperatives.

GEM survey shows Croats often start businesses out of necessity

National Competitiveness Council president Ivica Mudrinic said entrepreneurship was not accepted in Croatia to the extent that it encouraged starting a business.

Businesses expect higher economic growth in 2016

Croatian business people hope for higher economic growth this year, a survey conducted by the Privredni Vjesnik business newspaper shows.

HPB reports good financial results, expects further growth in 2016

This year was also marked by reorganisation and the bank achieved the best financial result in its history, generating a record net profit in the first nine months of HRK 107 million.

One in 3 businessmen don't think about business's future after retiring

This is the first survey of this kind, its author Mirela Alpeza, director of the Centre for Small and Medium Business Policies and Development, said while presenting the findings.

Employers satisfied with their workers' organisational skills

Even though they give high grades for their workers' organisation, 23% of the surveyed employers admit that their projects are late because of poor organisation.