Merkel to field questions from committee probing NSA revelations

Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to appear Thursday before an investigative committee of the German parliament that has been looking into the extent of NSA spying and alleged cooperation by the country's own intelligence service.

German Parliament passes new refugee integration law

The law, which was passed by the lower house of German parliament, the Bundestag, also includes measures to curb benefits for those who refuse to take steps to integrate into German society.

German MP: Populist struggle to stay in power doing long-term damage to Croatian people

"The right wing feeds on fear and prejudices about others and people who are different. In Germany, it is fear of refugees, in France it is fear of Muslims, and in Croatia it is fear of people nostalgic for Yugoslavia and fear of Serbs," Juratovic said, 

Poll: Most Germans support commissioner's calls for more soldiers

The Defence Ministry is currently looking into replenishing troop strength. The results will be available in spring at the latest. ​